How many times have you heard that one joke that children love to tell? “Pete and Repeat were in a boat, Pete fell out, who was left?” And you go around in circles with the child telling the joke. But there’s a principle in that little joke. It goes like this. If you keep repeating the same words, actions and habits you’ll get the same results or you’ll get stuck in a loop. Once you change the answer the whole joke changes. Once you change a habit your whole life will change.

Repeating the same behaviors and thinking you’ll get different results is just as crazy. It’s said that it is the way to insanity. But what if you took the tool of repetition and used it to your advantage? You could change your life with little effort and you’ll make a lasting influence on your future generations.


What we repeat in our heads is our driving force for our days, so if you wake up in the morning and have no driving force or you don’t even make it out of bed then it’s beyond time to repeat different words. If all your mind hears is, “I’M FAT!” or “I’M UGLY then your body will follow suit. It’s very difficult to smile when you tell yourself you’re ugly or fat. Your body will also respond by making what you say come true. If you keep walking around with “I’M FAT” playing in your head then you will choose food that will make you fat, and your body will become fat or fatter. But we can change our minds just by changing our words.

These are some of the words I choose to repeat every day:





“2DAY IS GR8!”

There’s a new captain on Pete and Repeat’s boat.

She’s fit, confident, beautiful, pain-free and she’s me.

If I can change my life with my positive words. So can you!



Some people go through hell and back in their life and live to talk about it while others are consumed by the hurt, the pain, and the anger that is associated with their childhood or other life experiences. These people who have been able to leave it in the past are more resilient than those who carry their past with them. I’m not here to judge or fix any specific problem with people’s growth and maturity, only looking at my own life here and how my past shaped my present and my future.

Leave It In The Past

We all have a past. My past was dotted with my best friend when I was 6  dying of leukemia. I never understood that because no one took the time to explain it to me. Then the constant torment of my brother; he would hold my head under water, and just make me feel like I was worthless and think I was adopted (still don’t have a relationship with him.) My mom yelling at me instead of just talking to me like a normal person (not sure why she yelled.) Then the crazy things I did as a teenager that put myself in dangerous situations. One of them involved a gun pointed up against my temple when I walked into a store that was in the process of being robbed (You know the things you never told your parents.) Then at the age of 19 being abused by a family member who told me that if I told anyone he would just say I was lying and the family would believe him over me anyway. Being pregnant with twins (a boy and a girl) and miscarrying my daughter at 5 1/2 months (I felt like it was my fault). My father dying when I was 25, and while I was crying over it being told “Buck up, you have nothing to cry over”.

I’m sure there are some of you reading this who know what’s it like to be abused but you are too fearful to tell anyone. As I look back over what’s happened in my life, I should have said something, I should have gone to the police and let the blame fall where it was supposed to. But I let myself become the victim instead of becoming the strong woman of faith I could have been.

Many times this one incident has led me to be afraid of the things I shouldn’t have been afraid of in life. I dared not go places by myself, I’m sometimes still nervous in a roomful of people (I tend to walk the perimeter of the room, knowing where all the exits are.) I don’t feel comfortable meeting men for the first time without my husband. The list is endless.

I am also a firm believer that our nerves hold memories of what we go through in life, like a memory chip storing away data. When more life stress or horrendous news (Boston Marathon Bombings) gets piled on top of what we already have those nerve memories are stirred up and our body responds by giving us unexplained pain, nausea, fear, insomnia, digestive issues, racing heart, blood pressure issues, and everything in between.

Yes, I’ve made peace with my past. I forgave all the people in my life that have caused me extreme pain, but that doesn’t mean I want to have a relationship with them.  In order for me to have some semblance of sanity I needed to leave my past in the past, leave the toxic people in the past, and the anger about “Why did this happen to me?”in the past.

For me to grow, mature, and change I needed to come to grips with my past and say “Enough was enough.”

The past only holds you there as long as you let.

Leave it in the past, your present and your future will not only thank you but it will open up for the best possibilities life has to offer.


Did you know that when you venture out of your comfort zone the real you emerges? We all have that comfortable spot on the couch like Sheldon does in the Big Bang Theory. Maybe we have a chair that’s only for us and everyone knows it. Each time I embrace life I venture out of my comfort zone only to find the real me.


Five years ago my husband and I moved away from everything we knew, we left our adult children and the rest of our families to JOURNEY into the unknown of the Pacific Northwest. This was a career move since his field was drying up in the Midwest. I was terrified because I didn’t want to leave my sons even though they were grown and not living at home anymore. I didn’t want to be 2000 miles away from them, because I knew that we would grow apart and I didn’t want that. But I also knew that I needed to be a submissive and loving wife to my husband and follow him where ever his career took us.

Something happened to us when we moved out away. We opened up our hearts and brought more people in. We learned to stand on our own and lean on each other when times got tough. That was 2008 and we all know what happened then. My husband along with thousands of other people lost their jobs, companies collapsed and families who were separated by miles were also separated by lack of money to make trips back to see each other. What money we did have went to pay our bills because in our case my husband lost his job right when I was starting college.

Many times family told us to move back, at least we gave it a chance. But we decided to stick it out and find a way to continue where we were. Granted it’s been very difficult emotionally to be in a place where we don’t get to see family but once a year or once every two years.  It’s not easy, but as we journey on this road we are constantly finding out who we really are. We are closer to each other and closer to God.

Take the time to JOURNEY into the real you, get out of your comfort zone, learn to experience life instead of just going through on auto-pilot. Yes the story of our journey is not the most pleasant, all the time. Yes we don’t get to spend time with our family the way we’d like, but we’ve made friends who fit into our family and we’ve fit into someone else’s life who needs us most. We’ve journeyed into the unknown and found the adventure of a lifetime.

Do I still miss my sons, their wives, and their children? Words cannot express how badly I miss them, how much I think about them, and how much I pray for them.



Here I am sitting and looking at the calendar, thinking about how fast this year went by.  I can’t believe we are heading into December already.

As the world is going through all the things that happened during 2012;  natural disasters, prominent deaths, political upheaval, etc. I find it a good time to go through my own personal diary of the year to see what accomplishments I’ve made, the growth I’ve made, and the lost opportunities. I take a stock to see if I’ve become a better person and look at what I could be lacking in the way of my character.

Then I make a road map for the next year, taking all the negative points of my character and finding ways to work on them for the following year. This helps me to focus on the key issues of what is holding me back from being the best me I can be.

I graduated from college this year; a thirty-year dream that finally came to fruition. I changed the course of my health by finding a product that works not just for me.  I read books that I’ve always wanted to read, and watched documentaries that spurred me to change.

I’ve also witnessed some parts of me that I am not happy with, like my addiction to sugar, or my problem with food. These are areas that need to be reigned in because I feel my character slipping away each time I lose control.

It’s time to reflect; set my eyes on the goal, and work on my character.