Avocado Oil, My Skin’s Best Friend

Since I take Friday’s off, I thought I would write about my favorite things I use each week. As you know, I use mostly organic personal products and eat mostly organic foods. I try my best to steer away from products that have too many ingredients. I try to buy the black of my food without a label from the produce and bulk sections of the store. The first of my Friday Faves is Avocado Oil. It really is my skin’s best friend!

I use avocado oil in salad dressings and vinaigrettes. I use it as a topper on my soups. I put it on mashed cauliflower, and even carry it in a little eye dropper bottle in my purse so I can put it on my salads if I happen to be eating out. But the the best place I use avocado oil is in my daily facial routine.

I wash my face with it. I don’t need any moisturizer afterwards. You’re probably asking yourself, “Is she crazy?” Most people think I am but that’s another story for another day. Did you know that the oil in avocados is the most similar to the oils in our skin? This makes perfect sense to me that we should be washing our faces with this any stop buying all the different products that cost an arm and leg. I love how this oil absorbs into my skin in about 10 minutes instead of the other moisturizers I’ve used in the past which just sat on the surface of my skin.

I also love how I can use it to remove eye makeup without a burning sensation on my upper eyelid. It’s wonderful for a hair conditioner too, if you have extremely dry hair. I use it once a month as a follow up to my hair dye (organic too) as an extra precaution since any type of hair treatments and days of curling and straightening leave my hair dry.

If you’re going to try some avocado oil either in your meals or in place of your facial and hair care, make sure it’s organic and cold pressed. Any oils you use should be organic and cold pressed since heating them kills all the nutrients. Also make sure it’s 100% avocado oil. Some brands are mixing avocado oil with soybean oil which contaminates the whole thing.

Hats off to my skin’s best friend and probably yours!

Keeping It Going!

Keeping It Going!

My favorite blog post over the last several years is one from 2013.

Keep It Going

Keep moving!   Keep smiling!   Keep shining!   Keep dreaming!    Keep Imagining!   Keep planning!   Keep laughing!   Keep deciding!   Keep giving yourself a chance!   Keep paying it forward!   Keep singing!   Keep dancing!   Keep running!   Keep reading!   Keep asking!   Keep doing!   Keep sharing!   Keep saving!   Keep encouraging!   Keep inspiring!   Keep writing!   Keep blogging!   Keep helping!   Keep praying!  Keep serving!   Keep listening!  Keep searching!   Keep my eyes open!   Keep finding!   Keep learning!   Keep playing!   Keep loving!   Keep speaking!   Keep hearing!   Keep watching!   Keep bringing!   Keep painting!   Keep creating!   Keep it real!   Keep telling the truth!   Keep living the word of God!   Keep natural!   Keep organic!

Keep on Doing

Keep breathing!   Keep living in the present!   Keep changing!   Keep growing!   Keep putting one step in front of the other!   Keep improving!   Keep showing up!   Keep forgiving!   Keep calling!   Keep compassion in your life!  Keep empathy a part of your life!   Keep thinking!   Keep camping!   Keep hiking!   Keep climbing!   Keep walking!   Keep swimming!   Keep hugging!   Keep your lamp burning!   Keep spinning!   Keep digging!   Keep eating healthy!   Keep taking your supplements!   Keep cooking!  Keep sowing!   Keep harvesting!   Keep pruning!    Keep mentoring!   Keep building bridges!   Keep tearing down walls!   Keep recommitting!   Keep appreciating!   Keep standing!  Keep feeling!   Keep talking!   Keep making peace!   Keep staying positive!   Keep praising!   Keep journaling!    Keep journeying into reality!   Keep promising!   Keep coaching! Keep loving!

Keep it going!

These are the areas that I want to keep going at since I want to make a consistent effort to be the best me possible I need to keep doing the things above. If you have some more positive, uplifting things you do every day, let me know. We all could use as much help as we can get.

Keep it going! 


It’s not too difficult to these days to pick up a food item that you are used to buying and see the lies that manufacturers are throwing at people in hopes they will continue buying their products. Food labels lie in hopes that more money will be made. It’s that simple. What’s behind all the lies? Greed, plain and simple.

Food Labels Lie

I’ve realized this year that in order to continue to buy food with labels on it, I must become an investigator and a researcher. It’s simply astounding at how many hoops and phone mazes a person has to go through until the truth is actually out about food ingredients. For instance, if you’ve read the ingredients on a food service can of Swiss Miss “Classics” you’ll see that ConAgra adds sucralose (Splenda) to make the product be lower in sugar. When did sucralose become classic? I called ConAgra to find out why this piece of information is not on the front of their product, but in the tiniest of letters at the end of their ingredient label. The first answer I got was because the company wanted to please consumers and make the sugar content lower. As I dug deeper, I found that sucralose is cheaper than sugar, and companies really don’t have to disclose this use of artificial sweeteners in products that also contain sugar on the front of the label. Interesting note here is that now the nutritional facts about their products are not available on the company’s website.

