Yesterday I had the opportunity to go shopping with my husband. We went to Kohl’s because I had a $10 gift card they sent me in the mail that I had to use before it expired. The regulation on the card said that my purchase needed to be over $10 to save money. Now my husband is used to me getting good buys at the grocery store with store coupons and manufacturer coupons but I don’t think he was prepared for the kind of savings I was going to get from only spending $10 and saving $10.

Saving money

We walked around the store, him looking at sweatshirts and me looking at, of course, shoes. Now mind you when I shop for clothes in regular department stores I look on the discounted racks first. Men do not shop this way. Plus most men will only go shopping if they need something specific. While I didn’t need anything specific last night, I only went because I had the coupon. I know, that is no reason to go shopping. But this one time I’m glad I did.

I ended up in the intimate apparel section and we all know how expensive bras are, especially the ones without underwires. I refuse to wear bras with underwires because of the health dangers to the girls. I was amazed at the clearance section and the fact that they had my size. I found two bras, one marked down from $36 to 7.20 and the other from $34 to $6.40. I thought wow what a bargain, especially since they were both the brand I wear. But then the bargain got even better. They were both marked down another dollar at the register. The total came to…..$10.50, then I only paid 0.54 for the whole purchase after I used the $10 gift card.

Instead of saving only $10, I saved a whopping $69.50.

Shopping with coupons isn’t just for food. And whether you use them online or like me still like the feel of going to a brick and mortar store, you will sure save a lot of money but you’ll also have fun in the process. Stop giving your money away start couponing. Have more peace of mind and a fatter piggy bank. Turn those coupons into good buys!

My Mom

I was recently flipping through some really old woman’s magazines that I had saved from the recycling bin when my Mom was moving. The dates are from the 1960’s and 1970’s; my Mom saved magazines because “you just never know when you might need that information again.” As I was flipping through them I noticed that Mom had cut out the coupons, and anything had a free offer on it. In looking at the free offers on each of the pages I began to realize that many of the items we had in our home growing up came from those pages. We had all the book sets, knick-knacks, pictures hanging on the walls, craft kits, yarn, socks, sewing supplies that were all advertised on these pages with the address box cut out. It was nice to know that my freebie shopping and free sample hobby was part of who I am because of my Mom.

Ruth Mazzocco (aka: My Mom)

 She instilled in me that if you can’t get something for free at least get it for half-off. I learned how to shop from my Mom; who never paid full price for anything. If we were in the grocery store and bananas were a day past their freshness she would ask to have them for pennies. She would shop with the intent on having money left over in the grocery budget so she could fund one of her obsessions. She had two obsessions material and yarn. While never sewed, she loved the feel of material, the different patterns and colors. But the yarn she used and used well. Mom kept us warm in the winter with her blankets, sweaters, and slippers she made for all of us even the dog.

Leonard & Ruth Mazzocco (my Dad & Mom)

I’m a lot like my mom. I love freebies, I never pay full price for anything, I love material (only I sew), I love yarn, and I love to cook just like my mom did. There’s not a day that goes by that I am not using one of the skills she taught me.  Mother’s Day comes and goes each year but it is a daily praise I give my Mom when I share what she has taught me with others in my life. I love and miss you, Mom!


I’ve used coupons and thought I was saving money on the items I bought. I’ve seen these coupon divas buying boxes and boxes of cake mixes, soda, candy, and every other processed food item with great abandon. Taking  pride over how much money they saved by sharing the photos of their bounty on social media. I have to ask, Is money really being saved when all they’ve bought are items that are genetically modified? So many times you look into their pantries and see shelves and shelves of mixes that are devoid of nutritional value. When hard times hit, they may have a stocked pantry but there’s not a single ounce of nutrition. Coupons are great if you use them wisely and only buy what you need.

Don't get caught up!

Don’t get caught up!

In my over zealous couponing years I too, bought items that I didn’t need only because I had a coupon and it was on sale. This way of thinking only made me spend more money than I actually intended to on items I did not need. When I stopped playing the coupon game, I started to save even more money and our health, too.  All the money I threw toward buying things and food items I did not need, I was able to purchase better quality items.

People ask me all the time how can I get such good deals on my grocery bills, it’s simple stick to the list, use coupons only on items you regularly buy, need, and have nutrition in them. Let go of the farce that you are saving money when you make purchases with all these coupons.

  • Monthly Savings: Your families’ health

Friday Freebies

Everyone loves freebies; there are many websites available that have free offers, samples, and coupons. I must confess I love free samples. The problem I have with them is they are always geared toward mainstream America. It doesn’t help me to receive free samples and coupons for items I would never eat in the first place. What does  a person like me who eats only organic products to do about getting her deserved freebies and product coupons?

I made a list of the products I use. I then looked up their company on the internet and found their website. I scanned their website for recipes using their products and see if they are offering free samples or coupons. I sign up for the updates from their website. If they do offer printable coupons ones I can print from my computer, I do that right away. If there is no coupon area, I will ask them directly or leave a comment in their comment section telling them how much I love their product and how I use it. I also leave them my phone number and address. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I receive free samples and discount coupons to purchase more.

Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy
My New Favorite Tea

This is how I found my new favorite tea flavor from Yogi Tea. Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy has the perfect blend of green tea, vanilla, and Chai spices.

The green tea has the caffeine I need to wake up in the morning without that jittery feeling I get from coffee.

It’s perfect iced!

Plus the taste is great whether it’s hot or cold.

Other free samples I’ve gotten from companies I purchase from range from vitamin supplements, vinegar, protein powders, alternative milk samples, protein bars, cleansing products, lotions, and natural sugar alternatives amongst others. These offers are not always advertised on the freebie websites, and I only apply for offers, I know I’ll use because I feel it is a waste to get something that ends up in the trash.

Spending 15 minutes every day ensures that my mailbox will constantly being filled with useable coupons  and free samples for items I know I’ll trust because I already use other products from these companies is one way I help my family save money.