I’ve used coupons and thought I was saving money on the items I bought. I’ve seen these coupon divas buying boxes and boxes of cake mixes, soda, candy, and every other processed food item with great abandon. Taking  pride over how much money they saved by sharing the photos of their bounty on social media. I have to ask, Is money really being saved when all they’ve bought are items that are genetically modified? So many times you look into their pantries and see shelves and shelves of mixes that are devoid of nutritional value. When hard times hit, they may have a stocked pantry but there’s not a single ounce of nutrition. Coupons are great if you use them wisely and only buy what you need.

Don't get caught up!

Don’t get caught up!

In my over zealous couponing years I too, bought items that I didn’t need only because I had a coupon and it was on sale. This way of thinking only made me spend more money than I actually intended to on items I did not need. When I stopped playing the coupon game, I started to save even more money and our health, too.  All the money I threw toward buying things and food items I did not need, I was able to purchase better quality items.

People ask me all the time how can I get such good deals on my grocery bills, it’s simple stick to the list, use coupons only on items you regularly buy, need, and have nutrition in them. Let go of the farce that you are saving money when you make purchases with all these coupons.

  • Monthly Savings: Your families’ health


It’s the halfway point in this challenge A New Life In 28 Days. Just like any time when change is happening there is are moments of self-reflection and moments of speeding through the change markers. But the things that stand out most in this challenge are the joys of change that make us eager to keep going.

For me those joys include a simplified diet and life where I haven’t thought about food all the time but instead have been given the time to read and reflect on life and my place in it. Another joy occurred when I turned off the television and spent time reading to my husband,  playing a game, or even going for walks with him after dinner. These are simple joys that show me what’s important.

SimpleThis half way point has also brought to another place on my scale, I’ve lost weight without stressing about it. Since my food is simple, and my exercising is simple I’ve been able to drop 6 pounds. It’s like a type of freedom when I listen to my body instead of telling my body what to do. By listening I’ve learned that some mornings a cup of tea is all I need and other mornings I need a breakfast of oatmeal with nuts. I’ve learned to know that feeling when enough is enough. I exercise the same way when my body wants strenuous exercise I do it, when it needs a break I give it one with no guilty feelings.

There are 14 days left of this challenge and I’ve learned so much already about myself and this process of change. There isn’t a time limit on health so I shouldn’t put a time limit on getting myself healthy and fit. My body’s standards of fit and healthy aren’t the same as the national standards. Where did those standards come from anyway? Not where you think. I’ve not been trying to get healthy to reach an outlandish standard set by a committee. The committee I am concerned with is my body of one. Neither should you.

We are all different and we all need different things at different times. But one thing is the same we all have the same amount of cells and those cells communicate better when it has the right tools to that.


Each month I’ve been putting myself on different challenges. Last month I wanted to lose 18 pounds. I only lost 13. This month I bit off more than I could chew and instead of losing another 16 pounds I gained back 8 pounds. Now, you’re probably saying “Welcome to my life!” I’m telling you all this because I have come to the conclusion that being on such a strict diet, and eliminating entire food groups is just as detrimental to our health as eating only processed food.

At the beginning of the month I said that I would only eat protein and vegetables. Well that became very difficult for me because I was craving something sweet. Yes, I am a sweet-a-holic. Eliminating fruit was crazy.

My own program

So what do I do now. Now I think I’m going on my own program. It includes all food. I know that if I tell myself I can’t have something that is all I want. So my own program is this. I will eat anything I want, any time I want, but only one serving of it. I will smile when I eat an apple, and giggle when I eat some chocolate. I will not condemn myself for wanting taco chips. I will also have a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast instead of eggs all the time. I don’t want to see another cooked egg.

This morning I had 2 pieces of gluten-free french toast made with coconut milk topped with unsweetened apricot jam and it was wonderful.

When it comes to fitness. I’m not going to run a marathon or have rock hard abs.  But I will be walking and hiking more. I will also be lifting weights with some of my old Joyce Vedral books.

