Throughout my studies into nutrition and healthy eating, I’ve learned that most of what we put into our mouths is now considered medicine. It’s becoming clear that more and more people are eating and drinking things that we would have considered a voodoo remedy by our ancestors. We’re not looking at food anymore to nourish our bodies. We’re looking at the chemical make up of the food and frankly that doesn’t entice too many people. When we look down at our plate of food and think, “Oh, I’m helping my digestive tract!” or “Wow, I’m washing the inflammation away!” We take away our enjoyment of food. I can’t think of a time when I asked my sons, “Have you eaten your medicine today?” No I asked them if they enjoyed their lunch or their dinner.

Yes, it’s good that we eat healthy and not eat processed, over-salted, over-sugared, and GMO foods. Yes we should make sure we are eating our food as close as possible to it’s natural state. But I think we’re missing the mark when we look at food just for their nutrient level. I really don’t care how many nutrients are in split peas. I hate their taste, and their texture. The same is true of kale. I can’t stand the taste of kale, so I have to doctor it up or hide it in other foods. Why do I eat kale? Because of it’s calcium content. But I really don’t like anything I make with it, even though everyone raves about my Kale Butter, and Kale chips. Now I’m not telling you all this so you’ll send me kale recipes I’m just proving a point.

Enjoy Your Food

We need to go back to looking at our food as food, not as medicine even though it is. We were much healthier when we sat down at the dinner table and ate a piece of chicken, with veggies from the garden, a salad, and some fruit instead of :

  • Amino Acids
  • Protein
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Immune Booster
  • Muscle Renewer
  • Antioxidants
  • Detoxifiers
  • Metabolism booster
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Heartburn Reliever
  • Colon Cleanser

Food is to be enjoyed!



Day 2: 

Interesting at best. Been weighing myself every morning. It’s been a motivating pleasure to know that I am dropping about a pound a day. It’s also given me the willpower to say no to the taco chips my lovely husband brought into the house last night. He eats out of frustration, boredom, and depression. Or in his words he feels the need to crunch. Since I don’t eat anything after 6 pm. I had none, and I’m proud of myself. Because this is the first time I haven’t backed down from a challenge. While he ate, I just kept sipping my water.

Day 3:

Began this morning with me getting on the scale and watching the pounds fall off. Since December 1, I’ve lost 5 pounds, and certain aches have gone too. The only challenging thing about this program is my breakfasts. I used to load on the honey or stevia onto my oats, now it’s just cinnamon. I am tasting food again.

I’ve noticed that I don’t think about food all the time. Now I think about what I’ll do to move my body. Yesterday I couldn’t get out to walk so I hopped on my old exercise bike and rode for 5 miles. Then I did 45 minutes of a Leslie Sansome video (I have several). It’s also made meal planning easier too. Husband eats what I eat, when he is home, and when I make him a lunch. Today he is on his own for lunch.

I’ve been incorporating my product, ASEA, into my plan by taking it before breakfast, and before and after a workout. I’ve also been spraying my legs after the workout so my legs wouldn’t cramp up. So far so good. Lots of energy, no cramping, and for me no blood pressure plummeting. That last one is a major accomplishment because ever since I was a teenager my blood pressure would drop so low that I would get, what I called, the cold shakes. This hasn’t happened in the last three days.


One Meal for All!

Instead of making more than one meal one for you and one for your family, make a healthy meal for all of you. Healthy food that helps you lose weight is equally healthy for your family. Here are a couple of thrifty, easy meals that you make in your crock pot that are family pleasers.

Two ingredient Chicken with Stir-fry Veggies and Brown Rice

Italian Two Ingredient Chicken

Southwest Two Ingredient Chicken

These meals are great for families that are divided between vegans and carnivores. I don’t eat any soy (but that another issue), so replace the chicken for a meat replacement of choice, if you are a vegan.

The idea is this, it doesn’t need to be complicated, nor expensive. Cooking one meal for the entire family saves money and helps everyone gain the health benefits from it.

Taste Your Way To Relaxation

Taste Your Was To Relaxation

Sometimes the stress in our lives gets the better of us and to help ourselves relax we always think we need to spend time and money pursuing relaxation. Our taste buds can help us take that needed breath from the stress in our lives and move us toward becoming more relaxed.

Processed Foods = Stress Overload

 Processed foods trick your taste buds into becoming addictive to certain foods. These foods will add more stress to your life instead of giving your body the nutrients it craves.

Less Sugar = True Relaxation

When I stopped eating sugar I was able to taste what food tasted like. I went from drinking coffee on daily to detesting the taste of it. Giving up sugar has stopped the hot flashes, the nightmares, and the nervous habits I have been plagued with my entire life. It is true that sugar triggers  stress. Take sugar out of the equation and relaxing is inevitable.

A Little Goes A Long Way!

Staying away from salt will help your taste buds taste what food is meant to taste like. It’s summer and I see many people dousing their watermelon in salt, saying it brings out the flavor of the watermelon. What a joke. Salt covers up the flavor and people are tricked into thinking that the watermelon tastes better with it. Watermelon is sweet enough and salty enough without the need for salt. Salt raises blood pressure and can contribute added stress in our lives.

Retrain Your Taste Buds

Start today to retrain your taste buds. Retraining our taste buds takes time, patience and adventurous spirit. Start with one meal a day. I started with breakfast. I replaced a protein fruit smoothie for pancakes and syrup. I also purchased jams sweetened with juice instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners. I buy unsweetened almond and coconut milk. Fresh fruit in season has become my dessert.  A nice bowl of berries or melon is a great way to end a meal. Try different herbs and spices in place of salt. My favorite is dill, thyme and tarragon mixed together with a little pepper. It tastes good on anything. The benefits of this exercise is that my stress level is down, and my ability to stay calm and relaxed has grown.