This is one of my favorite blog posts because, I wrote the poem in honor of my father, who taught me how to live, how to serve, and how to love.   This was to honor my father on Father’s Day (June 15, 2012). As I accomplish my goals, I’m reminded of my father’s words to me “You can do anything you put your mind! I’m so proud of you!” There’s never a moment when my father is not part of my thoughts, here’s to you Dad!


This week has me thinking not just about my father but about all the other men in my life who have left their lasting impression on me on how to live a good life. This poem is dedicated to all the men who have molded me into the person I am today. Thank you all for being a wonderful examples of living.

My Dad!

What Will You Stand For?

When your life is all said and done,

When people walk by in a file of one,

The day is streamed with cars in the morning sun,

The tears are shed, no this is not fun.

When you are dressed

In your “church-going” best

You have become the honored, silent guest

What will those people remember, in their minds, of you?

Did you fight for injustice and the lowly too?

Will your thought speak of beauty in the hidden place?

A smile that you made upon a child’s face?

Did you sit in the doorway of a wounded heart?

Or just sit and do that easy little part?

Will people see the big picture of what you did?

Or turn their heads over something you hid?

What will these people feel in their hearts, of you?

Did you help lives that were broken in two?

Did your hand comfort the wayward soul?

Did you stand in the gap of an empty hole?

Were your steps directed towards something grand?

Or did you simply draw lines in the sand?

When all is said and done,

Roses on the casket left one by one,

Time has closed the door

What will you stand for?

Laura M Jacoby