Ever have that moment when you are getting ready to go out that you just don’t like anything of what you’re wearing, and you feel this overwhelming desire to change not just your clothes but everything about yourself? I had this feeling over the weekend. I got dressed for church on Saturday and just didn’t like how I looked, so I changed my clothes, fixed my hair a different way and then started fresh with my makeup.

Getting Ready

In the process of getting ready I realized some profound things about myself that I thought maybe others also think about. One of those questions I had for myself was, “Do I look at the outward appearance of myself and of others too closely, instead of looking at people’s hearts and my own heart”? While I should take an interest in my own appearance; making sure that I am healthy, clean, and look appropriate; I shouldn’t be so consumed in my appearance that I draw attention to myself. It’s my heart that people see when they look at me. If my heart is in the right place then people will see that on my face and my appearance.

The other half of that question, “Do I look at the appearance of others too closely instead of their hearts?” It’s all about judging each other. Do we ever make the comment “Don’t those people look in the mirror?” or “Does she not know what she looks like?” or “If I was I her I wouldn’t be seen dead in that outfit!” These are judgments about what a person looks like. It’s what is in our hearts that matters most. People have mirrors and many only look at themselves from the neck up. I sometimes do because I don’t like what I see from the neck down, and many people don’t either.

Another thing I’ve learned about getting ready is that I spend too much time trying to be perfect in my own reflection of the mirror instead of the mirror of the Bible and God. How many times do we look in the mirror and see our own reflection on a daily basis? Then how many times do we search God’s word and see His reflection through us? To see His reflection through us we need to be filling our minds with His Word,  repenting, and turning from the evils of this world.

I also learned that I will spend hours getting ready, just to get a compliment from my husband. But he thinks and tells me that I’m pretty even on my worst sweats-wearing days. Maybe I should spend more time getting ready for the ultimate reward “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful over a few things; I will make you a ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.” (Matthew 25:21).

Each of life’s seasons teaches us many lessons and when applied to our lives, those lessons are the stepping stones to something magnificent that’s waiting for us.



I’ve said it many times, my business’ success is dependent on how well I serve my clients and customers. If I do a good job then I not only make a sale but I make a friend, and it is our friends who we serve the most. How many people do we serve in a day? A week? A month? Whether you think about it or not, we pay for good service more than anything else. The waitstaff who bends over backwards to make our dining experience the best and accommodates our health situations by finding out what is in the food will always get a better tip from me. Serving our brothers and sisters is another of April’s Action Steps to Wellness because it helps us to take a break from our own lives and puts the needs of others first.

Serving other people is not a platform to look for reward or fame, it shouldn’t be like our celebrities who are always serving organizations to get free publicity. Serving should come from our hearts and focus on the person we are serving not on how we look. It’s a blessing in my life to know that what I do makes an impact on the lives of the people I serve and that is reward enough for me.

When I serve it is a direct extension of who I am. I take myself out of the picture when I’m serving and it helps me focus on other people’s issues. It also helps me to see other people’s strengths and look for ways to implement them in my own life.


Here are some ways you can get involved and serve the people in your community, your church, and your family.

  • Volunteer at the local boys and girls club. Be a mentor to children who need a positive role model in their lives. 
  • Help out at the local food bank or food pantry. Anybody can write a check or donate food, but it takes a special person to physically help people in need.
  • Volunteer at a senior center to play cards, do crafts or just plain talk to the senior citizens or Silver Ambassadors. 
  • Sign up to read to children in your local school district or at a children’s hospital.
  • Make a plan to pray for each of your friends in real time and on social media, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Leave a short message on their page to let them know you’re thinking about them.
  • Send cards out to the people you know who are having a rough patch in life. Let’s face it we all fall into that patch from time-to-time and a card carries so much thought.
  • Call your family regularly and ask them if there is anything that you could do for them or find out what’s going on in their lives that could use some prayers.

These ideas just scratch the surface of ways you can serve people.

A serving attitude comes from a loving heart.

Do you have that heart?