Yesterday I decided for kicks and giggles to tally up how much money I would have to spend to feel as good as I do while take ASEA. I was dumbfounded by the amount of money I would have to spend in order for my health to be at this level and my life to be this good. Below you’ll find a list of products that I don’t have to take because I take ASEA. By taking ASEA I’m saving my health and my money, but more importantly I’m building a life.

One of the things that ASEA does is accelerates the body’s production of its own natural antioxidants, like glutathione, superoxide dismutase (SOD), and catalase.

A question I always need answered is where these supplements come from. Since ASEA accelerates our bodies own natural production of these antioxidants I don’t have to be concerned because they are made within my own body, but if I’m going to pop a pill to get these then I would want to know. Wouldn’t you? For instance, SOD comes from animal sources ( Since many people today are vegetarians and vegans this is simply out of the question.

Since glutathione, catalase, and SOD helps with removing wrinkles, treating pain, and inflammation I’ve been able to stop using other single forms these products since I used to suffer from an autoimmune illness. Notice I said “used to,” because it’s been almost a year (next month) since I had my last flare up. I also used to have red, blotchy, scaly skin in different parts of my body which I haven’t had to deal with and I’ve been able to enjoy some of my favorite foods like grapefruit and an occasional piece of cheese. My face used to be screaming with redness on my nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead that would burn every time I washed my face. I had to use special cleansers, moisturizers, and makeup just to keep it from burning and showing every time I went out of the house. Now I use ASEA and I no longer have to wear foundation makeup because I have nothing that I want to hide.

Before ASEA

Below are the products I used.

Let’s see what’s the running total so far? I used to spend $380.51 a month on health products just for myself. I’d now have to double this to include the supplements my husband used to take for his health concerns. That’s a whopping $761.02 for dealing with both of our health issues individually. So when someone asks me, “Don’t you think $120 a month for a case of ASEA is crazy?” I say, “NO! Spending $761 a month is crazy!” Before I found ASEA I had no choice but to treat each individual health issue with different products. Now that ASEA has been a part of our life for over a year, we’ve been saving money because ASEA ($120) has taken the place of 10 supplements and numerous skincare products.

It’s not rocket science to figure out the numbers, $120 a month is a far better deal than $761. Saving my health and saving money in the process is only one half of the puzzle. The other half is that I get to share this wonderful product with all the people I meet throughout my day.


Not a day goes by that we are not hearing about how the commercial food supply is tainted with different harmful chemicals. Yesterday the news story was about how pomegranate juice really isn’t just pomegranates but a combination of white grape juice, water and pomegranates. We also heard that commercially purchased paprika is colored to look redder because it isn’t all natural. We also learned that the food labels don’t necessarily have to tell us that these foods contain foreign substances. So I started asking myself how do we protect ourselves from these poisons in our food supply.

First, we become educated to what the food additives are: artificial colorings, artificial flavorings, artificial sweetners, bromine, BHA/BHT, carrageenan, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated fats, nitrates/nitrites, MSG (and it’s 27 different names), etc. The endless list is so exhaustive there are entire websites that list them and their side effects.

Poisonous Food

Second, we need to make sure that we  eliminate the foods that contain all these food additives and look at how you can protect yourself not just by reading the labels but by including organic foods. Yes, I’ve heard it all before “Oh it’s too expensive, I can’t afford organic on my food budget” This is where you have leverage your spending dollars. If you forgo that bag pesticide laden potato chips you can afford a bunch a organic bananas. It’s all a choice. You can choose to buy chemical laden food and feel ill all the time, or you can choose healthy organic food and feel good. One more thing here, stop listening to the television doctor who claims that if you buy organic food your an elitist because you know he is. You’ve got to know that his house is only filled with organic. Stop the insanity and stop listening to hypocrites. 

Third, the toxins in our life slows down the healing process that happens within our cells. This slow down helps diseases to take hold and make us sick and can even be deadly.

