Always be ready to ask or answer questions. Changing your life means you need to know exactly what it is that needs changing. If peace is what you are after, learn to ask questions that lead to peace. If financial stability is your focus, ask the right questions to the right people and your life will change. If you’re on the path towards health, then ask these questions of yourself.

Q & A


1. Where is my focus?

2. Is my pain of failing greater than my pain of building?

These two questions can be used in all aspects of life, whether you are looking for a lower number on the scale, lead a stress free life, or more money in your pocket.  These two questions can propel you forward into a new life in 28 days.

Be ready to answer other people’s questions, with confidence. Read the news, study career articles, read up on alternative health therapies, study into your faith. Be ready to give your testimonial, your story, your answers. People are always looking for answers for different life questions, keep a notebook of what’s working in your life so you can share what works for you and your health issues, for example.

You never know who’s life you could change.