I must admit, I too am part of the group of people who sometimes lets the circumstances of life get to her. Let’s face it we all have days and sometimes weeks where we get down and need to take some time to regroup and regather our thoughts. That’s what this time away has been for me. It’s been a long time coming with what I’ve been dealing with these last few months.

So many times I think we always feel the need to keep going no matter what happens in our lives, that we lose focus of what’s really important to us. We can get up every morning and still have the same feelings of the day before if we don’t deal with them before we go to bed.

Last week I heard a message from John Maxwell and then something similar from Rick Warren about how it doesn’t matter how much you can get done in a day. What matters most is how much have you imitated God in a day. Last week I wrote “Was I an imitator of God today?” and posted it on the wall that I see first thing in the morning and in my bathroom where it is the last thing I see before retiring at night.

Was I am imitator of God today

I don’t find the answers to this question in my list of things to do. I find the answers to this question from my prayers for the people in my life and even my  enemies,the smiles I give to strangers, the helping hand I give to someone in need, the uplifting words I used throughout the day, the forgiveness I give to people who have hurt me (and continue to hurt me), the ability to turn the other cheek when accusations are hurled at me, standing up for the truth of God, the compassion I show, and the love that I show to all people I come into contact with. 

I stopped making a to-do list and started concentrating on this question each day.  When I was in school and had to read a large section of text for assignments I would read through the questions at the end of the sections, because it made me focus more on the answers when they presented themselves. So when I read the question “Was I an imitator of God today?”in the morning, it opens me up to opportunities where I can imitate God with the talents He gave me.

I’m not saying that just reading the question will make things happen, you have to have faith and be willing to put yourself to the side to  learn how to live God’s way of life. You can’t imitate anyone unless you know them. So in order to know God you need to read His Word. Study His Word. Meditate on His Word and Pray.

So while it’s been a long time coming, it has been a time where I regrouped and refocused my thoughts to what’s really important for me.

To quote a famous coach, Vince Lombardi, and the CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer:

“God, family, and everything else; in that order!”


We’ve spent the entire month going through the alphabet in April’s Action Steps to Wellness. I can’t believe we only have today and tomorrow left. In going through my own steps, I’m reminded how each of us need to be yearning for our own wellness.

It’s easy to tell other people what they need to do to become and remain healthy but when it comes to ourselves we just do the bare minimum and expect our wellness to soar. When you tell people you don’t feel well they are always ready with an old wives remedy or whatever they do to counteract whatever symptoms you have.


Webster’s dictionary says that we should be longing persistently or yearning; we should have compassion or yearning for ourselves. It’s easier to have compassion for other people but do you have the same compassion for yourself that you yearn to make your healthy and strong? Do you persistently long after wellness and make your own wellness steps part of your life? If we’re not yearning for our own wellness than what are we doing just playing or dabbling in the wellness pool? You consider yourself a swimmer if you’re sitting on the side of the pool and only stick your legs in. What is it exactly that we’re doing?

Sometimes I think we look at health and wellness as an afterthought. A busy mom or student might say, “When I have more time, I’ll get around to it.” “It’s something I’ll take more seriously when I’m older.” “I don’t need to think about health and wellness I’m only a teenager, or in my 20’s, 30’s, 40’s;” put your own age time limit on it. “I’m not sick yet!” These are some of the statements I’ve heard in the last couple of years.

Don’t wait for illness to catch you in it’s grips, you may not have enough time to get out. If we all start yearning now for our own wellness, we’ll be able to stave off illness, slow down the aging process, and lose weight. Waiting only makes it more difficult. Long persistently for your own wellness. Be compassionate for your own health. Yearn for your own wellness!