  Give your body the protection it wants!



Day 2: 

Interesting at best. Been weighing myself every morning. It’s been a motivating pleasure to know that I am dropping about a pound a day. It’s also given me the willpower to say no to the taco chips my lovely husband brought into the house last night. He eats out of frustration, boredom, and depression. Or in his words he feels the need to crunch. Since I don’t eat anything after 6 pm. I had none, and I’m proud of myself. Because this is the first time I haven’t backed down from a challenge. While he ate, I just kept sipping my water.

Day 3:

Began this morning with me getting on the scale and watching the pounds fall off. Since December 1, I’ve lost 5 pounds, and certain aches have gone too. The only challenging thing about this program is my breakfasts. I used to load on the honey or stevia onto my oats, now it’s just cinnamon. I am tasting food again.

I’ve noticed that I don’t think about food all the time. Now I think about what I’ll do to move my body. Yesterday I couldn’t get out to walk so I hopped on my old exercise bike and rode for 5 miles. Then I did 45 minutes of a Leslie Sansome video (I have several). It’s also made meal planning easier too. Husband eats what I eat, when he is home, and when I make him a lunch. Today he is on his own for lunch.

I’ve been incorporating my product, ASEA, into my plan by taking it before breakfast, and before and after a workout. I’ve also been spraying my legs after the workout so my legs wouldn’t cramp up. So far so good. Lots of energy, no cramping, and for me no blood pressure plummeting. That last one is a major accomplishment because ever since I was a teenager my blood pressure would drop so low that I would get, what I called, the cold shakes. This hasn’t happened in the last three days.



So I was sitting in my neighborhood coffee house a couple of days ago when a woman walked up to me and asked me what type of make-up I use to get my flawless skin. I laughed out loud because I haven’t used skin blending make-up for over 4 months. I told her all I had on was eyeliner and mascara, and what she thought was flawless skin was my real face with no cover-up. 

I asked her to join me at my table. She did and we had a nice chat about my skin and how it wasn’t always this healthy. We discussed how I used to be riddled with red blotchy skin since I was about 17 years old (I’m 49 now).  We discussed the many different products I used to use on my face, all of which were costly and just covered up my problem without helping the core issue. I used to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on different skin products (cleansers, toners, make-up removers, moisturizers, and make-up).

After hiking for 2 hours in the sun!

Now I use two products on my skin. I wash my face with coconut oil. After I towel dry my face I spray it with ASEA. That is all I do for this “flawless” skin that people think I have. It is nice to be told that I have skin of a 20 year-old instead of skin of a 50-year old, from professionals in the medical field.

The amount of money I have saved while using the ASEA just from the elimination of the different skin care products is well over a hundred dollars. My monthly cash out lay for my skin issues before ASEA was $252.

I am so thankful for finding ASEA when I did because it has given my life back. Now I want to show the world my face and I am not as shy as I once was. You will never experience the benefits if you don’t try the product. You have nothing to lose and a whole world to gain.



As many of you know who are following my blog, I have been using ASEA for many of my health issues. I have been on this amazing product now for 3 months. I love the benefits I am seeing with this unique product. I’ve been taking it internally for the entire 12 weeks, and I’ve sprayed it directly into my eyes; I’ve also sprayed it on my face and other skin areas. This week I had the opportunity to use it in a way that has not been used but I felt confident that it would work in that area too. I have been vacationing in the High Dessert of Redmond, Oregon. We just love this area, but it is not so nice to my sinuses because it is so dry here, and I am definitely not used to this dryness. Plus, if you’ve been following this blog you know that I don’t take anything over the counter for pain relief or sinus pressure relief, and other health issues because they contribute to acidifying the body. An acidic environment is an unhealthy environment where disease grows. (

I was desperate for relief from this sinus pressure that began after three days of being in the new dry environment. So I used my combination attack on the sinus pressure. I first took an extra dose of the ASEA and then began to spray around my eyes, my eyes, my nose and even in the back of my head near my ears. I also began spraying it up my nose and the results were quite interesting. I sprayed all these areas only five times and not only did the pressure diminish but the headache subsided. I spent the rest of my vacation (9 days) just spraying once in the morning and once at night.

