Think Do Succeed Repeat

Do you know where you want to go? Do you set goals for the new year and throughout the year? Success comes from how we think, goals we set, and actions we take.

Think Do Succeed Repeat



Better thinking is the result of better health and better health is the result of better thinking. It’s all connected. If you feel better you are able to think clearly. Think about where you want to go , who you want to be, what you want to do this year.

Set Goals

After you’ve given some thought to how you want 2019 to be better than last year, set some goals. These are your goals, they can be whatever you want. Remember we set D.U.M.B. Goals not smart ones.

D: Dream driven – Think about your dreams beyond your normal scope of reality. Think Big! Think Magical!

U: Uplifting – You are so thrilled about your dream you want to do it now! You’re connected to your dream.

M: Method Friendly – You can navigate your goal easily, and you’re able to identify the habits around the goal that make it possible!

B: Behavior Driven: You can tie your goals into your habits to make them permanent. This process internalizes your goals.

Do/Take Action

Take action on your goals. You can’t reach any goal unless you take action. This may be the most single important action you can take. You can think about your future, you can set goals, but if you don’t take action all will be for nothing. Do something each day that propels you closer to your goal.

Take Action it’s the only way to succeed at anything you want to accomplish.


Once you succeed at accomplishing a goal, you can celebrate or you can repeat this method and ride the momentum of success. If we celebrate too early, we run the risk of a short burn and possibly fall back into our old ways. Remember it takes 66 not 21 days to create a new habit and make it a part of you.


One your goal is accomplished, set another goal while this momentum is fresh in your mind and consciousness.

2018 Goal

One of my goals last year was to weigh 20 pounds less at the end of the year than when I started the year. Well, I surpassed that goal by 11 pounds. I lost 31 pounds last year. I am ecstatic and set myself another goal for 2019 and it’s based on the momentum of achieving that one goal.

2019 Goals

  • I will weigh 50 pounds less than what I weigh today.
  • I will have another published book or possibly two.

These are just two of my goals. I’ve broken these down into 12 smaller increments. This breakdown helps me make these goals habit forming. I’m looking forward to the continuation of this healthy journey.

Think Do Succeed Repeat

My Behavior Triggers

It’s no joke that I read many books and try to combine techniques to help me in gaining health and wisdom in my life. One such book I am currently reading is The Art of Persistence. I just started reading The Charge by Brendon Burchard, which I won for free. It’s been sitting on my bookshelf for a little over a year. The two books, while somewhat related got me to thinking about how my behavior triggers my success in all the facets of my life. Health, family, social, career, dreams, home, relationships, education, the list is endless.

Through the principles of these books, I have decided to write out my 30 daily habits. Yes, you read that right, 30. Each of us have at least 30 daily habits that either contribute to our success in any given life facet or its failure. While doing this practice for the last week, I am also concentrating on, meditating on, praying about, pondering, and applying different words that have meaning in my life. Some of these words include Consistency, Constant, Courageous, Complacent, Concentration, Determination, Empathic, etc.

Behavior changing

So what, right? Well, since I am always using myself as a guinea pig with different health techniques, why should this be any different?

Since the first day I started writing out my 30 daily habits, I’ve learned that writing them out makes me think about them and when I am doing them I am reminded of their impact on my success. Is this a behavior trigger? I think so because by doing this simple act of writing out the 30 habits, I am putting myself into a different frame of mind.

What do 30 habits look like? Here are some of mine. They change from day to day.

  1. Pray
  2. Study
  3. Exercise
  4. Bathe
  5. Dress for success (whether working from home or in an office)
  6. Tell my spouse how much I love him
  7. Set D.U.M.B. goals
  8. Drink one fruit/veggie blast a day
  9. Eat one salad a day
  10. Go for 2 walks a day
  11. Write one blog post a day
  12. Clean one room of the house a day
  13. Read one chapter in any of the books I am currently reading
  14. Hold my husband’s hand while taking a walk.
  15. Smile
  16. Make someone else smile.
  17. Write three pages for my upcoming book
  18. Make dinner
  19. Encourage someone else
  20. Plan next adventure
  21. Drink Sole Therapy water every morning
  22. Talk to my plants
  23. Do some form of art therapy
  24. Meditate on one word
  25. Get up when alarm goes off
  26. Make my bed
  27. Finish the laundry process
  28. Focus on work at hand
  29. Choose health
  30. Count my blessings

Your habits will be different. If you have animals, you will need to include those habits. If you have small children you will need to list the habits surrounding your family. This simple little behavior tool has helped me in many ways. I’ve lost weight. I’m exercising every day. I am managing my stress level. I am able to have more joy in my life.

