Benefits of Water Fasting

Many of my friends have asked me the age old question, “WHY? Why are you doing this water fasting thing?” My answer is always, “To give my digestive system a break and reset my body into a fat burning machine instead of a sugar burning machine.” They don’t get it as most people don’t understand why someone would put themselves through something this drastic. What they don’t understand is this I am a sugar addict, while I haven’t had any sugar for the last few days doesn’t mean I am cured of being a sugar addict. I will always be a sugar addict just like an alcoholic will always have problems with alcohol.

I needed to make this change and help my husband also make this change. He too is a carb addict. While he’s trying to do this with me as closely as possible he is having one alkaline veggie juice every night so he can take his medication. Someone asked me if I worried about becoming water logged and if I drink too much water. I’m not because I only drink 160 ounces of water a day. I’m also drinking 3 20-ounce mugs of organic chamomile tea with no sweetener which is part of my 160 ounces of water.  My taste buds have really come back and I’m helping the cells of my tongue regenerate without the bombardment of always needing something sweet.

One of the first things I’ve noticed after the second day of doing this water fast is my skin doesn’t itch anymore. Last night (third night), I noticed that I had a whole lot more energy and my mind is clearer. It also helps that I lost 8 pounds so far. I know most of it is water weight, but I’m also gaining muscle because I am continuing to do my workouts along with the water fasting.

I’ve found a slew of information on the benefits of water fasting; I’ve decided not to regurgitate all their material here but give you a set of links to research when you have the time. This way you can make your own informed decision about whether doing a 1-, 2-, 3-, 5-, or 7-day water fast is right for you and your situation.

Let’s get this party started…Wait a minute, while I drink some water.



My Constant Companion


  1. All About Fasting: This place is great for all the different kinds of fasting not just for water fasting. You could choose whichever fast works for you.
  2. How Fasting Can Help You Live Longer: While Dr. Joe Mercola advocates intermittent fasting which is extremely beneficial. He goes into how it can help you live longer and live better.
  3. Reset Your Immune System: We can reset our immune system in only three days of water fasting and our brain grows. As we age our brain shrinks so brain growth is a good thing. Wonder if this has something to do with the clarity that I have now.
  4. Eat, Fast, and Live Longer: This is a documentary done by the BBC that is phenomenal about why we should make fasting part of our lifestyle.
  5. Rejuvenated Power of Fasting: Our bodies need a break and water fasting gives our bodies that break and a chance to heal and rebuild.
  6. Water Fasting for Health: This will go through everything you may experience while on a water fast and how to prepare and come off a water fast.
  7. Fasting is Worth Trying: Here another husband-wife team up to do a 5-day water fast and document their journey.

Water fasting is a change in mindset. While I’ve had much more time on my hands because I don’t have to pay attention to meal prep or clean up, I’m also not thinking about food like I used to either. I’m looking forward to week two of my 50-day cleanse and adding an alkaline veggie juice to my water regime. Because I’ve changed my mindset, my attachment to food is different. It’s not about filling an emotional need but filling my nutritional needs.

Take a chance, change your mindset and reset your life with water fasting.

7 Simple Money Saving Health Hacks

Each day when you look through health magazines and search the net you are bombarded with the same health news only spun around to think you are gaining some new health truths. If you get right down to it good health is simple and saves money. Here are 7 simple money saving health hacks that will restore your health, keep your health intact, and make your health soar while putting more money in your pocket.


