It’s not too difficult to these days to pick up a food item that you are used to buying and see the lies that manufacturers are throwing at people in hopes they will continue buying their products. Food labels lie in hopes that more money will be made. It’s that simple. What’s behind all the lies? Greed, plain and simple.

Food Labels Lie

I’ve realized this year that in order to continue to buy food with labels on it, I must become an investigator and a researcher. It’s simply astounding at how many hoops and phone mazes a person has to go through until the truth is actually out about food ingredients. For instance, if you’ve read the ingredients on a food service can of Swiss Miss “Classics” you’ll see that ConAgra adds sucralose (Splenda) to make the product be lower in sugar. When did sucralose become classic? I called ConAgra to find out why this piece of information is not on the front of their product, but in the tiniest of letters at the end of their ingredient label. The first answer I got was because the company wanted to please consumers and make the sugar content lower. As I dug deeper, I found that sucralose is cheaper than sugar, and companies really don’t have to disclose this use of artificial sweeteners in products that also contain sugar on the front of the label. Interesting note here is that now the nutritional facts about their products are not available on the company’s website.

The same is true for Smucker’s Simply Fruit, one of the first things on the label is “fruit syrup.” When I asked the company what’s in the “fruit syrup,” I was told they didn’t have to divulge that information because it was a proprietary blend of fruits and other ingredients. So fruit syrup could be anything from high fructose corn syrup to sludge and consumers like you and I would just have to take the company’s word for it as being simple fruit.

Here’s another one. Lenny and Larry’s Muscle Brownie the front of the label touts 20 grams of protein, but when you look on the nutritional label you’re only getting 10 grams of protein because the little brownie is supposed to serve 2 people. It’s also loaded with soy isolate, sugar, corn syrup, corn flour, cornstarch, brown sugar, margarine, and a bunch of other nasty ingredients that are nowhere near good for your muscles.

Don’t think that just because you only buy organic food that you are buying quality products either, if it were that simple!! If it has a label on it, it just might have a lie in it. ASK! ASK! ASK!

Food labels lie, and they do it so companies make money. Once we stop blindly buying into the lies and become investigators and researchers is when we will not only become healthier but we will force the lies to stop. We may never be able to have our food properly labeled, but that doesn’t mean you have to just give up. You have to take a stand for your own health, no one else will do it for you.

Stop the lies from hurting you!

Take a stand!