I was watching the movie Seven Days in Utopia that talked about the sacred journey in golf. I used to love to play golf when I lived with my aunt. But really it’s all about life too. There are several places in the movie where I stopped it to take notes on it, as I often do. This one stuck out in my mind.

Seven Days in Utopia

All golf shots start with a blank canvas. We paint the shot with our eyes first so our bodies can reproduce it accurately.” (Robert Duvall’s character, Johnny Crawford).

I took this to heart because even though I am not training to play golf, but I am training to live a new way of life. A life that is free of unwanted pounds, a life full of prosperity, a life full of abundance. I started asking myself, “What am I painting on my blank canvas each day?” I replaced “golf shots” with “fulfilled dreams” and changed the quote to resemble my life. “All fulfilled dreams start with a blank canvas. I paint the dream with my eyes first so my body can reproduce it accurately”


It’s all about visualization from the big picture down to the minute detail, just like weight lifters visualize themselves lifting the weight before they do it, I can use the same technique to help me lose weight. Like visualizing the twinkle in my eye when I am walking around in my new body, or the confidence I’ll have when I can say no to food and say yes to myself. When I visualize all the different scenarios in my life, I will then be able to control my reaction to what might happen before it does, and change the outcome.

Today is the 18th day of my 18-pound weight loss challenge. So far I’ve lost 10 pounds. I’ve also gained a whole new perspective on how to use visualization to help me reach my goal for this month.


Focus on 5

Sometimes I get too stressed out with the whole goal writing thing, whether I’m trying to  lose weight, create more sales, or even clean my house. So I devised a plan to help myself get everything done that I need to do. This plan is simple; it includes five things that I do everyday. After I accomplish the first five things I add five more.

Losing Weight: Focusing on losing 5 pounds puts less stress on my brain than focusing on my ultimate goal of weighing the same as I did after I had my twins almost 27 years ago.  (5 minutes of visualization, 5 glasses of water, 5 different exercises, 5 deep cleansing breaths, 5 veggies and fruits daily, etc.)

Creating More Sales: Focusing on 5 different things to do each day is much easier than focusing on the goal of making 20 different contacts in a day. (5 sales calls, 5 emails, 5 Facebook updates, 5 Tweets, 5 live people interactions, etc.)

House Cleaning:  Picking up 5 things as I walk from my office to the other parts of my home helps clean the entire house. (Folding blankets, picking up shoes, backpacks, DVDs, crafts, etc.)

Focus on 5 has really helped me to eliminate the stress I created myself from letting things go till the last minute, biting off more than I can chew, and in remembering everything I have to do in a day. If you are having the same issues as I have had try Focusing on 5.