DAYS 9, 10, 11 have all been filled with PAIN, PAIN, and more PAIN. My sciatica nerve decided that all this change was not in the cards for it, and decided to rear its ugly head. If you’ve ever experienced that pain you know what I’m talking about. It feels like when I stand up I am crocked. Been spraying it with my ASEA spray, taking herbal muscle relaxants, used my TENS unit, and my RIFE machine, all while singing Ice, Ice Baby.

sciatica nerve pain

A body trying to heal itself does not focus on letting go of pounds, so these days, while I haven’t lost weight, I still haven’t gained any either.

Throughout all the pain, I have been doing some exercises to ease the pain from my sciatica nerve. I’ve continued working out with my stability ball, walking, and even doing a little Pilates. Even though I made the commitment to get healthy and my body is not responding in the way I thought it would, doesn’t mean I should quit. It just means that I need to tailor the plan to my body.

Listening to my body is the only way to make it do something its not wanting to do. I am in control of how my body moves, what goes into my mouth, and how I can control the pain. If I just let the pain control my life, I would have no life at all.


Just because you’re dieting doesn’t mean life stops.

Day 8

My life still feels like it is spinning out of control. The only thing I can do is control how I react to the situations in life that make me want to eat an entire candy bar…which I did yesterday. Not a proud moment, just something that I need to figure out how to control. When life gets me down I run full charge toward chocolate. And life is getting me down these days.


The only thing I could do was to put it behind me and refocus my mind on the new day.

Day 9

Today, I got a late start, because I had a sugar crash. After getting up I did some exercises, tried making some pancakes that turned out bad, so I made eggs instead. I felt so much better.  Although life is still throwing snowballs at me, I’m not going to let it take me out.



Day 2: 

Interesting at best. Been weighing myself every morning. It’s been a motivating pleasure to know that I am dropping about a pound a day. It’s also given me the willpower to say no to the taco chips my lovely husband brought into the house last night. He eats out of frustration, boredom, and depression. Or in his words he feels the need to crunch. Since I don’t eat anything after 6 pm. I had none, and I’m proud of myself. Because this is the first time I haven’t backed down from a challenge. While he ate, I just kept sipping my water.

Day 3:

Began this morning with me getting on the scale and watching the pounds fall off. Since December 1, I’ve lost 5 pounds, and certain aches have gone too. The only challenging thing about this program is my breakfasts. I used to load on the honey or stevia onto my oats, now it’s just cinnamon. I am tasting food again.

I’ve noticed that I don’t think about food all the time. Now I think about what I’ll do to move my body. Yesterday I couldn’t get out to walk so I hopped on my old exercise bike and rode for 5 miles. Then I did 45 minutes of a Leslie Sansome video (I have several). It’s also made meal planning easier too. Husband eats what I eat, when he is home, and when I make him a lunch. Today he is on his own for lunch.

I’ve been incorporating my product, ASEA, into my plan by taking it before breakfast, and before and after a workout. I’ve also been spraying my legs after the workout so my legs wouldn’t cramp up. So far so good. Lots of energy, no cramping, and for me no blood pressure plummeting. That last one is a major accomplishment because ever since I was a teenager my blood pressure would drop so low that I would get, what I called, the cold shakes. This hasn’t happened in the last three days.



In honor of my upcoming 50th birthday, I decided it was time to get serious about my weight and my health. So instead of doing a little workout here and there, and not being consistent or conscious about what I’m eating; the time has come to get my rear (and my mouth) in gear.

This month’s personal challenge is to drop 18 pounds. It’s doable and I am already on course. Yes I am giving up my vices but I’m gaining back myself in the process.

18-pound weightloss challenge

Here are some of my affirmations: “Losing weight is easy and effortless for me,” “My body is getting stronger, slimmer, and healthier everyday,” “I love to moving my body everyday.”

I have cut out all sugar, including fruit; even though I don’t use artificial sweeteners I do like stevia, which I’ve also eliminated. Without the stevia in my tea, I realized I don’t like tea as much so it’s gone too.

I drink water with fresh lemon juice. In place of my tea in the morning, I drink a cup of hot water mixed with the juice of a fresh lemon.

I also eliminated all grains except organic steel cut oats. To get my allotted complex carbohydrates I’ve added lots of fresh and steamed vegetables like salads made with my favorite leafy greens (Spinach, kale, swiss chard, Romaine lettuce) .

I’ve added good organic proteins: chicken, turkey, bison, elk, and venison,  organic almonds, and eggs

This is what I will be eating for the next three days. The only exercise I will be doing for these three days is walking 3 miles a day.

Check back tomorrow to see how I’m doing!