The same is true for Smucker’s Simply Fruit, one of the first things on the label is “fruit syrup.” When I asked the company what’s in the “fruit syrup,” I was told they didn’t have to divulge that information because it was a proprietary blend of fruits and other ingredients. So fruit syrup could be anything from high fructose corn syrup to sludge and consumers like you and I would just have to take the company’s word for it as being simple fruit.

Here’s another one. Lenny and Larry’s Muscle Brownie the front of the label touts 20 grams of protein, but when you look on the nutritional label you’re only getting 10 grams of protein because the little brownie is supposed to serve 2 people. It’s also loaded with soy isolate, sugar, corn syrup, corn flour, cornstarch, brown sugar, margarine, and a bunch of other nasty ingredients that are nowhere near good for your muscles.

Don’t think that just because you only buy organic food that you are buying quality products either, if it were that simple!! If it has a label on it, it just might have a lie in it. ASK! ASK! ASK!

Food labels lie, and they do it so companies make money. Once we stop blindly buying into the lies and become investigators and researchers is when we will not only become healthier but we will force the lies to stop. We may never be able to have our food properly labeled, but that doesn’t mean you have to just give up. You have to take a stand for your own health, no one else will do it for you.

Stop the lies from hurting you!

Take a stand!





Food & Poetry go together like peanut butter and jelly and chocolate and coconut. As I was looking for simple poems to share with my tutoring students, I ran across this poem by Shel Silverstein that made me laugh. But more importantly it helped me to understand how easy it is to become so engrossed in the new do’s and don’t’s about eating food that we lose sight that food is not supposed to give us total pleasure. Food is not supposed to be our main focus in life, but for so many people food has become their god. They run to food instead of running to God to fill the emptiness inside. They think about and worship food with wild abandon. Food wasn’t meant to fill our every need. Food was meant to nourish every cell in our bodies. It wasn’t meant to fill our hearts with love.

by Shel Silverstein

I was settin’ at this restaurant
When the waiter came up and said, “What do you want?”
I looked at the menu – it looked so nice
Till he said, “Let me give you a little advice.”
He said, “Spaghetti and potatoes got too much starch,
Pork chops and sausage are bad for your heart.
There’s hormones in chicken and beef and veal,
Bowl of ravioli is a dead man’s meal.
Bread’s got preservatives, there’s nitrites in ham,
Artificial coloring in jellies and jam.
Stay away from doughnuts, run away from pie,
Pepperoni pizza is a sure way to die.
Sugar’s gonna rot your teeth and make you put on weight,
Artificial sweetener’s got cyclamates.
Eggs are high in cholesterol, too much fat in cheese,
Coffee ruins your kidneys and so do teas.
Fish got too much mercury, red meat is poison,
Salt’s gonna send your blood pressure risin’.
Hot dogs and bologna got deadly red dyes,
Vegetables and fruits are sprayed with pesticides.”
So I said, “What can I eat that’s gonna make me last?”
He said, “A small drink of water in a sterilized glass.”
And then he stopped and he thought for a minute,
And said, “Never mind the water – there’s carcinogens in it.”
So I got up from the table and walked out in the street,
Realizin’ there was absolutely nothing I could eat.
So I haven’t eaten for a month and I don’t feel too fine,
But I know that I’ll be healthy for a long, long time.

If you find yourself stressing over food and what you should eat, this poem puts everything into perspective. If you are like the millions of people on this planet who can’t get from breakfast to lunch without stressing over what you ate or what you didn’t eat, take a break. Read some poetry. Laugh. Get everything in perspective. Try not to think about food every minute of the day. Get away from food. Instead of meeting your friends for coffee and snacks, meet them on a walking trail. If you’re choosing healthy Non-GMO food, relax relish in the fact that you are nourishing your cells and your body. The less we stress over our food the better our bodies can digest it.


Today was the day I said I would tackle the refrigerator. I wanted to get rid of all the old food, and what once was food but has turned into a chemistry project. Sometimes I have to smell the offending food to know whether it’s gone bad, at other times I just know by the mold I see. I started thinking about how cleaning our refrigerators is in direct relation to cleaning our lives.