  1. Food: Examine the food you eat. If you are eating more food that comes from a package or is overprocessed then it’s time to rethink what you’re putting in your mouth. Buy as much as you can from organic resources. Know what’s in your food and you’ll know what’s in you. Think about how much money you spend on snack foods that are loaded with chemicals that were created in labs to give you the sense of tasting like food. It’s interesting when you remove all the chemicals from processed foods you’re left with a substance that resembles gray cardboard. While you’re rethinking the food you put in your mouth, ask yourself a couple of questions: Does this food help me have nurturing energy? Does this food help my children become spastic or nurture them?
  2. Fasting: When was the last time you fasted? Did you know that fasting helps your body deal with pain and helps it heal by giving it a chance to rest from trying to digest all the food you are constantly shoving down your mouth? By taking away all the food from your daily intake for 24 hours, your body has a chance to play catch up. Now, if you’re a diabetic I am not saying you should do this at all. I am not just introducing this topic willy-nilly. Intermittent fasting has been used by many people who are trying to gain and maintain health. We live in a world where food is everywhere, fasting goes against everything you’d see on TV, but trust me when I say that when you eat only two meals a day, you’ll feel better and you’ll save money.
  3. Cleanliness: Every time you use the restroom you wash your hands, right? Cleaning your surroundings. How often do you have trash or stuff everywhere around your home, office, dorm room? Did you know that there is a correlation between a messy home and how often you get sick? It’s a proven fact that clutter can contribute to headaches, accidents, depression, acid reflux, digestive issues, and weight gain. Clean up your surroundings and you’ll be saving a lot of money in doctor bills and lost wages due to sickness.
  4. Sunshine & Fresh Air: Getting outside, taking a walk, playing catch with your children, building a snowman, going sledding, building a sandcastle, camping, fishing, riding a bike, running helps us the most when we are depressed. Fresh air cleans our lungs. When we’re cooped up in our homes, most of us are smelling those artificial scents with the plug-ins that are deadly. We’re smelling the scents of all the plastics within our homes. Sunshine is the best way to get Vitamin D, it cheers us up and helps us see the brighter side of life.
  5. EXERCISE: We live in an instant, electronic, gadget-driven world. But we were made to move, so move, we must. It doesn’t even matter what exercise you do as long as you do it regularly. Walking, Biking, Running, Weightlifting, Swimming, Dancing, Stretching, Pilates, Rope Skipping, Kickboxing, the list is endless. Find some kind of exercise you like to do and continue in it on a regular basis. That’s the important part, a regular basis, it’s different for each person. For me, Pilates is three days a week and walking the other four days. This one simple way of living saves more money than just one. It reduces stress, helps lose and maintain weight, builds muscle, reduces depression, reduces appetite, induces a good night’s sleep.
  6. Sleep & Rest: Getting a good night’s sleep is the difference between sickness and health. It takes the other 5 tips to help with this one. A good night’s sleep keeps us alert, helps us to slow the aging process, helps our bodies digest certain minerals, helps our bodies repair and rebuild our cells. Resting helps our body rebuild but it also helps our mind to take a mini-vacation. Resting in the 21st century means we need to disconnect from all our social media outlets at least for 3 hours a day. Do something that’s enjoyable; read a book for fun, learn a new art technique, just sit and be. When was the last time you daydreamed?
  7. Build a Positive Mental Attitude: It takes the other 6 tips to help build and keep a positive mental attitude. You have a power within you to change your circumstances. Just like our minds can make us sick and broke we also have that power within us to make us for health and wealth. Being positive lowers your risk of heart disease, helps you have better relationships and better equips you to deal with the negative things that happen in life. Being positive can help you save money.

These are 7 health hacks that can save you money, but they can also be applied to your relationships, your family life, your career, your education, your spiritual soundness. Try some of these simple health hacks, your bank account will thank you.



I know what you’re thinking, “What does Zip It and Zap It have to do with wellness?” So much that you don’t even imagine how much sometimes. Both of these can go hand-in-hand when speaking of health and wellness. These two action steps go together like peanut butter and jelly; if we’re not careful in pursuing their end we will find ourselves in a mess of health issues all at the mercy of our own hands. If you Zip It and Zap It you’ll have many more days filled with wellness.

Zip It is in direct relationship to our mouths not just to foods that make us unhealthy and overweight, but to words that tear down. If your conversation and the words you use are not adding to the encouragement of others  then don’t say them. The words we choose can either build a bridge of wellness or leave a legacy of deceit. When was the last time you were in a conversation with someone and you heard more curse words than anything else? This person is filled with strife, contention, and animosity with others and with themselves. Learn to control your words for your health’s sake. People who don’t curse, edify conversations, and encourage one another are calmer, more at peace, and healthier than their curse word slinging counterpart.


Zap It is totally connected to the negative energy that’s produced by negative people, negative situations, negative words, and negative thoughts. If you are yearning for better wellness then you’ll want to Zap all the areas that are negative in your own lives. Just like the microwave zaps all the nutrients out of our food, we need to Zap all the negative influences that cause us strife. Granted you probably can’t do anything with the traffic you drive in every day, but you can alter your response to it. Instead of getting agitated by it, listen to uplifting music, a book on CD, or leave a half-hour earlier.

Here are some ways to Zap It (the negative energy)