So I bit off more than I can chew, so now it’s time to swallow my pride and get to work on February’s Living Simple Challenge.



Yes the flu is the worst it has ever been but that is because no one follows quarantine laws anymore. If you are sick you stay away from other people until your sickness is gone. It’s simple really. When I get sick, I take all the natural remedies I can. Then I remember that I love my fellow man, like I love myself, and I stay away from them until I feel better.

It’s really simple, people. When you are sick, STAY AWAY from other people. If you are one of those people who are always getting sick, then start taking better care of your self. Stop eating that junk food. Add more fresh veggies and fruits. Look for organic food. Learn how to cook. Stop drinking your calories and drink some good filtered water.  Take supplements

If you're sick Stay Home!Take the time to be proactive in your own health instead of reactive when you get sick!



Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Day 5: Friday Was a peaceful day. I cleaned my entire house. Made a roasted chicken for dinner with broccoli and cauliflower. I exercised in the morning. The pain in my back was and is still there, reminding me that I need to get a chiropractic adjustment. Forgot to weigh in. I found a nice poem that helps me focus on what needs to get done.


Day 6: Saturday: Saturday is my Sabbath, which means no working out other than walking. It was also a celebration day for me, as it was official that I had lost 6 pounds total in 8 days. I’ve never lost that much weight in that short of time, EVER. Plus, Saturday’s are difficult for me to stay on my diet, not to mention not workout with the intensity of the other days. The difficulty lies in the fact that at my church each and every week there are snacks and potlucks ongoing. When you have to help with set up of the snack table and you are on a diet make sure that you aren’t by the desserts. Luckily two ladies brought salads. My husband ate the salad I prepared for him at home, and I went through the line and only ate a salad with some almonds then I cut up some chicken that I had brought from home. The only odd thing about bringing your own food is that people often don’t want to sit with you.

Day 7: Sunday: In my husband’s mind Snack-food day. He was gone when I got up, so I had a protein bar and a cup of Earl Grey tea. The protein bars are a good change of pace from eggs all the time for breakfast. I also made two 8-inch gluten-free pizzas with my own toppings and Daiya Mozzarella Style Shreds. I had one and hubby had the other one. Yes, there was football on almost all day, with a few minutes here and there for some girl time. Spent some time at the library, and then getting cozy under a blanket for a movie.

These three days are usually killers for me as they are for many people. But if I work at it diligently throughout the week, there is no reason why I can’t enjoy myself with a little bit of normalcy.



Day 3:

Had a stressful day…had to kill a brown recluse spider which was making a web on door jamb of my front door…(I DETEST spiders). Had an interview too. Stress causes weight gain, I am well aware of that. So after the spider incident, I went for a walk in the beautiful sunshine. The interview went well but as usual I won’t find out for a couple of days. I hate the not knowing part.  Another interesting part of the day came when my husband treated me to dinner out. I thought to myself all the things I could order at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Moctezuma’s. I actually stunned myself because I ate none of the chips, drank only water, and ordered a nice Avocado Caesar Salad with a grilled chicken breast and dressing on the side. It was wonderful, I felt satisfied. Plus normally when dessert is mentioned, I am all over it. I wasn’t last night. Dessert was not even on my mind.

Day 4:

Must grocery shop today, this will be a challenge all in itself, because in order to hit the healthy areas of the store, I first have to walk through the bakery section. I will have to focus a little deeper and not go there hungry. I already have a list, that won’t be a problem. But since I am loving this new feeling of being lighter, I will have to remind myself that I’ve tasted all the sugar before and nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.

A couple of days ago I was watching a PBS presentation by Brenda Watson Heart of Perfect Health I learned a new formula for calculating how many teaspoons of sugar are in a serving of food. Because let’s face it, it’s easier to visualize what a teaspoon of sugar looks like than a gram of it. Total carb grams (-) total fiber grams (/) divided by 5.