We fill the refrigerator with good wholesome food, in my case it’s all organic. Because of a lack of time we don’t  clean out that food which has gone bad. When we look at cleaning out our lives we look at ways to fill it with all the good things that life has to offer,  filling our minds with good, positive, and Godly thoughts, finding new uplifting friends.  But we neglect getting rid of those parts of life that are decaying and causing us to stumble, those negative thoughts and moldy toxic people who have become permanent fixtures in our lives.

The problem with this is that we cannot grow if we cannot let go. We’ve all heard of clean diets, living a clean and sober life, but we don’t talk about how to get from one point to the next. In order to follow a clean diet we need to get rid of all the processed foods, and only choose organic, whole foods. Cleaning our lives is the same way. We can’t expect our lives to move forward if we’re stuck in the same negative thought patterns with the same moldy toxic people that suck the life out of us.

So how do we get unstuck and clean our lives so we can move forward?

  • Limit your time and energy spent with these moldy toxic people in your life. You may have to rethink your friendships with them in real time and on social media. Only you know who these  people are in your own life. You can go to them and ask them to stop acting a certain way, if they refuse to, then just limit the amount of time you spend with them. If it’s your spouse or significant other, and you love them, pray for them and look for the good in them, focus on the good whenever you are with them. 
  • Whenever a negative thought comes into your mind, push it out by reciting a positive quote. You may want to keep a list of positive quotes with you at all times.
  • Stop putting yourself in situations where these moldy thoughts and moldy people are in control of you. That means that you may have to say “NO” to them. It’s difficult but your own sanity is at stake.
  • Surround yourself with people who are uplifting, positive, and loving. People who make you want to be a better person. These are the people who will help you when you need help, and not try to control you or your life.
  • Watch your own words because they will either hold you back or stop you in your tracks. Cleaning our lives means we use clean words all the time. Words that uplift, forgive, help, motivate, inspire, and love. Use these words when you speak to other people and when you talk to yourself.

This is only the beginning to cleaning our lives. It’s not a one time event, just live cleaning out our refrigerators isn’t a one time event. It takes time, patience, and love to continually clean our lives. It also take perseverance, and strength.

Cleaning our lives is the only way to move forward in a world bent on standing still.


I know what you’re thinking, “What does Zip It and Zap It have to do with wellness?” So much that you don’t even imagine how much sometimes. Both of these can go hand-in-hand when speaking of health and wellness. These two action steps go together like peanut butter and jelly; if we’re not careful in pursuing their end we will find ourselves in a mess of health issues all at the mercy of our own hands. If you Zip It and Zap It you’ll have many more days filled with wellness.

Zip It is in direct relationship to our mouths not just to foods that make us unhealthy and overweight, but to words that tear down. If your conversation and the words you use are not adding to the encouragement of others  then don’t say them. The words we choose can either build a bridge of wellness or leave a legacy of deceit. When was the last time you were in a conversation with someone and you heard more curse words than anything else? This person is filled with strife, contention, and animosity with others and with themselves. Learn to control your words for your health’s sake. People who don’t curse, edify conversations, and encourage one another are calmer, more at peace, and healthier than their curse word slinging counterpart.


Zap It is totally connected to the negative energy that’s produced by negative people, negative situations, negative words, and negative thoughts. If you are yearning for better wellness then you’ll want to Zap all the areas that are negative in your own lives. Just like the microwave zaps all the nutrients out of our food, we need to Zap all the negative influences that cause us strife. Granted you probably can’t do anything with the traffic you drive in every day, but you can alter your response to it. Instead of getting agitated by it, listen to uplifting music, a book on CD, or leave a half-hour earlier.

Here are some ways to Zap It (the negative energy)

  • Get away from negative people: If you’re married to a spouse that is constantly negative then find your happy place in your mind and go there when your spouse is in a negative place. Talk to them ask them why they are negative all the time. Seek counseling if necessary. Find something that the two of you like to do and make a commitment to do it at least once a month or more. 
  • Stop using negative words yourself. Zip your mouth if you can’t say anything nice to someone. Hold yourself at a higher standard. Don’t let the negative words of others spur you into a negative world. If we praise our children for what they are doing right instead of constantly criticizing them for all the mistakes they make, they will be happier children and want to do better instead of not wanting to try at all.
  • Create a list of positive words to say every day. I know it sounds rather childish but if you are learning a new habit and need a little bit of prompting throughout the day. This list will help you. I’m constantly adding to my list. Click here to see it.
  • Stop watching TV shows and movies that are surrounded by negativity. When you’re in a negative place watching movies about arguments and listening to foul language will only fuel the fire within you.
  • Stop eating junk food. Junk food is filled with negative energy and zaps too many nutrients from your body just to digest it. Instead choose live food. Nothing packaged, with a label, or from the fast food restaurant down the street. Eat an orange, a banana, an organic piece of chicken, an organic salad. Choose as much organic foods that contain nutrients that give our bodies positive energy. The longer a person runs on negative energy the higher the risk of contracting deadly diseases and other illnesses.
  • Keep a notebook with you. Sometimes when I’m going through a negative situation I write down my thoughts about it, then I cross them out and write something positive about the situation. Write something positive about being stuck in traffic. Write something positive about all the negative situations in your life and you’ll begin to see those same situations as positive opportunities for growth.

