Negative Mind

Every time I see one of my dreams coming true, I see myself moving farther and farther away from that negative, drama-filled person I was many years ago. It takes much stamina to fulfill your dreams. People will always be clamoring around you at how dumb your ideas may be, or how inadequate you are to have that dream. Well, I’m here to say “Stop listening them and move in the directions of your dreams!” Just like the photo above, you can’t have a negative mind and live a positive life. Negative Nobodys  will come and go but you have choice to listen to them and continue with your status quo life, or you can push their words out of your head and listen to your inner voice telling you, “I CAN DO THIS!” Dreams are made of this!

Sometimes when we stop listening to their negative words that keep playing in our personal MP3 files in our brain, our whole life is changed because we aren’t tied to them anymore. I’m not saying this is easy; it’s far from it. It’s one of the most difficult things to do especially when it’s your family saying these negative words. If you don’t speak up then you have to put up. If someone in your life is causing you to have a negative outlook in your life, and you don’t do anything to make it stop then you are giving that person permission to dump on you whenever the feeling hits them. Negative Nobody’s  don’t see themselves as negative because no one has ever had the strength to go against the grain and tell them that their negativity is causing a problem. It takes a lot of continuous strength to stand up to the Negative Nobody’s in our lives, but I guarantee when you do, you are one step closer to making your dream come true.

Dreams can’t live in a negative atmosphere. So many people have had their dreams torn down, or taken away from them that when they try to be positive about a dream only the negative parts of life flow to them. Once you get over the negative stop revisiting it. It doesn’t do anyone a bit of good to rehash something over and over again. Let it go, find something positive to focus on. Get a big calendar and every day for one week find something positive about each day. Write it down on the calendar day. “Today is August 23, 2013, I worked out for an hour, I only ate 4 cookies today, I met three new people today.”

After the week is up, go back and look at all the ways your life is positive. Then for the next week, on that same calendar write down something positive about yourself (this is extremely helpful if you have a negative view of yourself.) “August 23, 2013, today when I looked in the mirror I said “I love you, gorgeous! Look at your beautiful long red hair” Trust me your life will change and day-by-day you will transform your negative world into a spring of positivity. People will tell you “Wow, you’ve changed! What’s different about you?” You can respond with “I let go of the trash in my life!” Granted you may get the feeling like you don’t fit into your old group of friends or your family but that’s okay because then you have the chance to lead them to better place or maybe it’s time to spread your wings and fly.

Don’t let the Negative Nobodys steal your dreams or crush your spirit!


It’s been a while since my last blog post, partly because I’ve been busy and totally unfocused in what to do next in my life, and partly because I just thought does what I write about really make an impact in people’s lives. What’s really funny here is that by me writing posts every day it was making an impact in my own life, and when I stopped my progress stopped too. When I write I’m better able to deal with what’s going on in my life. So I changed my mind again and have decided to get back to what really makes me happy, writing.

Creative Beings

Not only does writing make me happy but it also helps me see the other areas in my life that need a little more pruning and attention. I love writing and always have. We are creative beings; when we aren’t using our own creative talent every day we cease to be who we were meant to be. I truly believe this because when I’m using my creative talents, whether it’s cooking a nice meal, creating art from garbage, or putting words together on a page my life is richer and better.

Part of changing my mind is choosing to make a difference. I get up each morning with purpose to make a difference and while I’m making a difference in other people’s lives I’m also making a difference in my own life. It’s a known fact that when you wake up with purpose you are more likely to spring out of bed and get a start on the day. If you have no purpose in your life, then you have no reasons for doing what you do. You begin to ask yourself “Why even get out of bed?” “Who cares what happens?” These questions are self-defeating, but when you have a purpose to make a difference you have reasons. If you can stop yourself from thinking this way, your life can be what you want it to be.

Another part of changing my mind is choosing what I think about. I am no longer thinking about all the negative things in life. Negativity is the way of this world but to rise above the world we need to think on a higher plane. That higher plane is to take all those negative thoughts, words, and actions and toss them in the trash, where they belong. Once you throw them out, take the trash out. You wouldn’t dig through trash unless you were looking for something valuable. Negativity is not valuable. If you’re in a place where you are surrounded with negative people, get away from them, or limit your contact with them. If your spouse is negative all the time, work on yourself. Always answer a negative comment with a positive one. Sometimes a positive one is none at all. Don’t use curse words, or name calling, blaming. Don’t pick fights just to get a rise out of people.

Several months ago on Facebook, a couple of people in my extended family decided to unfriend and block me because of my positivity. They publicly posted on their pages that they would not be friends with people who are positive and post photos about happiness, courage, and uplifting quotes. We live in a negative world and many times these negative people are in our own families. One thing to understand here is that if people are unfriendly in real time, they are more than likely to be unfriendly in any social arena. So while these people were trying to hurt me, they just showed their true colors.

I’ve changed my mind many times throughout my life, and I’ll probably do it many more times before I take my last breath. But isn’t life all about change?


