My last blog post was on the 13th of January and here it is February 2nd. I felt I needed to take some time and work on  one of my challenges for the month of January. This unexpected break has helped to work on the emotional struggles I’ve been going through these last 10 months. I’m not saying that these struggles won’t rear their ugly heads yet again in my life, but now I know how to deal with them when they do.


I’ve learned so much through this whole ordeal that I thought I would share a bit of  it here with you. If I sound like a broken record, please forgive me, I learn by repetition.

  • I can’t change the way people in my life behave but I can remove myself from situations where their anger and put-downs don’t harm my well-being.
  • Perception changes when we change.
  • We all change, no one stays the same. If we aren’t changing and growing, then we’re dying. There is no in between. Living a life in limbo is not living.
  • Therapy helps us grow, sometimes we get the feeling like we don’t fit in anymore, that’s because we’re growing beyond the group.
  • The more I tried to make peace with people who want nothing to do with peace, the more frustrated I became. You can’t make peace with people who don’t want peace. You also can’t make peace with people who only want peace on their own terms.
  • Letting go is an ongoing process; it’s not a one time deal. It’s a daily action that takes diligence,  courage, and faith (so much faith!)
  • Separating yourself from the people causing discord in your life, is sometimes the only way to heal.
  • It takes courage to stand up for yourself, the reward is a healed life.
  • Going through this struggle has made me see some traits in myself that I needed to correct, so I don’t repeat the cycle.
  • Going to God has been my best refuge and shelter. To hide away in God’s word has helped me to see that I’m not the only one who has ever gone through this kind of struggle.
  • There is no problem that is ever too big for God to handle, as long as I don’t keep taking the problem back after I’ve given it to him.
  • PATIENCE! Waiting on God and letting Him work everything out on His timetable takes a whole lot of PATIENCE!

Yes, this was an unexpected break but one that I desperately needed to recharge my batteries, and give me a change in perspective. No longer am I trapped in wrong thinking, but my mind is renewed  through the words of God that have helped cleanse me from the ill feelings that precipitated the emotional struggle that was holding me back for so many months.

Thank you dear my readers and followers for your loyalty, your patience, your love, and your encouragement during my time away.


While it’s true that we live in a throw-away society, it doesn’t mean we have to be part of it. I don’t know how many times I buy something at a thrift store that I liked and it had a missing button or the hem came down. I bought it and changed all the buttons and fixed the hem and had a new dress. But if the original owner had just taken the time to mend the dress she wouldn’t have had to get rid of it. A spool of thread and a needle is way cheaper than a new dress. Caring for what you have saves money more than most people think.

People don’t take care of their things anymore, instead if something breaks down like the TV, the printer, the computer the first thoughts are to throw them away and get a new one. My father used to fix televisions, stereos, record players and other electronic devices as a hobby in the garage. His friends used to ask him all the time to fix their television when it broke down.


My aunt used to take in people’s clothing to tailor. She sewed buttons back on, stitched hems in place, restitched seams that ripped. And even reinforced children’s clothing to make sure that children didn’t wear out their clothing so fast. But today everything is backwards. If a little boy wears out the knees of his jeans, his mother throws them aside and buys new, instead of reinforcing the knees of all her sons jeans so he gets longer wear from them.

When I buy a piece of clothing I read the washing instructions, if it has to be dry cleaned (dangerous chemicals), I don’t buy it. If I can wash the garment on delicate that’s okay. Many times I am the one who does the laundry so knowing what items should air dry and which can be tossed in the dryer will also help to preserve our clothes.

This goes with everything we buy. When we buy a car, we are careful to not get scratches on it. We don’t eat in the car. We maintain the regular oil changes; we wash it properly. Why? Because it cost us a lot of money and we want to keep it good running order so we will have it longer. Why don’t we have this attitude towards other things we purchase? Clothing, furniture, electronics, appliances, children’s toys, books, the list is endless.

A challenge for all my readers the next time something breaks down on you, get it fixed first. If your clothes get a stain on them, read up on how to remove the stains before tossing the garment aside. If you car breaks down, call a mechanic. If your television goes on the fritz take it to a repair man. If your washer breaks down, call the May Tag Man.

We need to change our demeanor from it’s broke and useless to I can fix it or it can be fixed.

When we’re sick or broken down we don’t want the people in our lives to toss us aside, we want them to help us get healthy again.


Replace 10 minutes of television or computer time with an 10 minutes of activity.

It is often said that American’s spend too much time in front of the boob tube or on their electronic devices. This is one reason why American children are getting heavier with each generation. When we were raising our children I used to have them earn their privileges for watching TV or their computer time by reading books. For each book read in they earned 15 to 30 minutes depending on how long the book was.

So I thought I would use this technique on myself. Only now I do it in reverse. There are only a handful of shows on television worth watching for me, and we only have regular television. So I only watch television to see any of Gordon Ramsay’s shows and the Big Bang theory, so that’s only 4 ½ hours a week. My problem is that I am tied to my computer because of work and sometimes I will work for hours without getting up. So I devised a plan to make me move for 10 minutes out of every hour. I use a kitchen timer, and set it for 50 minutes. When the timer goes off, I put on my shoes and go out to the deck, water my plants, go check on the mail, walk around the block, or if it’s raining hop on You Tube and do 10 minutes of exercise. When the ten minutes is over, I set the timer again and work for another 50 minutes and do something else that involves moving my body, preferably outside when I can.

Just think in an 8-hour day, I worked out for 80 minutes.

Now I know what you’re thinking, you couldn’t possibly do this in an office building. You can because you can go into the restroom and do some stretching, or do a 10 minute desk workout, the idea is that every time you look away from your electronic devices is better for your health and your wellbeing.

Take an activity break your health will thank you!