When you put these two action steps of wellness, Zip It and Zap It, together with the other 25 to work in your own life you’ll begin to see that your wellness is in you hands. While each step has it’s own merit together they form a wellness plan that can propel you into a life that you never thought was possible. One filled with abounding health and magnificent wellness.


How often have we been told in order to change our own life and our own outlook on life we need to make a difference in someone else’s life. I think we need to make a difference in our own lives first. Lately I’ve been thinking about how it is easier for me to make a difference in other people’s lives than it is for me to make a difference in my own life. How many of you experience this same thing? When we make a difference in our own life, our life becomes what we want it to be, and we are better able to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Make a difference

In order for me to make a difference in my own life I needed to change my mindset about what makes me happy, how I need to really be sick and tired of how my life is, how I need to be totally uncomfortable about sitting on the edge of my life instead of participating in my life. These are just some of the things I’ve been thinking about lately, and how I need to make a difference in my own life.

Ways that have been helping me make a difference in my own life.

  • I made a date with myself everyday to read or listen to an inspirational message. I have many favorites but here are two of my favorites: I read my bible every day, and I listen to Chip Ingram at least twice a week (http://livingontheedge.org/broadcasts)
  • Sometimes when I’m reading or listening to these messages I sit on my exercise cycle or go for a walk. I’ve noticed for myself that when my body is moving I absorb the information better than if I just sit and read or listen. 
  • Make it a point to do something encouraging in your own life. Put up inspirational quotations around your home. I tape some to my bathroom mirror, my refrigerator, the mirror in my kitchen (yes I have a mirror next to my refrigerator) If you don’t want to tape paper up around your house, put them into frames like this one: 
One of my favorite quotes

One of my favorite quotes

  • To make a difference in my own life I needed to surround myself with people who are encouraging, supportive, loving, kind. Not all the people in our lives are here to encourage us; some are here to teach us how not to be. There will always be people in our lives who are ready whip us around with their tongues, but we don’t have to listen to them or be around them. You’ll make a difference in your life if you distance yourself from these kinds of people. 
  • What we think about we bring about. So to make a difference in my own life. I changed how I think. I don’t use swear words. I think about the good things in life and even though I am still going through some difficult things, like many people are, I am not dwelling the negative of what’s going on, but I’m looking at the good in all this. And in looking for the good, I’ve opened myself up for the best possibilities that life can offer.
  • Think about what and how you eat. If you’re trying to make a difference in your life to be more positive, by more inspiring, then you have to eat better food. Clean, organic food is the only way to supply your brain and body with the nutrients they need to accomplish our daily challenges. Plus it helps us to think better, and when we think better we’re capable of making better choices.

 Touching lives is what life is all about.

Making a difference is choice that first starts with you!


Not a day goes by that we are not hearing about how the commercial food supply is tainted with different harmful chemicals. Yesterday the news story was about how pomegranate juice really isn’t just pomegranates but a combination of white grape juice, water and pomegranates. We also heard that commercially purchased paprika is colored to look redder because it isn’t all natural. We also learned that the food labels don’t necessarily have to tell us that these foods contain foreign substances. So I started asking myself how do we protect ourselves from these poisons in our food supply.

First, we become educated to what the food additives are: artificial colorings, artificial flavorings, artificial sweetners, bromine, BHA/BHT, carrageenan, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated fats, nitrates/nitrites, MSG (and it’s 27 different names), etc. The endless list is so exhaustive there are entire websites that list them and their side effects.

Poisonous Food

Second, we need to make sure that we  eliminate the foods that contain all these food additives and look at how you can protect yourself not just by reading the labels but by including organic foods. Yes, I’ve heard it all before “Oh it’s too expensive, I can’t afford organic on my food budget” This is where you have leverage your spending dollars. If you forgo that bag pesticide laden potato chips you can afford a bunch a organic bananas. It’s all a choice. You can choose to buy chemical laden food and feel ill all the time, or you can choose healthy organic food and feel good. One more thing here, stop listening to the television doctor who claims that if you buy organic food your an elitist because you know he is. You’ve got to know that his house is only filled with organic. Stop the insanity and stop listening to hypocrites. 

