Sleeping Like a Baby…Staircase Wit

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day when they said they were sleeping like a baby because they happen to be taking a new supplement before bed. I didn’t have any words to say except nod in agreement that the supplement helps you sleep. At home I thought about that conversation and about how my sons slept when they were babies. I should have asked, “Did you wake up crying every two hours because your diaper was wet, you lost your pacifier, or just needed to be soothed? That’s what is called “staircase wit” otherwise known as espirit de l’escalier.


It reminded me of the scene in You’ve Got Mail (my favorite pick-me-up movie) where Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are sitting in the coffee house and she’s waiting for NYC152 to show up. He never shows and Tom Hanks’s character then sends her a message about giving her his ability for zingers because she couldn’t think of what to say until she was at home.


Espirit de l’escalier


Staircase Wit

Does this ever happen to you?


I love waking up  pain free! I love working out again with no pain! It feels like I have a whole new body now! It’s been 6 months since I’ve started taking this product. What the company says is true, the longer you’re on it, the more benefits you see. I used myself as my own test subject. I signed up to sell the product by what I witnessed for myself through my own case study. ASEA does what it says. These are the benefits I’ve gained from taking ASEA.


  • Started sleeping better the first week: woke up with more energy than I knew what to do with.
  • Lost 12 pounds in the first three weeks: because I had so much energy and was able to exercise again.
  • Pain was gone after 5 weeks: suffered for many years with an painful autoimmune disease where nothing worked long term before.
  • Hair stopped falling out: New hair started growing after 8 weeks, only in places where it fell out.
  • Hair is thicker than ever before
  • Blotchy skin issues cleared up within 3 weeks of spraying it on my face: Was told 4 months after I started spraying it on my skin that I had the skin of a 20-year old. Not bad for someone who turns 50 in a week.
  • Ridges in nails were gone after 3 months.
  • Nails grow faster and harder: for someone who’s always had soft bendable nails, this is amazing.
  • No pain for exercising, even weight lifting: Monumental because now I can workout back to back days without the feeling like my muscles were killing me.
  • Eyesight better at 2 month mark: Spraying it in my eyes 3 times a day, now I can see in the dark with out my glasses, and my prescription got weaker.
  • Stopped taking needless supplements: I went from taking 13 different supplements down to 4 plus the ASEA.

 I Googled Redox Signaling and found over 1.9M journal articles on this new science. I talked with integrative doctors, naturopaths, and even physicists I know. They all agreed that ASEA is the only one of it’s kind.

It’s difficult not to be excited about a product that has no lethal dose, it has no side effects, it’s 100% non-toxic. It does not need a prescription. It’s not disease specific and it helps every cell in every body to maintain homeostasis, which our bodies are craving to do every minute of the day. ASEA is native to our bodies which means that our bodies know what to do with it.

ASEA is to cell health like penicillin is to infectious disease.