At last I left you, I was writing about the process of accomplishing a goal instead of just focusing all my efforts on the goal itself. From January to December this this year instead of focusing on all my goals all at once, I’m changing it up and focusing on the process. The process name is called my wellness journey. I’m sure you all have your own names for your process and you all have your own journeys you must walk. I cannot walk your journey for you and you cannot walk my journey for me.

We each come from different walks of life, we’re at different levels of health and wellness, we each understand differently, so it stands to reason that we must focus on our own journey. My journey is filled with self-imposed challenges and maybe some roadblocks (depending on what life throws at me).

Here are my self-imposed challenges for 2014:

January's Challenges

These are my challenges for the month of January. I don’t purpose they become yours. During the month of January I will delve into different aspects of these seven challenges and how I am doing throughout the challenge. 

Until tomorrow. Life is all about the choices we make, whether good or bad. The consequences of the choices  is what we call life. 

Focus on your own journey, your own process then your wellness goals will be achievable. 


The world says if you want to be happy you’ll have to lower your standards and your expectations of people and yourself. That is not the path to wellness. If you’ve spent time lowering your expectations and accepting only the minimal from the people around you and you’re still not happy then it’s time to turn it all around. If you raise your expectations people will rise to meet them and you’ll do the same thing.

It’s funny how the world tells you to be happy you need to lower your expectations of other people and of yourself. But when you lower your expectations you’re telling other people that you don’t really matter and they are given license to treat you any way they want to. Plus, when you lower the expectations in your own life you die a little to yourself. If you don’t matter to you, you won’t matter to other people.


How do you raise your expectations?

  • Set goals for yourself. Achievable goals. With tasks attached to each goal. If you haven’t set goals in a while, think about what you have accomplished without any goals. Not much, huh? Now think about what you want to accomplish. These goals will help you see what you need to do to reach the next level.
  • Get out of your comfort zone. If you have to burn your easy chair or give it to charity. You know what makes you uncomfortable. Are you uncomfortable speaking in front of large groups of people? Are you uncomfortable calling people and inviting them to look at your service? Are you uncomfortable being a peacemaker? Are you uncomfortable doing things on your own? When you get out of your comfort zone you raise the bar on your own life, you expand your horizons, and you raise your expectations.
  • Challenge yourself to do something different. Greatness is learned by people who challenge themselves to do and be different than the crowd. If the crowd is all running in the same direction, turn around and go the other way. Yes it might feel like you’re going up stream and the people around you might even try to push you backward. But stand firm and move forward. The challenges can be as simple as challenging yourself to smile at least 10 times a day, if you’re not prone to smile. Every time you accomplish the little challenges you set for yourself in the direction of raising your expectations of what you can accomplish in your life.

Raise your expectations for yourself will help you see life from the top of the mountain instead of the foot hills at the bottom.


Day 3:

Had a stressful day…had to kill a brown recluse spider which was making a web on door jamb of my front door…(I DETEST spiders). Had an interview too. Stress causes weight gain, I am well aware of that. So after the spider incident, I went for a walk in the beautiful sunshine. The interview went well but as usual I won’t find out for a couple of days. I hate the not knowing part.  Another interesting part of the day came when my husband treated me to dinner out. I thought to myself all the things I could order at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Moctezuma’s. I actually stunned myself because I ate none of the chips, drank only water, and ordered a nice Avocado Caesar Salad with a grilled chicken breast and dressing on the side. It was wonderful, I felt satisfied. Plus normally when dessert is mentioned, I am all over it. I wasn’t last night. Dessert was not even on my mind.

Day 4:

Must grocery shop today, this will be a challenge all in itself, because in order to hit the healthy areas of the store, I first have to walk through the bakery section. I will have to focus a little deeper and not go there hungry. I already have a list, that won’t be a problem. But since I am loving this new feeling of being lighter, I will have to remind myself that I’ve tasted all the sugar before and nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.

A couple of days ago I was watching a PBS presentation by Brenda Watson Heart of Perfect Health I learned a new formula for calculating how many teaspoons of sugar are in a serving of food. Because let’s face it, it’s easier to visualize what a teaspoon of sugar looks like than a gram of it. Total carb grams (-) total fiber grams (/) divided by 5.

Teaspoons of Sugar

It’s simple. Now I’ve been calculating how many teaspoons of sugar are in each of the food items I have on my pantry shelves that have a label on them. I rarely buy anything that comes in a can, jar, or box, preferring to make it myself. So I am also checking recipes to find out exactly how many teaspoons of sugar each contain and trying to find ways to lower those teaspoons to only 1 or 2.