While there are many behavior changing triggers, and this one isn’t the only that works. I would love to hear what works for you. If you have a resource or technique you use to change your behavior, please share it as long as it meets my criteria (no harm to humans or animals, no foul or explicit language,  no violence, and no judging.)


It’s simple really we are what we repeatedly think and do. Have you ever noticed that when you start thinking about something you see more of that something in your life. For instance, I began thinking about BMW’s (my car of choice). Then I began noticing them more and more. Every turn of the corner I made there was a BMW. Our mind is more powerful than we think sometimes. Just ask anyone who has gone through a horrendous illness or trauma and is able to talk about how they got through it. They used their mind. One of my favorite quotes is by Viktor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor and doctor,

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

We live in uncertain times, it’s a fact that we all must come to realize. Our government is not run by people who have our best interest at heart. Everything runs on $$$, those with the most make the rules Even though these rule makers think they are doing what’s right in their own eyes, they have lost sight of what right is. We can’t change what’s being done in the houses of our lawmakers. We can’t change the situation. If we keep talking about how bad it is, then all we’ll see is the bad. We can challenge to change ourselves, just like Viktor Frankl did to survive the Nazi death camps of the Holocaust.

So we might not have the best life situation, and we don’t see any way out of it. We can change our thinking, which will change the way we see life. This instance is called the “AHA moment” by many people professing to know what’s right. I am here to tell you it’s not a moment, you don’t get that spark of “I got it” for just a moment. Real change doesn’t come from a moment in life, it comes from what we repeatedly do every moment of every day of our lives.

Those things we repeatedly do, those are called habits.


Our habits make us who we are and changing them is at times one of the greatest challenges we face. The end result is the difference between life and death. We can’t keep doing the same things and expecting different outcomes. So how do we change a habit? It depends on the habit, it depends on the person, it depends on the health of the person, it depends on the emotional health of the person. Some people can succeed at breaking a habit “cold turkey” style, some need to take it step-by-step. The idea here is to find what works for you. How do we cultivate a new habit? Slow and steady wins the race? We can’t go from the couch to a marathon in a day. We need to work up to it. We can’t lose 100 in a week. It’s what we do repeatedly every day that will make the pounds say goodbye for good.


How long does it take to change a habit?

Good Habits

Aggregation of Marginal Gains

Develop Good Habits





How many times have you heard that one joke that children love to tell? “Pete and Repeat were in a boat, Pete fell out, who was left?” And you go around in circles with the child telling the joke. But there’s a principle in that little joke. It goes like this. If you keep repeating the same words, actions and habits you’ll get the same results or you’ll get stuck in a loop. Once you change the answer the whole joke changes. Once you change a habit your whole life will change.

Repeating the same behaviors and thinking you’ll get different results is just as crazy. It’s said that it is the way to insanity. But what if you took the tool of repetition and used it to your advantage? You could change your life with little effort and you’ll make a lasting influence on your future generations.


What we repeat in our heads is our driving force for our days, so if you wake up in the morning and have no driving force or you don’t even make it out of bed then it’s beyond time to repeat different words. If all your mind hears is, “I’M FAT!” or “I’M UGLY then your body will follow suit. It’s very difficult to smile when you tell yourself you’re ugly or fat. Your body will also respond by making what you say come true. If you keep walking around with “I’M FAT” playing in your head then you will choose food that will make you fat, and your body will become fat or fatter. But we can change our minds just by changing our words.

These are some of the words I choose to repeat every day:





“2DAY IS GR8!”

There’s a new captain on Pete and Repeat’s boat.

She’s fit, confident, beautiful, pain-free and she’s me.

If I can change my life with my positive words. So can you!