Many years ago a friend used to tell me that you can tell a lot about a people when you scan the titles on their bookshelves. My bookshelf personality screams loud a clear that I don’t read fiction but I could live in the non-fiction section of any book store or library. A couple of weeks ago I started reading a book that I picked up at a free book sale that my local library was setting up. All the books were free. A book hound never turns down the opportunity to get free books. I remember that day well. I was only going into the library to return some books and movies, I never planned on spending an hour scouring the tables of neatly placed books and magazines of all kinds.  But I did and to my benefit I stumbled on a book that has really got me thinking about life in general and all the stuff I think I really need.

Gift From the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh was written in 1955, yet its premise still holds true today. The author wrote this little book for herself to help you find balance in her own life between family, work, and household obligations. I find myself relating to this author because her mind worked better with “pencil in hand,” and she was able to distinguish her “own little corner” of life when wrote. I find myself writing to make sense of my own life. I too am constantly searching for my “own little corner.”

What's Your Bookshelf Personality

This little book has also lead me to begin shedding the unnecessary items I’ve kept for my entire married life thinking that I would some day use them when in reality I’ve only used them once or twice in 28 years. The process is called shedding. It’s like shedding our winter wardrobe for our summer clothes. So far I’ve sold jewelry I don’t wear, shoes I don’t need, sewing machines I don’t use, plates we never eat on, clothes that are not my size, and stuff that has filled my closets for too long. Maybe this shedding process should be called a freeing process. It’s liberating to get rid of stuff that has been holding me back. Don’t get me wrong I love looking at pretty things but I really don’t like dusting those pretty things. Plus, I know that if something were to happen all these things would just be given away.

I am not my things and my things are not me

but set my books side by side and you will see me from the inside.

My bookshelf personality!


I’ve given you 31  tips on how you can March Into Money to ease your stress level. If you choose to do any or all of them you could save enough money in one month to go on a nice vacation of buy that nice chair you’ve been eyeing (I’m always eyeing chairs, I love them). Most of the time we save money but never see any of the money we’ve saved. But if you putting it all together you can take the money you’ve saved and open a new savings account. 

make some extra cash

If you’re really in a pinch for some extra cash you may want to look into bringing more money into your hands.  A part-time business would relieve your financial stress by helping your health and the health of your family.

As promised here are tips 21-26 from my absence.

Tip #21: The Spending Diet: Only spend money on necessities, only the basics for an allotted, agreed upon time period. I did this with my family for six months one year and was able to send our four children to the summer camps of their choice for one week.

TIP # 22: Challenge yourself to stop using big appliances for a month or a season at a time. For me it was the oven and it lasted an entire summer. I saved a whopping $60. It takes some pre-planning but it can be done.

TIP #23: Wash everything in cold water and put clothes through 2 spin cycles. Spinning clothes twice takes more water out which makes the drying time shorter as well.

TIP #24: Creatively use your trash. Compost food scraps. Cardboard boxes and Styrofoam food trays are great as art projects for kids. The less trash you have the less you have to pay in some communities. Plus is you recycle more you are helping the environment too.

TIP  #25: Free books on my kindle are my favorite way to save money.  If you have an electronic reading device, download the free books, and low cost ($.99) books. I am currently reading one I got for free, because I was in the right place at the right time: Vibrational Money Immersion Think and Grow Rich for Network Marketers by Ray Higdon.

TIP #26: Have a potluck meal once a week with family, friends, and coworkers. It’s cheaper when you only have to bring one dish instead of making the whole meal.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips if you’ve used any of them, drop me a message or find me on Facebook at Well2Day

Join me next month as I begin April’s Action Steps To Wellness!


Just the thought of swap meets and you think of burly men trying to trade tools out by in a bad neighborhood or trying to sell their junk.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. Swap meets can be revamped to be whatever you want them to be. The negative connotation is taken away and we are left with a group of friends sharing what they have with each other, having fun, and saving money.

Swap Meet

A couple of years ago I had a clothing swap with some of the ladies in my new church. It was a great way to get to meet some of these ladies and a great way to swap out some of my old clothes for something new. Since then I’ve seen all different kinds of ways revamping swap meets. Each lady brought a bag of clothes to share. It was interesting because some ladies couldn’t attend, yet they still gave me bags of clothes. It was agreed upon ahead of time where the extra clothing would go (a woman’s shelter, etc), so there were no ill feelings.

This is a totally free way to get new clothes and have fun doing it. There is only one requirement in order to participate each person that attends needs to bring at least one piece of clothing that is worth sharing (laundered, no rips,  stains, pet hair, or holes). I served a light lunch before the swapping began.

Here’s a list of other things to swap with friends

  • Purses & shoes:  Have each person bring three purses and three pairs of shoes in order to swap
  • Books, CD’s, DVD’s, Video Games: Each person brings three that they are done with.
  • Cookbooks: Each person brings three cookbooks to swap and a dish from one of them. (My next one)
  • Kitchen Gadget Swap
  • Kid’s toys, clothing, baby accessories
  • Sporting goods

These are just a few off the top of my head, I’m sure if you think about it for a moment you could think of some that I haven’t. The best things about swapping is that you are doing it with friends, you’re laughing, and fun while each of you are saving money.


Many moons ago I used to be a special education assistant working in a small school where the elementary, middle, and high school were all connected in one building. Part of my job was to follow certain students from class to class; taking notes for them, reading tests to them, and disciplining them if needed. One certain class was a high school English class where each morning the teacher would write a new motivational quote up on the board and have the class write this quotation in their special notebooks: “Motivational Quotations”.