  • Get away from negative people: If you’re married to a spouse that is constantly negative then find your happy place in your mind and go there when your spouse is in a negative place. Talk to them ask them why they are negative all the time. Seek counseling if necessary. Find something that the two of you like to do and make a commitment to do it at least once a month or more. 
  • Stop using negative words yourself. Zip your mouth if you can’t say anything nice to someone. Hold yourself at a higher standard. Don’t let the negative words of others spur you into a negative world. If we praise our children for what they are doing right instead of constantly criticizing them for all the mistakes they make, they will be happier children and want to do better instead of not wanting to try at all.
  • Create a list of positive words to say every day. I know it sounds rather childish but if you are learning a new habit and need a little bit of prompting throughout the day. This list will help you. I’m constantly adding to my list. Click here to see it.
  • Stop watching TV shows and movies that are surrounded by negativity. When you’re in a negative place watching movies about arguments and listening to foul language will only fuel the fire within you.
  • Stop eating junk food. Junk food is filled with negative energy and zaps too many nutrients from your body just to digest it. Instead choose live food. Nothing packaged, with a label, or from the fast food restaurant down the street. Eat an orange, a banana, an organic piece of chicken, an organic salad. Choose as much organic foods that contain nutrients that give our bodies positive energy. The longer a person runs on negative energy the higher the risk of contracting deadly diseases and other illnesses.
  • Keep a notebook with you. Sometimes when I’m going through a negative situation I write down my thoughts about it, then I cross them out and write something positive about the situation. Write something positive about being stuck in traffic. Write something positive about all the negative situations in your life and you’ll begin to see those same situations as positive opportunities for growth.

When you put these two action steps of wellness, Zip It and Zap It, together with the other 25 to work in your own life you’ll begin to see that your wellness is in you hands. While each step has it’s own merit together they form a wellness plan that can propel you into a life that you never thought was possible. One filled with abounding health and magnificent wellness.


Sometimes I think we are all living under a rock when people ask me for advice or help in researching alternative health therapies that might help them with their specific diseases. Everyone seems to be searching for that miracle cure that is going to let them continue with their unhealthy lifestyle yet help them be invincible when it comes to diseases. Well, I’m here to inform everyone reading this that the only miracle cure there is  is you. You are the miracle prevention, you are the miracle cause, and the miracle cure. Just open your eyes and you’ll see that what you’ve been thinking, doing, and eating are all contributors to either great health and devastatingly bad health.


It’s really simple. If you think bad thoughts all the time and walk around with a negative attitude your body will follow suit and become energetically blocked. Negative thoughts kill not only our attitudes but they change our genes and our cells so we are more susceptible to contracting devastating diseases and illnesses. But the contrary of positive thoughts can actually help people overcome those diseases. So one would think that if a person were to change their negative thoughts to positive ones then the diseases won’t get a foothold in our bodies. Here’s something to think about: if you carry a lot of anger around with you on a daily basis and are noticing you’re in more pain than usual try letting go of the anger and see if the pain also goes away. It may take a bit of time but this one change will affect the rest of your life.

Whatever we think about whether positive or negative we end up doing. So if we are thinking negatively or swearing at those who we love we are actively taking those negative thoughts and giving them permission to ruin our lives by our actions. Think about it. Carrying out a negative thought is what serial killers do. They run with that one negative thought until it’s too late, and they’ve committed not just one murder but many murders. All because they had negative thoughts. Now I’m not saying that everyone who has a negative thought is a murderer but that thought becomes an action just the same. So when you think “I’m not worth it” “I’m no good!” “No one loves me!” “Get out of my life!” You’re setting the stage for that very thing to happen. Telling ourselves that we’re not worth it, we’re no good, no one loves puts us into situations where those words come true. I know this because I used to think those things. I used to tell myself all sorts of lies, like this. I acted on them too by trying to satiate my feelings with food, procrastination, sleep, and yes anger at myself. Then one day, I just stopped. I asked God to help me change my thoughts to only think of the positive and it happened not instantly, but gradually.  It’s freeing to look at only the positive side of situations. It’s helped my life, my marriage, my family, and my health.


I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve said “We can’t eat phood and expect to be healthy!” (My own term Phood: phony food, GMO food.) Most of us can’t stand to be around phony people, then why do we stuff our mouths, and our lives with phony food that robs our bodies of nutrients instead of giving us what we need and want most. Is it too difficult to understand that we hold the key to our own health by what we eat? This is where the rock comes in. How many people don’t know who Dr. Oz is? Or Dr. Andrew Weill? Or Dr. Mark Hyman? Or Dr. Neal Barnard? Or Dr. Joe Mercola? All of them will tell you that processed food is killing us. The news stories all over the place are telling us that we have more diseases now than ever before, and asking the question “WHY?” Don’t you think the answer may lie in the fact that people now eat more processed foods than our ancestors did? Heck there are more processed foods now than when I was in my 20’s. And it’s a vicious cycle too. Because those processed foods are depleting your body of nutrients which stops you from thinking clearly, which makes you act out those thoughts. It’s SAD!

Open your eyes so you can see what’s really going on. If you eat a healthy, non-GMO diet, preferably organic, don’t smoke or drink, and get regular exercise you can prevent almost 80% of all diseases.

Be the miracle prevention and the miracle cure instead of the miracle cause.


Who doesn’t like a gift that’s handmade? I love receiving gifts that are handmade because it shows that the giver really put their time and energy into the gift. They made this gift with me in mind. If you give handmade gifts you know that these gifts save money, because you’ve only had to pay for the supplies and not the craftsmanship hours to make it.

