When was the last time you prayed? I know it’s a personal question equaled to “How much do you weigh?” But people are more apt to tell you how much they weigh then to tell you when they last prayed. The bible tells us that we should pray without ceasing, pray continually, never stop praying (1 Thessalonians 5:17). But why is it that we look at praying as our last resort instead of the first action step we take toward life? Why do we save the best for last and do the least first? Shouldn’t we do the best first?

All my life I was told to pray like everything depended on God and work like everything depended on me. This was ingrained in me from a small child. It helped me understand that if I prayed first and then did everything I could then God would answer my prayer. It also helped me understand that no matter how much I did, if I didn’t continually pray about the circumstances in my life, my life wouldn’t make sense. And it’s true life doesn’t make sense when we are constantly saving the best for last and doing our little part, the least first.

Pray without ceasing!

Pray without ceasing!

I’ve heard many times from different people in my life “Let’s try this first, if it doesn’t work out, then we’ll pray.” Or the one statement that really gets under my skin…”I’ve tried everything else, I guess a prayer couldn’t hurt!” Prayer is the key to my day and the lock at night. Many times growing up I always thought I needed to go through bad times so that I prayed more, because let’s face it when we’re going through rough days or trials we spend more time in prayer then when times are good. But praying without ceasing means that we should be praying just as much in the good times as well as the bad.

When my sons were little we used to pray together all the time. One day while we were walking to the summer enrichment summer school, it started to rain really hard. So as we walked we prayed and asked God to either make it stop raining until we got to school, or provide us with a way to stay dry. We had just finished our prayer when we all looked at the sidewalk a couple of feet ahead of us and there was a large umbrella laying in our path. My sons and I looked up and praised and thanked God for answering our prayer.

Don’t save prayer as the last resort. Yes, God knows what’s going on in your life, He sees everything, He knows everything, He even sees what’s in your heart. We can’t hide anything from God. So pray, thank Him for all the blessings in your life. Ask Him for help with your health, your job, your family. Pray for protection, pray for strength.

Life will always give us something to pray about.

Do the best first, pray





If been cleaning out some computer files, and found this nugget. Hope it gives you some insight not only on Van Gogh the artist, but also into your own life.


Vincent Van Gogh was not always an artist. In fact, he wanted to be a
church pastor and was even sent to the Belgian mining community of
Borinage in 1879. He discovered that the miners there endured
deplorable working conditions and poverty-level wages. Their families
were malnourished and struggled simply to survive. He felt
concerned that the small stipend he received from the church allowed
him a moderate life style, which, in contrast to the poor, seemed

One cold February evening, while he watched the miners trudging home,
he spotted an old man staggering toward him across the fields, wrapped
in a burlap sack for warmth. Van Gogh immediately laid his own
clothing out on the bed; set aside enough for one change, and
determined to give the rest away. He gave the old man a suit of
clothes and he gave his overcoat to a pregnant woman whose husband had
been killed in a mining accident. He lived on starvation rations and
spent his stipend on food for the miners. When children in one family
contracted typhoid fever, though feverish himself, he packed up his
bed and took it to them.

A prosperous family in the community offered him free room and board.
But Van Gogh declined the offer, stating that it was the final
temp­ta­tion he must reject if he was to faithfully serve his
community of poor miners. He believed that if he wanted them to trust
him, he must become one of them. And if they were to learn of the
love of God through him, he must love them enough to share with them.

He was acutely aware of a wide chasm, which can separate words and
actions. He knew that people’s lives often speak louder and clearer
than their words.

–Author Unknown

As you go through your life today, stop to think: Who is listening to you?