I talk to myself constantly. I know some pretty successful people who do the same thing. I am forever asking myself questions, and yes I answer myself, too. And why shouldn’t I? The questions I ask myself are directed at me, and need my answers to make sense in my life. I’m scripting my future through these conversations with myself.

We all have our own set of scripts. We write out scripts for our voice mail box. If we’re in the professional world, we use scripts all the time, each for a different reason. We rehearse what we’re going to say to people when we first meet them before we actually open our mouths. It’s through these scripts that our lives are laid out before us and we give other people a glimpse into our worlds.

You are listening

Here’s a script I’ve been rehearsing lately:

“Do you really want to eat now or would you rather have a glass of water? Aren’t you losing weight? Do you remember the number on the scale? Don’t you love the way your clothes are so big on you? I’ll just have a glass of water, then if I’m hungry in 20 minutes then I’ll have a small snack.”

Here’s another one:

“If you’re bored, let’s go for a walk, that will perk you right up. C’mon get your shoes on, grab a sweatshirt, your keys, and let’s go. The fresh air is good for you, it’ll get you out of the house. You’ll meet new people and you’ll feel better.”

How many times do we ask ourselves what are we going to make for dinner? And the answer usually comes to us when we’re looking in the pantry or refrigerator. These scripts help us to move forward when life isn’t turning out the way we planned. They are really our self-talk. Whether our scripts are positive or negative they are really controlling our future by planting seeds in our minds. When these seeds take hold our bodies, and our futures unfold like the thoughts that have been planted. I’m scripting my future by changing my script.

Your future depends on your script.


Each day we are faced with the same tasks as we go about our routine in making our life the way we want it to be. Each day we are faced with the same choices as well. From what we want to eat, how we choose our clothing, and the conversations we have; it’s all a choice. We look at the difficult tasks of losing weight and getting healthy as too daunting to do anything. But it is the small changes we do each and every moment that matter the most.

Small Changes

I made a small change this week in my diet; I stopped eating bananas for breakfast and instead I’m eating two organic eggs (cooked anyway I want). This small change has made a big impact in my life, I don’t crave the sweet treats all day long. I am satisfied with the eggs, and my cup of Earl Grey tea. This small change has also affected my snacking throughout the day. I don’t feel the need to snack until mid-afternoon. Then I grab a handful of organic raw almonds, another small change I started. I’m no longer tethered to my cravings for sugar, or carbs.

Another small change that really helps is to stay positive. When we find ourselves in a negative, depressing mood we tend to binge on comfort foods. If we stay positive, it helps us in staying away from the foods that are keeping us from our desired health and wellness goals. You know what your comfort foods and offending foods are, the ones you run to when you’re depressed and mad at the world. If you have to, print out some positive quotes and tape them up around your home.

Every two hours while I work here at home, I set a timer that goes off and I turn on a YouTube 10 minute cardio video. This small change of doing 10 minutes of cardio every two hours helps me to get in 40 minutes of cardio a day. Plus for me it’s great because of my structural issues.

Other small changes that you can make:

  • Ordering smaller portions in restaurants: I usually order off the appetizer menu or I’ll ask for a box with my meal so I can take half the portion away.
  •  Bringing your own healthy snacks to movie theaters: My favorite is chopped apple and almonds
  • Scope out different activities that aren’t surrounded by food: have a healthy picnic and bring along a Frisbee, or a football, or go for a walk; Go on a hike, take a ceramics class with friends. Go to a clay-painting shop, a health seminar or a book reading. 
  • Park in the farthest spot from the door: I saw this yesterday on my walk. The lady looked like she was in her 70’s; she parked her car in the farthest spot away in the outdoor shopping mall I was at. She walked to a couple of stores, brought her bags out to her car and walked to other shops. I noticed she did this about 4 times. Then she got a cup of coffee and sat down at the table next to mine. We talked about her form of exercising. She said she hates shopping so she makes a game of it and tries to get in as much exercise in as she can when she has to shop.

Find some small changes that work for you.

In time these Small changes will add up in a whole new you!



Have you ever had one of those days when you thought if only I could delete that word from my vocab or that sentence from life. Yesterday was one of those days. It seemed like I was getting bombarded by rude people. Was yesterday “Rude People Stand Up Day” and no one told me?  Last I looked it wasn’t. But it sure felt that way. I had an ace in the hold yesterday. I have Delete Button Power, and I used it several times yesterday.

Delete Button

I’ve been using Facebook as my own personal page and as a wellness platform for several years now. I post comments on my own page, and on community pages that interest me from wellness to art and everything in between. Yesterday I’m not sure what set off the the cascade of rudeness not only on my own page but from page owners messaging me to basically yell at me,  I knew this because their whole message was in capital letters.

If you’re going to have a Facebook page that is open to the public then you better make sure you have some thick skin, because people will and should be able to make comments that don’t necessarily agree with your perspective. But isn’t that the purpose of communication. If we all went around agreeing with people we wouldn’t grow as a society.

I’m not a “YES” woman. I don’t say “I agree” unless I really do. Now, I’m not rude, nor do I use foul language, either. I don’t message people or post things in Capital Letters to make it seem like I’m shouting at them. There is a right way and a wrong way to communicate with people. Polite conversations and communications is where we should be in this world filled with curse words and rudeness at every turn.