After writing the quote she would spend 15 minutes going around the class asking each student what he or she thought these words meant. She would even ask me occasionally to get an adult’s view point of these words. The students loved this exercise. I saw that it helped them internalize the words of the famous and the obscure people of history. This is also where I too fell in love with quotations.

I used this same exercise when I home schooled my sons. I would write simple quotations up on the board and ask my then grade school aged sons what they thought it meant. Only my sons being as astute as they were, would take the exercise a step further and sometimes used the quotations to write journal entries, or even dig deeper into the biography of the person from whom the quotation came from. This simple little exercise which started in English and Language Arts grew to include history, science, critical thinking, philosophy, and even religious studies.

Words can take us many places, they motivate us to do good, wound when they are hurled at us, comfort when whispered to us, inspire when internalized, and heal when spoken to ourselves. The connection we have with words, and the words we use everyday come from deep within us. Surround yourself with motivational quotes and your attitude will reflect that motivation.

Here are two of my favorites:

My Favorite Health Quote

Mark Twain

What are your favorites?




Our children asked us many timesWHY?”  “Why is the sky blue?”  “Why do I have to clean my room?” “Why do I have to take a nap?” “Why do I have to pick up my toys?”

It’s time for each of us to ask ourselves these basic questions to dig deeper into why this year is going to be different than all the other years behind us.

“Why do I want to become healthy?”  “Why does my health mean so much to me?”  “Why do I want to make more money?” “Why am I stepping out of the boat?

Do you know your whys? 

Our whys motivate us to keep going. I know this is only the second page of the 365 page book, but if we don’t have our whys done we will close the book before it ever gets interesting.

What are your whys?

Explore them in detail, write scenarios about them. Pin them to your walls, your mirrors, your refrigerator doors, your front doors, your steering wheels, your computer monitors.

Keep your whys close to your mind and you will finish your book with great success.



If you’ve been following this blog, you already know that I am in love with books. I usually buy one good book a month and read at least five books at a time. One of my favorite authors is John C Maxwell. One of the books I am currently reading is Make Today Count by John C Maxwell.

When my husband tells me I need to read something, he’s usually right. Once I picked it up to read it, I couldn’t put it down. Plus I started to take notes on it. Something I do with books like this. The first chapter is titled “Attitude.” Our attitudes make or break us. Our attitudes toward ourselves will speak volumes for other people. If we are supposed to inspire other people, a bad attitude will show the world that we are not worthy of following. Plus a bad attitude makes today worthless. Our attitudes are choices we make each day. We can choose to be positive or negative and our day will reflect those choices. While we cannot choose our heritage we can choose our attitudes by getting rid of the negativity in our lives.

Which leads me to the next book I am reading. The 10 X Rule by Grant Cordone. I found this book by listening to Grant on his YouTube videos. While it talks about the differences between being a success or a failure in the business world his practices make sense in the other arenas in my life. The 10 X Rule is just as simple as doing something 10 times to see greater benefits whether it’s applied to business, weight loss, child rearing, or our relationships. In raising children, we don’t just tell them once that they shouldn’t do something that could hurt them, it’s an ongoing process. We also can’t think that if we workout once a week we are going to look like a super model. I just love the candor of this author and speaker to tell “it like it is” approach. Grant Cardone is the “Howard Stern” of the business world and a much needed breath of fresh air.

Do yourself a favor and read Make Today Count and The 10X Rule together.


I have to admit I am addicted to books. I love reading. I am sure my fourth grade language arts teacher would love to hear me say that. Because as a child I hated reading story books that we were made to read for assignments. But on my own I read about Babe Ruth, Amelia Earhart, Abe Lincoln, Betsy Ross, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Today is no different. I love biographies and non-fiction books. But a secret I’ve been carrying with me most of my life is that I get bored reading one book at a time. I am currently reading five books that have nothing in common with each other. Each new year, I make a list of books I want to read. When I finish one of the titles, I cross it off the list and select another title. Some books I borrow from the library, some I buy. It all depends.

This is the newest of my five books that I am reading. This is part informational and part biography. I’m only into the second chapter but it is an important book because it shows the progression of one man’s life and how through the circumstances he was put into, he became a better man.

Getting Ready for Camping

I chose this book to get myself ready for camping. I have always been intrigued with eating on the trail, and off the land. This book shows the edible plants that grow wild in the Pacific Northwest. The book gives photos and descriptions of edible and poisonous plants. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes.

This is one of those books that I have read before, but reading again I am gleaning different information that I didn’t the first time that will help in our financial quest to live a debt-free life.

Chemical Cuisine by Gloria Gilbere

I have been fortunate enough to hear Dr. Gloria Gilbere speak at different venues around Puget Sound area. She is trained in different alternative health therapies. This book is straightforward and to the point. It helps readers understand what chemicals are in our foods, where they came from and what they do to human body. It’s not the nutrient label we should be reading, it’s the ingredient label. Do you know what is lurking in your food?

This book I chose because I think between my husband and I we have at least a dozen different allergies. This book is extremely helpful showing allergy sufferers how to counteract the allergy with natural treatments, but it also shows how to eliminate the allergy all together.

As I write this I am looking at my Kindle and am reminded of the 15 or more books I have downloaded onto it, yes I carry it with me all the time. I am never far away from the written word. Plus I start each morning out with a passage from the best book ever written, the Bible.

What books inspire you? What books have you always wanted to read?

Books open our lives to the possibilities of what our lives could be.