Teaspoons of Sugar

It’s simple. Now I’ve been calculating how many teaspoons of sugar are in each of the food items I have on my pantry shelves that have a label on them. I rarely buy anything that comes in a can, jar, or box, preferring to make it myself. So I am also checking recipes to find out exactly how many teaspoons of sugar each contain and trying to find ways to lower those teaspoons to only 1 or 2.


Soy is in almost every manufactured food product and nutritional supplement today. It is the main ingredient in vegetable oil, and can also be found in candles and soaps. We have been sold a lie. Marketing giants perpetuated that lie by coming up with bogus studies claiming that soy is the best thing since Wonder bread. And we all know how nutritious Wonder bread is. Soy is not healthy, in fact it is often referred to as a poison.

Goodbye Soy!
Hello Healthy Life!

10 Reasons I Said Goodbye to Soy and saved my life.

  • Soy is the most mucus causing vegetable on the planet. It is just like dairy. Mucus causes our digestive track to back up causing what would look like a standstill on a highway. This standstill causes the food we eat to become fermented. It sticks to the walls of our intestines like a magnet. Soy has been known to create digestive issues like IBS, slow digestion, circulatory issues, weight gain, and premature aging.
  • Soy suppresses Thyroid Function: It destroys our thyroid. Soy is considered the king of goitrogenic foods. What does this mean to you and me? A goitrogenic food interferes with the function of our thyroid, it can make our thyroid become enlarged, which makes it more difficult for the thyroid gland to produce the necessary hormones.
  • Soy blocks protein absorption: It is often said that soy is a complete protein, and therefore it is healthy for human and animal consumption. WRONG: Soy may be a complete protein but it is packaged all wrong. Unfermented soy (Soy protein isolate, soy milk, TVP, edamame, Tofu, Vegetable oils, Soy cheese, Soy ice cream, etc) have enzyme inhibitors. It’s these inhibitors which block the absorption of any protein that may be present in the soybean. Trypsin is one of those much needed digestive enzymes we need to properly digest protein; soy blocks that enzyme. The lack of trypsin causes stomach cramping, diarrhea, and bleeding.
  • Anti-nutrients: These are toxic nutrients that are natural in plants to ward off different insects and animals. We are told to soak dry beans and nuts overnight to get rid of these anti-nutrients called phytates. These enzyme inhibitors cause gas, heartburn, reflux, and other digestive upset. Soy has problems here because while other legumes are giving up their phytates in the soaking water, soy holds onto their phytates. You can’t wash it off, or soak it off. So what’s the big problem with phytates? Phytates bind to minerals, such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron, and copper. It strips them from our bodies, giving us mineral deficiencies.
  • Too much estrogen causes cancer. The phytoestogens in soy surpass all other foods. 100 grams of soy protein = 4 protein shakes = is the same estrogenic equivalent of a birth control pill.
  • Genetically Modified: Soy is genetically modified to resist herbicides. Studies have found that hamsters fed GM soy were unable to have offspring and died much earlier than they should have.
  • Soy Protein Isolate is seen in the body just like MSG (monosodium glutamate).  This means that while eating or drinking anything with soy protein isolate our bodies see it as MSG and it has a negative effect on our brains. Soy protein isolate is a waste product that is the residue of the production of soy oil. So in essence every time you eat or drink something that contains it, you are consuming sludge. The sad fact here is that Soy Protein Isolate is also the first ingredient in many infant formulas.
  • Soy contains aluminum. Aluminum is toxic to the nervous system and to the kidneys (I have one kidney, so I want to protect it as much as possible). Aluminum is also a contender for the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. We are raising a generation of Alzheimer patients every time we give our infants soy formula.
  • Soy damages our intestines. So while I am going about my day in trying to remain gluten free because of my intolerance to it, staying away from soy is also inevitable. Soy is loaded with protease inhibitors, lectins, oxalates, oligosaccharides, and proteins that cause intestinal irritation.

These are my 10 reasons I gave up soy over six years ago. It has been a difficult ride, but my health is in my hands.

We need to look past all the marketing hype and find out how to make our health the best it can be. Walking away from soy has been one of the best things I have done for my health.

Name something you’ve done for the sake of your health!