Together we can climb mountains, swim oceans, and build bridges. Together we can make a difference just by the way we live and the example we set for other people to see. Living by principles and convictions we make the world a better place.

Yesterday I began a new leg in my journey because I was willing to see the possibilities in life. I know I made the right choice because I’m standing in the gap, the way my father taught me so many years ago. This part of my journey is filled with exciting ways of helping people grow beyond what they thought was possible. This part helps people to realize their own dreams.


All of us have the need to reach out to others to help, but many people shrink back and never reach out. We can’t make a difference if we’re shrinking back from life. We can’t move forward if we never change our circumstances. We can’t turn over a new leaf if we’re constantly complaining and blaming other people.

Make a difference in your life. Take responsibility for it.

Make a difference in someone else’s life. Step into the realm of possibilities.

One of the best ways to cultivate a possibility mind-set is to prompt yourself to dream on size bigger than you normally do.  ~John C. Maxwell

Collectively we all make a difference!


Have you ever put together a puzzle then looked at it and just took it apart to do again sometime in the future? Our lives are similar to those puzzles but they are never finished. If our lives were finished what would be the point to waking up each morning?

Puzzled Laura

When you take a puzzle out of the box, do you just start putting the pieces together? “No!” You work through a process that makes puzzle building easier. You turn over all the pieces so the design side is up. Then you separate the edge pieces from the rest because if you have the border done it’s easier to to work on the inside.

Our lives are like these pieces. When making a puzzle we try the different pieces to make sure we get the right one. In our lives it would look like this. The border is our family. If we have a solid family life then we can fill the inside easier. But some of us don’t have that solid border or there is a rift in the family. These are times when we need to try every mean possible to bridge that gap with our church family or our friends. When we have people supporting us it’s easier to work on the rest of our lives.

Some puzzles we can finish in a couple of hours. The bigger the puzzle the longer it takes. Our life is that bigger puzzle. Some pieces fit right away some don’t and need to get changed frequently. This comes to every part of our life. Health, education, faith, humor, fitness, wellness, feelings, and careers are just some of the pieces we try to fit together to complete our lives. We taste different foods before eating an entire meal of it. We research health remedies before taking them. Our days are filled with piecing tour lives together that makes sense to us.

My wish for you today: May your days reveal the beautiful pieces of your life!