I love giving handmade gifts. About 7 years ago I told my husband that from now on I would give a homemade gift to my friends and families for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers, bridal showers and other times when a gift would be appropriate. I use my talents as a skilled crocheter to make blankets for newborns. I’ve used my cooking skills to make up food for people who come home from surgery, I’ve even used my keen eye to help people who are color blind to put together clothing outfits out of the clothes in their closets.

Instead of just running out to purchase a nonsense gift for your next gift giving occasion, why not use the talents you have to give them something they will cherish forever. Even more make a commitment to only give gifts that are handmade by you.

Don’t think you have a talent worth giving here are some gifts that would be greatly appreciated.

  • Clean someone house for them.
  • Record yourself reading books for your grandchildren
  • Record yourself playing or singing a favorite song
  • Wash their car
  • Mow your friend’s lawn
  • Make up a special dinner
  • Type out some interesting quotes
  • Get your friends together and give a special spa day you all do yourself.

While these are some simple things you can do that say “I took time to think about you.” They may be small in comparison to a store-bought gift but they mean so much more. When we spend our time and energy on other people not only do we save money, but we bridge the gap of love. 


Every time I make an excuse not to workout (or not do what I truly want to do), I let myself down. I know I won’t overcome anything if I keep standing in my own way. I see that excuse and think about all the other times where I let myself down and let failure rule my life. I gained 8 pounds last month because I gave into my excuses. I gave into my weaknesses that’s why I was disappointed.

Knowing my proclivity to use excuses in all different situations in my own life, helps me to find ways to side-step them. I started reading the book Secrets of Simplicity by Mary Carlomagno. It’s all about creating and living a simple life with less stuff. There’s an exercise in it that directly relates to excuses and why we are so attached to them. I did this exercise with all the excuses I regularly use, it’s very eye opening.


Grab a journal with several blank pages in it.

Write down all the excuses you’ve said and used that have stopped you from accomplishing the goals you’ve had through life. One on each page of the journal.

Then explore and write down the feelings you have had when you used those excuses.

Describe how you’d feel if you didn’t have to use the excuse ever again.

Without the excuse what accomplishments would you make?

In looking at your life, what does your excuse represent? (This was a difficult questions to answer.)


My excuse: I don’t have the time to exercise.

My feelings when I use it: I feel like my time would be put to better use if I was doing something for the family, or working on other things. There is always something I need to do that is more important than what I want to do.

Not using the excuse: I would feel as important as the other people in my life. I would not be putting myself last.

Accomplishments: I’d be my healthiest self all the time, not just for an important occasion. I’d be fit and able to keep up with my busier life. I’d have even more energy, more money, and not need to worry about my weight.

Excuse represents:I’m repeating the steps my mother walked in. She always put herself last; she was the last to get new clothes and only if there was money left over. She was always putting the needs of everyone else before her own. In my life this excuse represents an early death.

Now it’s your turn explore your excuses.

Stop letting your excuses lead to more let downs.

The excuse-free way to a healthy life!


Monday marked my 50th birthday. It came and went without a thought…yeah right! When does a milestone birthday go by without a thought? NEVER! Yes, I’m 50 and counting! I celebrated this day with my husband and a few close friends. Got many phone calls from my family and Facebook birthday wishes. Then yesterday it finally hit me.

Where did the time go? It seems I went to sleep at the ripe old age of 21 and woke up at 50. Time is so fleeting, yet it’s the thing we waste the most. In my 50 years of life, I’ve accomplished many things. I married my high school sweetheart. I raised four wonderful sons. I graduated from college. I helped many people along the way. But never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would wake up one day and be 50.

When I was a kid, I thought 50 was old. I thought my parents were ancient when they were 50. After all my mom was 50 when I was only 14. Then yesterday a good friend of mine, who’s a bit older than me, asked me how I felt now that I’m 50. I feel no different than when I was 49. What’s really interesting is that I feel no different than when I was 29. In my head I still see myself as that naive young woman of 21 who had her whole future ahead of her.

I still have my future ahead of me, we all do. There is no magic age when a person is old. It’s all how you feel. I feel young. I’m healthy. I’m not on any prescriptions. Not one joint is creaking in my body. I’m more energetic now than I was when I was in my 20’s.

Young at Heart

It’s just like the old Jimmy Durante song (If You’re) Young at Heart. My fairy tales can still come true, because I’m young at heart. I can still laugh when my dreams fall apart at their seams, because I know that there’s excitement in each new day. Yes I still have dreams and I still have goals, some are the same I’ve had for years, but I know in my heart I can accomplish them.

Be young at heart and you’ll never grow old!