Cream of Veggie Soups

One of my favorite things about winter is having simple soups for either a snack or a second meal. While doing this plant based high fat low acid plan, I’ve been making several cream of veggie soups. They’re easy with simple ingredients and take only about thirty minutes total to make. I try to keep my soups a little on the plant based vegan keto high fat side but sometimes they take a different direction.

Tweaking recipes

Before we can make it, we need to make the powdered veggie bouillon. And this is where I took a recipe from another website, and I tweaked them to be something sustainable for my eating plan and palette.

I usually make this in batches every couple of months because it’s nice to have on hand for making these quick soups.

Ultimate Powdered Veggie Bouillon

(original recipe Super Veggie Mom)

Makes 2 1/2 cups

  • Mix all together in a blender until powdered.
  • Use 1 teaspoon for each cup of liquid.

    Nutrition Facts per 1 teaspoon

    • Calories: 10.8
    • Total fat: 0.2 grams
    • Total carbs: 1.4 grams
    • Fiber: 0.7 grams
    • Net carbs: 0.7 grams
    • Protein: 1.4 grams
  • Now we can make any soup we choose.
  • My comfort soup this week has been my Thai Cream of Carrot Soup. It’s warming and I can drink it by my favorite mug.

    Thai Cream of Carrot Soup

  • Makes 4 servings
    • 5 carrots washed and chopped
      small onion, chopped
      1 clove garlic sliced
      2 Tablespoons coconut oil

    Sauté until onions are translucent.


      2 Tablespoons homemade veggie bouillon powder (recipe above)
      6 cups water (see note)
      2 teaspoons curry powder
      1 Tablespoon ginger orange marmalade made with no sugar (St. Dalfour is my favorite)
  • Bring to a boil. Lower heat to simmer for 20 minutes.

    With an immersion blender, blend the soup till a creamy texture.


  • 1 small can coconut cream
  • Stir until cream is mixed in and heated through.
  • Serve with a topping of pecans or pumpkin seeds.

    Note: If using store bought veggie broth, omit the veggie bouillon powder and water. Use 6 cups broth.


    Nutrition Facts per serving

    • Calories: 150
    • Total fat: 14.7 grams
    • Total carbs: 14.9 grams
    • Fiber: 3.2 grams
    • Net carbs: 11. 7 grams
    • Protein: 2.4 grams


    Not a day goes by that we are not hearing about how the commercial food supply is tainted with different harmful chemicals. Yesterday the news story was about how pomegranate juice really isn’t just pomegranates but a combination of white grape juice, water and pomegranates. We also heard that commercially purchased paprika is colored to look redder because it isn’t all natural. We also learned that the food labels don’t necessarily have to tell us that these foods contain foreign substances. So I started asking myself how do we protect ourselves from these poisons in our food supply.

    First, we become educated to what the food additives are: artificial colorings, artificial flavorings, artificial sweetners, bromine, BHA/BHT, carrageenan, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated fats, nitrates/nitrites, MSG (and it’s 27 different names), etc. The endless list is so exhaustive there are entire websites that list them and their side effects.

    Poisonous Food

    Second, we need to make sure that we  eliminate the foods that contain all these food additives and look at how you can protect yourself not just by reading the labels but by including organic foods. Yes, I’ve heard it all before “Oh it’s too expensive, I can’t afford organic on my food budget” This is where you have leverage your spending dollars. If you forgo that bag pesticide laden potato chips you can afford a bunch a organic bananas. It’s all a choice. You can choose to buy chemical laden food and feel ill all the time, or you can choose healthy organic food and feel good. One more thing here, stop listening to the television doctor who claims that if you buy organic food your an elitist because you know he is. You’ve got to know that his house is only filled with organic. Stop the insanity and stop listening to hypocrites. 

    Third, the toxins in our life slows down the healing process that happens within our cells. This slow down helps diseases to take hold and make us sick and can even be deadly.

      Give your body the protection it wants!


    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said it correctly: “Fundamental preparation is always effective. Work on those parts of your game that are fundamentally weak.”

    I am fundamentally weak when my hunger hits and I will tear into anything that is A.) sweet, B.) chocolaty, or C.) salty & crunchy. Sweet and chocolate has always been my snack of choice. But recently I’ve been more prepared for when the Snack Attacks hit me so I am grabbing a handful of almonds or a piece of fruit.


    The idea to combat the snack attacks is to eat every 3 hours. Working at home is difficult to say the least because I am always alone with all the food in my fridge and pantry. Here are some steps I’ve learned in being prepared for weight loss success

    1. Don’t buy processed snack food =  If it isn’t in the house you won’t eat it.
    2. Replace the processed snack food with nuts: My favorites are raw, unsalted almonds. But I also have raw unsalted walnuts, sun flower seeds, and pumpkin seeds in my freezer.
    3. Make up a batch of almond butter stuffed celery, or cottage cheese stuffed celery (if you can have dairy.)
    4. Keep a supply of sugar free dried fruit like dates or figs on hand for when your sweet tooth takes over. Yes, it is carbs but you are also getting some much needed fiber. Just one is all you’ll need.
    5. If you are a baker, like I am, replace 1/2 cup of the flour with whey protein, skip the sugar and use half the amount of thawed, unsweetened apple juice concentrate.

