I remember when my mom would try to tell a joke but she always messed it up beyond recognition. We all laughed anyways. There’s actually a word for this thing of laughter

Jayus an Indonesian word that means an unfunny joke told poorly that you can’t help but laugh.

Laughter regulates gene expression.

Laughter is good medicine.

Some of my favorite laughter kindling

The elephant story by Tim Conway

The Dentist with Harvey Korman and Tim Conway

Uber with Sebastian Maniscalco

Menopause with Jeff Allen

Laugh your way to good health

My Bingo Man

Yesterday I had the opportunity to join my husband at his doctor visit. I didn’t know the day was going to turn out as it did, but I am so glad I went to this visit. My husband and I don’t live in the doctor’s office. We don’t run to the doctor for every little ache and pain. But with all our friends having heart issues and different procedures to improve their quality of life, we thought it was a wise decision for my husband to have a complete physical.

Normally going into the doctor would stress my husband out to the extreme. This visit was totally different. My husband was his new normal self, more happy-go-lucky then ever before, so much so, I wondered why I went with him. Normally I am with him to help him calm down. This time I was just there for support.

He came out of his doctor appointment excited to be going to have his lab work done. I stepped back and kept wondering where the man was that I was used to seeing in the doctor’s office. He’d never been happy to do a blood draw, but this time was just totally different. When we arrived at the lab area, he had to take a number and press the door bell so staff knew he was waiting. He pressed the button, and we went over how not to feel the needle for the blood draw. Something I was taught many years ago from a nurse practitioner who helped me with this technique. Inhale as the needle is going into our vein, breathe normally as the blood is being drawn. Exhale when the needle is being pulled out. This little technique makes the needle a part of us when we inhale, and we expel it as we exhale.


When the door opened and the phlebotomist called my husband’s number he yelled, “BINGO!” He helped everyone be more at ease. Mental health is so connected with our physical health that the two cannot be separated. Laughter is an intrinsic part of our wellness and total health. Laughter helps strengthens our heart and our relationships. It lowers our blood pressure and improves our breathing. Laughing helps us lose weight and increases our capacity to sleep. It reduces our pain level, and it decreases stress.

I love my husband’s new outlook on life. Laughter is a big part of our life that I never want to let go of. Laughter gives my mind a break and it will give yours a break as well. My Bingo man has taught me that life is too short not to laugh.