I have always had a creative mind; I don’t know if this is how I was wired or just a part of being human. I believe that we were created by the most imaginative Creator and we are showing our likeness of Him. Most of the time when people think about being creative they always think about the fine arts such as painting. Creativity can take the forms of many different things. My grandfather, for instance was creative in the way he planned his vegetable garden, or the way he told stories to me. He taught me through using color in my coloring book that I did not have to color inside the lines and I didn’t have to conform to what I see. It was through my grandfather’s teachings that I learned how to be creative in every part of my life. Here are 10 simple I learned from my grandfather on how to bring your creativity to life.


1. Look past the obvious: while most people see what is right in front of them, the creative person looks into what could be. So instead of looking at something at face value look at it’s possibilities.

A work in progress 

This piece of artwork came about because I choose to look at plastic bottle caps as different media for my creative expression. It is still a work in progress, but hangs on my wall in my dining room so I can imagine it in different colors until I choose the color I will be satisfied with.

2. Follow your interests: right now I am interested in making baby blankets, but last month I was interested in making alternative ice creams. The idea is to run with it. If you don’t know how to knit or crochet, take a class. Just because you don’t know how to do something doesn’t mean you can’t learn. I didn’t know how to make alternative ice creams, so I went to the library and checked out some books.

3. Take time to read: my grandfather’s vegetable garden was beautiful because he read about how the different vegetables grew and what they needed to grow into mature produce giving plants. Right now I am taking this same creative tip and applying it to my career. Selling is a creative art, so I’m reading books like How to Master the Art of Selling by Tom Hopkins and Jeffrey Gittomer’s Little Red Book of Selling.

4. Think outside the box: My girlfriend thinks that everything I do is so creative, while I think the things she does are just as creative. While I may be bring creativity to life with my hands, she brings creativity to life with her words, every time she speaks I get wonderful ideas about how to live a better life.

5. Conformity stifles creativity: One of my favorite past times with my grandfather was coloring; it was always an adventure. He never colored animals the way we see them in nature. His horses always had different colored legs, and sometimes they are a mixture of color. I remember my mom asking him one day why he always did this, and he simply responded that we each see things differently. Coloring is an expression, and we should not expect every expression to be the same.

6. Learn to trust your senses: I love to cook and I hate to cook. I love cooking when I can invent new recipes. I hate to cook when my husband asks for the old standards. I cannot do old standards without adding a bit of something new. For instance, when I fuse different ethnic flavors and come up with my own unique recipes like Middle East Meets Mexican Tabouli Salad. On any given day in my kitchen, while I may have many cookbooks to choose from, I am always experimenting and trying to meld new flavors together to come up with something that is uniquely me.

7.  Accept your creative uniqueness: I used to worry a lot about what other people thought about me instead of being myself. Once I accepted that I was a creative person and began letting my creative side come out on a regular basis, I began to be more at ease with myself.

8. Give your creativity a voice: Whether you act in community theater, do a stand up comedy act, or create interesting power points for work giving your creativity a voice will help you see the many ways you can be creative. If you have a song waiting to come out of you, sing it. If you thinking about a design for a new house, draw it. Pick up a pen and write that novel that you’ve been dreaming about.

9. Stay away from the naysayers: My mom had a knack for making me feel inadequate in whatever I was doing. As a teenager I designed my own clothes. I remember crocheting a sweater from the top down, that had sleeves like bat wings. As I was making the sweater, my mom told me “It would never work out. You will never wear it.” My dad on the other hand was my cheerleader and told me “That I could accomplish anything I wanted, if I wanted it bad enough and I was willing to work at!” I believed my dad. I not only finished the sweater, but I wore it with pride and got orders to make the same sweater for other people. I even had that sweater in a boutique.

10. Surround yourself with creativity: My grandfather spent hours in his garden and his garden books and magazines. I could spend hours in craft stores, cooking stores, book stores, and libraries. Post different creative quotes around your home to make you stop and think about the different tips of creativity. My favorite is from Cecile B. DeMille “Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.” Find your favorites and post them around your life at http://www.creativity-quotes.com/

Go out and create something, creativity sparks creativity!

Action Steps to Wellness

Action Steps to Wellness

Each of us are so unique that no one’s finger prints are the same. Regarding our wellness plans our uniqueness depends mostly on our likes and dislikes, on what we do for a living, how we spend our free time, and how we look at the world at large. Wellness is relative those likes, dislikes and every other facet of our lives. Its what makes us different yet, makes us the same. Wellness may be a destination but it is also a journey, and it is in that journey where the destination becomes clearer and clear with each step forward.  Action Steps to Wellness are ideas that propel you to making your own that will guide you toward your vision of wellness.