April – A Month of Saying “YES!”

This month I’ve been saying yes to basically all the things that once held me back…all the things that I once feared or thought I feared. April – a month of saying “YES” has changed me to the extent of what I’ve said “YES” to. These changes I dreamed about but couldn’t fathom doing because they were just too big for me to tackle now that they’re done, I realize they were holding me back.

I decided to say “YES” to anything that was in my best interest, that didn’t go against my value system, and that which I deemed wasn’t dangerous. I’ve been able to overcome my fears in this process. My “YES” moments have led me to different challenges and helped me to see my little plot of the world in a different light.

During April, I’ve said “YES” to highway driving, roads with roundabouts, and even rush hour traffic. I’ve said “YES” to fitness challenges (100 squats and 100 crunches a day). I’ve said “YES” to adventure planning with my husband (he always planned where we’d go, but has wanted me to take the lead here). I’ve said “YES” to new health routines, including 4 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in my daily diet. Refraining from eating any grains and sugar. I know I’ve talked about this before but coming from a sugar addict, this is still a constant issue for me. I’ve said yes to completing a book in 3 months. Now I’m working on a chapter every couple of days. I’ve also said “YES” to gaining more students and clients. My red hair is back because I said “YES” to a color option.

During my time of saying “YES”, I’ve been able to experience new ideas and new approaches to life. The one “YES” of planning our Adventure Sunday’s led me to this blog post because I saw a chain that cordoned off a portion of our hike and loved it’s rusted out appearance, yet tough strength that showed it was still useful. It showed me that even though life has kicked me around a bit, and I may have some battle scars, I, too have a lot of use left in me.

Saying “YES” to 100 squats and 100 crunches a day has shown me that I’m stronger than I think I am. It’s like I tell my students. “You are smarter than you think you are!”

In doing the squats and the crunches, I’ve decided to continue with formal workouts and do alternating days of upper and lower body with a day of stretching on Friday. Working out like this has helped me lose some inches and a few pounds. It’s also given me tons more energy.

The ACV (apple cider vinegar) addition to my diet has helped my digestion 100%. I am no longer hooked to taking baking soda and water every night and I kinda like the taste.

My new “YESes” for this last full week of April include

  • no devices after 7 p.m. and before 8 a.m.
  • going for a reflective walk after my morning workout,
  • reinstating my yearlong book reading list.
  • going for after dinner walks with my husband
  • taking 3 photos a day of my life

We each have many ways we can say “YES” to life, “YES” to happiness, and “YES” to overcoming fear. What are some areas you’ve said “YES” which in the past your immediate response was no? I’d love to hear your ideas or questions as I’m going to continue saying “YES” into May and June. And who knows maybe the rest of the year.



My parents never told me that life was a fun amusement park ride. Roller coasters is what my parents likened to life. Sometimes you’re going uphill frightful of what will be at the top and even more frightful at what will be around the next turn. Working your way up the hill, there is no pleasure except for knowing that you’ve done all you can and need to wait and see what life has left to offer. “When the going gets tougher,” my father used to say, “is when we really get to see what people are really made of.”

I’m not a person who likes going through tough times, but then I don’t think anyone really enjoys tough times. Sometimes we just need a break from our own life and need some breathing room to regroup and enjoy what we have. The economic times we have now, are too much for people to take. It’s a whole new ball game then when my father said those words to me. He told me those words on my high school graduation day 32 years ago. Even though times have changed, and economic conditions are worse, the words are still true.

The more famous phrase goes like this “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” My father’s version says so much more. People who go through really tough times like those who’ve lost everything in Moore, Oklahoma become resilient in their fight to make the most of what they do have. They don’t let a moment go by without telling the people in their lives how much they love them. As times get even tougher we need each other more and more, it’s the people in our lives that help us get through tougher times.

Words Every Family Should Know

How do we get over our faults, our hurts, our disappointments, our lack of forgiveness and understanding?It’s really simple. When two people have a misunderstanding, both must be willing to listen without judging. There are three-word increments that can rectify every misunderstanding, but only when both parties are willing to listen:




These are not weak words, they strengthen relationships when said appropriately. They bridge the gaps between families. Tougher times are coming and families are being ripped apart when they need to stand strong against the mighty wind. Use these words often and your family will stay strong.

When the going gets tougher, where will your family be?


It’s been 27 days since I started this transformation of A New Life in 28 Days. As I look back on the reflections of this month, much has changed but much has stayed the same only difference is that I’ve changed, and I can see it. This month was about looking at what I wanted out of life, redefining my focus, putting together an action plan, and motivating myself to do the actions, while learning as much as I could about a different way of life.

When we look into the reflection of a pond or other body of water we see what’s around us. As I look back on this month I also see what’s around me (what I did, what I didn’t do, what I said, what I didn’t say). The reflections don’t lie, if the reflections changed then so did I.

Swan Reflection

My reflections

  • Physically: I lost 12 pounds with no extreme diet and fitness plan. I paid attention to my body and listened to what it had to say. My health is much better thanks to this amazing product
  • Emotionally: I have not had a depressing day since I started my transformation. When you take yourself out of the picture and just help others you are also helped in the process. Next time you feel depressed go out and volunteer, it helps to stop thinking about your problems and gives you a chance to help others. 
  • Spiritually: I’ve had the strength to write a blog post each week about my beliefs every Saturday, which is my Sabbath. Some of these writings are things I’ve written years ago, but some are ongoing. It’s been a blessing to use the skills and talents that God has given me to help others. 
  • Financially: I’ve realized that going back to simpler times of making menus and grocery lists still helps our budget even though it is just me and the hubby I shop for. I’ve also been able to take advantage of having a business mentor that has guided me around and through some serious business mistakes that I almost made. If you’re starting a business, a business mentor is one of the most important assets for you and your business. 

This month I took a few steps out of my comfort zone and I found something out about myself.

I like it here!

What have you learned this month?