It seems that more and more people can’t agree to disagree and that’s really sad. Why do we all have to have the same opinion about everything? Sorry I don’t like Kitty Cat photos and overly religious photos, and comments. I don’t like rude jokes, or photos that come from pages with curse words in their name. I do like to shake things up a bit with a totally different spin on the same old comments, but this is my personality. I see things in life in a totally different perspective, one that’s positive and motivating.

If you don’t like what I say here, even on this blog or on one of my many posts to Facebook, Linked In, Google+ or the many forums that I’m a part of, it doesn’t give you the right to send me a message that involves cursing at me, or shouting at me. Communication is not about who can shout the loudest or who can use the most curse words in a sentence. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, if you don’t, that’s fine just tell me why with no cursing and no shouting.

Instead of perpetuating a communication flaw, I use my delete button power. It’s there for a reason; sad that we have to do this but all the better because in business as in life curse words should not rule our lives. Shouting matches stop communication just as fast. In the future if I or someone else makes a comment on your page or sends you a short message. If you don’t like the comment or message, use your delete button power. It will save you, your image, and your presence on the internet.




Every time I think about a situation of a person is thinking it through to the end or the lack there of I always think about the old I Love Lucy Shows. Lucy always had a plan to do something but never took the time to think it through to the end and her plans always turned out rather hilarious but kind of sad. Lucy was never alone in her endeavors, she had Ethel who just went along with Lucy without thinking it through.

Thinking through a problem is like looking at the solution before stating their could be a problem in the first place. I do this all the time especially when I’m creating my art work. I will look at the medium I’m working with and try to make it do something it’s not designed to. But I think it through to the end to see what the end result could look like then I think about the ways I can make it. Case in point, how do you take metal tin can lids and mold them to fit on a flower pot. You hammer them until they are pliable then you can bend them and mold them to fit on anything. (Sorry there’s no photo yet, I haven’t finished it yet.)

Think it through

Are you thinking through your situations or are you constantly finding yourself on the crazy-go-round of your life? A crazy-go-round, we all have one of those life issues that simply won’t go away and drives us nuts because no matter what you do or don’t do, it never changes. I’ve learned that my own crazy-go-round will probably never go away but as I thought it through, it’s affecting my life less and less because I choose not to focus on it. I thought it through to the end and I’ve come to understand that I will never be able to change it but I can change myself and I can change how I think about it.

Thinking through a problem, thinking through a crazy-go-round, thinking through our feelings, thinking through our actions, thinking through our thoughts, thinking through our choices are the safest ways to live a life filled with health and wellness.

Think through your health!



How often have we been told in order to change our own life and our own outlook on life we need to make a difference in someone else’s life. I think we need to make a difference in our own lives first. Lately I’ve been thinking about how it is easier for me to make a difference in other people’s lives than it is for me to make a difference in my own life. How many of you experience this same thing? When we make a difference in our own life, our life becomes what we want it to be, and we are better able to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Make a difference

In order for me to make a difference in my own life I needed to change my mindset about what makes me happy, how I need to really be sick and tired of how my life is, how I need to be totally uncomfortable about sitting on the edge of my life instead of participating in my life. These are just some of the things I’ve been thinking about lately, and how I need to make a difference in my own life.

Ways that have been helping me make a difference in my own life.

  • I made a date with myself everyday to read or listen to an inspirational message. I have many favorites but here are two of my favorites: I read my bible every day, and I listen to Chip Ingram at least twice a week (
  • Sometimes when I’m reading or listening to these messages I sit on my exercise cycle or go for a walk. I’ve noticed for myself that when my body is moving I absorb the information better than if I just sit and read or listen. 
  • Make it a point to do something encouraging in your own life. Put up inspirational quotations around your home. I tape some to my bathroom mirror, my refrigerator, the mirror in my kitchen (yes I have a mirror next to my refrigerator) If you don’t want to tape paper up around your house, put them into frames like this one: 
One of my favorite quotes

One of my favorite quotes

  • To make a difference in my own life I needed to surround myself with people who are encouraging, supportive, loving, kind. Not all the people in our lives are here to encourage us; some are here to teach us how not to be. There will always be people in our lives who are ready whip us around with their tongues, but we don’t have to listen to them or be around them. You’ll make a difference in your life if you distance yourself from these kinds of people. 
  • What we think about we bring about. So to make a difference in my own life. I changed how I think. I don’t use swear words. I think about the good things in life and even though I am still going through some difficult things, like many people are, I am not dwelling the negative of what’s going on, but I’m looking at the good in all this. And in looking for the good, I’ve opened myself up for the best possibilities that life can offer.
  • Think about what and how you eat. If you’re trying to make a difference in your life to be more positive, by more inspiring, then you have to eat better food. Clean, organic food is the only way to supply your brain and body with the nutrients they need to accomplish our daily challenges. Plus it helps us to think better, and when we think better we’re capable of making better choices.

 Touching lives is what life is all about.

Making a difference is choice that first starts with you!