Two years ago I worked for an online bead company, where I filled bead orders for 10 hours a day. The production floor was divided into stations according to the type of bead or jewelry finding such as bicones, pearls, toggles, flat-backs, etc. Each of the stations had an average number of clicks (the way the company kept track of our production) that needed to be met daily by the filler that was assigned to said station. If the filler made the average he or she was awarded a slip of paper stating he or she was “Filler of the Day.” These slips of paper could be exchanged for candy and small prizes. Each day as we were winding down on the 10 hours of work, my coworkers were always comparing if they made the average. Once the average is met, workers would slow down to a snail’s pace, not wanting to do any more than just the average. Good enough was they’re motto. Those coworkers who did go above and beyond the average were told to slow down and pace yourself, “You won’t make filler of the day, that way!”


            As I look back, each day I saw firsthand that average became the new excellence I should strive for. Gone are the words from Ecclesiastes 9:10 “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might; for there is no work, nor plan, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave where you go” (Modern King James Version). Striving for excellence is now taken over by “It’s good enough.”  God’s way is not the average way of doing something that is good enough. Every task that is performed should be done to the best of our ability; whether we are digging a ditch, writing a paper for school or putting words together for a blog. If we do something that is just good enough we are not following the words of this scripture. Many times I find myself saying these words “It’s good enough.” Then I ask myself “Who is it good enough for?”

            Weeding out these words from my daily life is a difficult task. I am constantly watching my speech, my attitude and my conduct, asking myself the same question “Am I doing this task at hand with all my strength?”  Average and good enough does not set the right example of living the life God intended for me to live. Each day when I sit down to do my work I don’t strive for average, I strive for excellence. I strive to live by the words of Ecclesiastes 9:10. I do not want to be rewarded for doing an average job; I would rather be a living example of God’s excellence.


Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Day 5: Friday Was a peaceful day. I cleaned my entire house. Made a roasted chicken for dinner with broccoli and cauliflower. I exercised in the morning. The pain in my back was and is still there, reminding me that I need to get a chiropractic adjustment. Forgot to weigh in. I found a nice poem that helps me focus on what needs to get done.


Day 6: Saturday: Saturday is my Sabbath, which means no working out other than walking. It was also a celebration day for me, as it was official that I had lost 6 pounds total in 8 days. I’ve never lost that much weight in that short of time, EVER. Plus, Saturday’s are difficult for me to stay on my diet, not to mention not workout with the intensity of the other days. The difficulty lies in the fact that at my church each and every week there are snacks and potlucks ongoing. When you have to help with set up of the snack table and you are on a diet make sure that you aren’t by the desserts. Luckily two ladies brought salads. My husband ate the salad I prepared for him at home, and I went through the line and only ate a salad with some almonds then I cut up some chicken that I had brought from home. The only odd thing about bringing your own food is that people often don’t want to sit with you.

Day 7: Sunday: In my husband’s mind Snack-food day. He was gone when I got up, so I had a protein bar and a cup of Earl Grey tea. The protein bars are a good change of pace from eggs all the time for breakfast. I also made two 8-inch gluten-free pizzas with my own toppings and Daiya Mozzarella Style Shreds. I had one and hubby had the other one. Yes, there was football on almost all day, with a few minutes here and there for some girl time. Spent some time at the library, and then getting cozy under a blanket for a movie.

These three days are usually killers for me as they are for many people. But if I work at it diligently throughout the week, there is no reason why I can’t enjoy myself with a little bit of normalcy.