How many times does a child want to touch something that we warn not to? My youngest son, used to test my patience every moment of the day by trying to reach for things that were too high for him, and not safe for him to touch. I’ve learned much from the tenacity that this son was born with. He never let anything stand in his way of following his dream. He is living his dream as I write this, and I’m very proud of him for that. I’ve been asking myself “How many no’s do I go for in a day?” Am I like my son who used to wear me down by his persistence or do I give up and try to avoid all the no’s in life without trying?


I am a 1099 employee and it is part of my business to teach people about my product. Last week I made no money. Why? Because I became disheartened by the no’s that I was receiving not realizing that I should be focusing more on the no’s then on the yes’s I get. Instead of being persistent in teaching people about my product, like my son’s persistent with me, I just stopped trying altogether. I stopped getting the no’s but I also stopped getting yes’s too.

So now I’m back to square one. I have made a challenge for myself to get 5 no’s every morning and another 5 no’s every afternoon, for the rest of the month. I’m tired of starting over every month only to realize that this business is a lot like my fitness life where I lose weight, I get comfortable and then I gain it all back, needing to start over yet again. So as my weight goes up and down, my work life does too. It is a roller coaster of a life I choose to lead when I give in to the no’s in my business life and my personal life.

Challenging myself to accept each no with the same resiliency of accepting a yes in both my personal and business life will change the very core of who I am. While I taught my son how to become persistent, he has taught me to hold on tight to my dreams and not let anything stand in the way. Going for my no’s should be a piece of cake now that I know my no’s will lead to my dream.