Ever since I was a child, spring cleaning was a family affair. I remember one of my jobs was to beat the rugs with these wire swatters that looked like fly swatter. Each year my grandfather would remove the carpeting from our house and hang it over the clothes line in our yard. We would beat the dust out of it until our arms hurt. I think this was my job because I was always underfoot and parents and grandfather wanted me to help but not be in the way.

Rug Beater

While I don’t beat my rugs any more I still participate in spring cleaning traditions of my own. When my sons were still living at home they also participated. But now this tradition only includes me and the hubby. He does all the heavy lifting stuff while I do the lighter things. Oh, yes, and let’s not forget I don’t touch his vacuum.

Our spring cleaning involves using simple methods of cleaning while getting rid of every speck of dirt but also as much leavening as we can. We clean out the leavening from our bedroom first because even though we don’t eat there, whatever is on our feet will travel with us to each room. This is a time I also clean out the closets moving my spring and summer wardrobe in for the winter and fall clothes.

We go through each room of the house tag teaming it like a well oiled machine. With the two of us cleaning in this way we get done with our home in about two to three hours. Plus it’s so much nicer to have both of us planning about how to rearrange a room instead of just me. One nice thing about my husband is that he thinks in numbers and can tell me if something will work or not with the dimensions of the rooms and my furniture.

The simple methods of cleaning involves my own homemade supplies which cost a fraction of the commercially made products and don’t contain harmful chemicals. One of my favorites is my citrus cleaner which is powered by white vinegar and mixed citrus plus smells like peppermint.

  • Windows and mirrors: equal parts of vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water
  • Dusting and polishing: equal parts lemon juice and olive oil
  • Floors, bathrooms, and everyday cleaning: ┬áMy citrus cleaner
  • Bathtubs and sinks: I add some baking soda to my citrus cleaner to make a scrub.

Not only are these simple to make and quite inexpensive they are also good for people with chemical sensitivities. Our health depends on how clean we are but not to extreme of using chemicals that disrupt our entire systems. Do your health a favor and switch to natural, organic, low cost cleaning methods.