Third, the toxins in our life slows down the healing process that happens within our cells. This slow down helps diseases to take hold and make us sick and can even be deadly.

  Give your body the protection it wants!

Cheap Herbs

Organic Fresh Herbs

Each time at the grocery store I check to see if they have any fresh organic herbs in the clearance bin in the produce section. I purchase whatever is available, if it is an herb that I use regularly. Here I spent a $1.49 for Thyme and Chives. These organic chives regularly cost $2.79 and the Thyme is $3.59. I already saved $2.10. But the savings continue.

Chives tied into a bundle.

When I get home I take out what I will use and because these items may already be close to spoiling. I dry them around my home. I tied them with string that is long enough to tie onto items around my home.

Chives tied to vertical blind rod.

The chives helps my living room smell wonderful.

Thyme tied in a bundle.

The thyme was a bit more difficult to tie but I took the longer stems and tied them into a bundle to dry.

Thyme bundle hung on hat rack.

Then I hung the thyme on the hat rack where my husband hangs his baseball hats in the foyer.

Drying in a glass on windowsill

The stems that were too small to tie into a bundle, I stuck into a cocktail glass to dry on my windowsill. After about two weeks they will be dried. Then I’ll take the chives and snip them into tiny bits to use on my baked potatoes. For  thyme I will strip them from the stem. To store both dried herbs, I use small glass jelly jars. Total money saved $8.91. Dried organic herbs are expensive.

Chicken Butchering & the City Girl

Mother’s Day Chicken Butchering

I think I need to be more careful about what I share with my friends about my new endeavors. I told them all about my blog and what I was going to share on each day, well this is definitely something new, and something they thought I needed to try.

On Mother’s Day this year I had the opportunity to participate in a back yard process of butchering chickens with some friends of ours. It was an eye-opening experience for this city girl; one that I will probably never forget.

Inside the chicken coop

My friends raise chickens every year and on each Mother’s Day they butcher the whole lot. The total number of chickens butchered this year was about 100.

Butchering began early in the morning, long before I arrived. They had stations set up for the different stages in the process.

Decapitation Station

The decapitating process began with a metal cone nailed to a wooden column with the small hole pointing downward (for the chicken’s head to go through).

Boiling Water Dunking Station

There was a dunking station which was a large pot of boiling water to dunk the chicken in after it had bled out on the pole.

The boiling water helps with the feather plucking.

Plucking Machine

They had a plucking machine set up that sped up the process of plucking the feathers.

Hand Plucking

There was also a table set up where my friends would stand to continue to pluck the feathers and the hair from the skin of the chicken.

Singeing the hair

Once the plucking was done the chickens went through a singeing process where a blow torch was used to singe off any remaining hair.

Before removal of digestive tract

Then the chickens went to the next station that was removing the crop and the rest of the digestive system.

Removing the gizzard, heart, and liver

Removal was done in two stages the crop was removed first then another person would remove the gizzard, the liver, heart, and carefully remove the gall bladder.

Gizzards,Hearts, & LIvers

If the gall bladder was punctured as it was removed, none of the organs could be used. Many people use the chicken gizzards, hearts, and livers as delicacies or to feed their pets.

The Cut-up Station

The chicken then went to a chlorine wash to get rid of any other dirt of lingering germs. After it was washed it was then cut up and bagged for freezing.

I learned so many things from this experience. I learned what is meant by the phrase “running around like a chicken with its head cut off.” Because the chickens would move around after they were decapitated.  I also learned something that I not only never knew, but really did not want to know. As the chickens were being butchered, the live ones would eat the feathers, drink the blood and even peck at the severed chicken heads.

I also learned that while these chickens were free range, antibiotic free and organically fed, they were still hybrids. Hybrid chickens are designed to grow faster and bigger compared to non-hybrid chickens; something to think about when purchasing organic chickens in the future. Another question to ask farmers “Are the chickens hybrid?”

It costs roughly $9 a chicken, from tiny delivered chicks to butchering time.  If you aren’t inclined to butcher the chickens yourself, like my friends did, there are places that will butcher them for you, but at another cost to you. One thing is for sure, I now understand why organic chicken is so much more expensive to buy.

The question still remains, “Will I do this process again?” The answer is probably, but I will only do the plucking, and maybe the singeing.