    Being prepared is half the battle in winning at weight loss. The more prepared you are throughout the process the better you’ll feel because you won’t be reaching for anything and everything.


    Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

    Day 5: Friday Was a peaceful day. I cleaned my entire house. Made a roasted chicken for dinner with broccoli and cauliflower. I exercised in the morning. The pain in my back was and is still there, reminding me that I need to get a chiropractic adjustment. Forgot to weigh in. I found a nice poem that helps me focus on what needs to get done.


    Day 6: Saturday: Saturday is my Sabbath, which means no working out other than walking. It was also a celebration day for me, as it was official that I had lost 6 pounds total in 8 days. I’ve never lost that much weight in that short of time, EVER. Plus, Saturday’s are difficult for me to stay on my diet, not to mention not workout with the intensity of the other days. The difficulty lies in the fact that at my church each and every week there are snacks and potlucks ongoing. When you have to help with set up of the snack table and you are on a diet make sure that you aren’t by the desserts. Luckily two ladies brought salads. My husband ate the salad I prepared for him at home, and I went through the line and only ate a salad with some almonds then I cut up some chicken that I had brought from home. The only odd thing about bringing your own food is that people often don’t want to sit with you.

    Day 7: Sunday: In my husband’s mind Snack-food day. He was gone when I got up, so I had a protein bar and a cup of Earl Grey tea. The protein bars are a good change of pace from eggs all the time for breakfast. I also made two 8-inch gluten-free pizzas with my own toppings and Daiya Mozzarella Style Shreds. I had one and hubby had the other one. Yes, there was football on almost all day, with a few minutes here and there for some girl time. Spent some time at the library, and then getting cozy under a blanket for a movie.

    These three days are usually killers for me as they are for many people. But if I work at it diligently throughout the week, there is no reason why I can’t enjoy myself with a little bit of normalcy.



    Many of us go through our day making sure we have our required meals prepared and our healthy, low cal snacks without giving a thought to whether these snack habits are beneficial or whether we use them as a crutch. I am one of those people who until recently would make sure I had a healthy snack available when the snack monster reared it’s ugly head and told me it needed to munch. I used myself as a test experiment to prove this point home to my own family.

    Before stopping my snack habit I would eat breakfast and three hours later eat a snack; I’d wait another 3 hours eat lunch and then eat an afternoon snack so I wasn’t ravenous at dinner time. At dinner I would pick at my food because I wasn’t hungry and then eat a snack somewhere between 7 and 8 pm. All this eating, even though it was healthy food was making me fat. Because I didn’t see the big picture.

    The big picture of snacking came to me when I stopped snacking altogether. If I eat a satisfying, healthy, nutrient filled breakfast there is no reason why I need to eat a snack 2 to three hours later. We’ve been brainwashed into thinking that any pain we feel is wrong and we must remedy the situation. While we shouldn’t skip meals, there is nothing wrong with skipping the snacks. Skipping snacks will actually help us lose weight easier and take some pressure off our pancreas; eating several small meals all day long stresses out the pancreas by producing more insulin. “All this leads to hyperinsulinaemia, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome, leptin resistance, food cravings, and slower metabolism.” (The NO Crave Diet).

    This all made sense to me, so I tried it for a week to see what results I would get. After my first week, it has been easier to lose weight, 4 pounds the first week. I am not craving food anymore. Before every time I snacked I would be hungrier after I ate something then before I ate it. Choosing to eat healthy foods at meal times is helping my body to use the nutrients from those foods. I’ve also noticed that I am not thinking about food all the time and I’ve begun thinking about other things that mean something. I have more energy to work out and not have to worry about what I should eat before or after my workouts. I used to get sick to my stomach every time I ate before or after a workout; now I don’t have to think about it.

    Choose organic, unprocessed,non-GMO foods and your body will thank you with a happy pancreas,  no food cravings, tons of energy, and stabilized weight.


    Losing weight and maintaining good health is sometimes a balance beam walk through our senses. We all have different taste sensations that can throw us off the beam and onto the mats. Whether those sensations are sweet, creamy, crunchy, sour, and, yes, chocolaty; we need to satisfy all of them while still ensuring the best quality and the best substitute that won’t sabotage our efforts.

    Satisfying the crunchy sensation, in my house, is part of my daily routine. My husband is the KING of the munchers. He loves corn chips, taco chips, and sweet potato chips, luckily he is allergic to potatoes so those are off limits. As part of a healthy eating plan he is allowed to eat his chips once a week, but for me I really have issues with anything that is fried or made of corn.

    My choices for healthy crunchies and munchies.

    Just rinse & munch!

    Slice & Crunch!

    No oil required!

    Dipped in Cashew Ranch Dressing, YUM!

    Satisfy your Crunch!

    Experiment to find your favorite non-traditional satisfying munchies, that help you stay healthy!