I am so thankful for this product it is truly a blessing in a my life. I feel the need to share my story with as many people as I can, so I can help others not hurt themselves with dangerous drugs but help their health with something that is native to the body. ASEA is that something. It is native to the body, so the body knows what to do with it.


I am into my 11th week on Asea and I am constantly noticing different benefits from taking it. One of the benefits is that I don’t bruise as easily as I did before I started taking these Redox signaling molecules. This is great news because I used to run into things when I would get up in the middle of the night and in the morning have a large knot on my shin or arm. Now because of taking the ASEA I can see better in the dark, so I’m not running into doors, walls, or just my furniture. Plus when I do something haphazardly, I don’t bruise like I used to. I also used to bruise when someone would grab my arm or lean on me. This bruising condition is not related to any other illness, I’ve had it checked. It’s just the way I have always been.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that because I’ve been spraying the ASEA in my eyes, I can see better in the dark. Now I can let my eyes adjust to the darkness and can see with no problems. Before ASEA I used to leave a light trail from my living room to the hallway and then my bedroom. My husband used to freak me out from time-to-time and turn all the lights off in the house just to hear me complain and whine about how I couldn’t see.  Now when he does this I call out to him like I need help only so I don’t bruise his ego.

One of best things I have noticed is that my age spots, or dark spots that started appearing on my hands and arms are fading. The ones on my hands are gone. I’ve been spraying them since I started taking the ASEA 11 weeks ago. My hands no longer look like they are 10 years older than the rest of my body.

These are but three benefits that I’ve gained from taking ASEA. These Redox signaling molecules work both on the inside and the outside. When I report what is happening on the outside of my body, I know that deep within me a transformation is taking place, one that could only be made possible by these molecules telling my aging cells to rejuvenate or die so they can be replaced with new healthy cells.

Want to read more on how ASEA can help your health



Call them what you want, I call them trouble. I am talking about over the counter and prescription pain relievers. Something the medical profession doesn’t tell you but should is that when you have an organ removed you really should not be using over-the-counter and many prescription pain relievers.

Everything we ingest filters through the kidneys, so little did I know that having a kidney removed (due to chronic kidney infections stemming from my childhood) back in 2005, I was changing my life forever.  Since then I have avoided all pain relievers like ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and  prescription pain relievers.  Pain relievers aren’t the only problem but so are antibiotics, chemical agents, chemo drugs, and heavy metals (

 So back in 2005, after my kidney removal, I started to research natural pain relievers, natural antibiotics, and natural remedies for my health. I started out with Feverfew for migraines and other headaches ( Then I moved on to Boswelia for the pain after my foot reconstruction surgery in 2007 because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties as well as pain relief (

Migraine Relief

Inflammation & Pain Relief

Now I have found a totally new different form of pain relief for any type of pain anywhere on my body, that has ZERO side effects. The boswelia and feverfew would both sometimes give me the runs where this new product just takes away the pain without causing me to stick close to home. After taking it now for 9 weeks I can honestly say that when I get a head ache or other body aches from working out or my own stupidity, I just spray the liquid on the aching area and within 10 to 15 minutes the pain is entirely gone.

My first choice for pain and inflammation relief!

The Redox Signaling molecules in ASEA know how to turn on the communication link between my cells. I learned through my college microbiology class that cell communication between cells is what makes up a healthy environment. It is the breakdown in that communication that causes pain, and disease to set in. If communication fails between two people in a relationship, the relationship breaks down, causes pain, and possibly a break-up. In cell-to-cell communication the same holds true, but the consequences are greater because we have about 75 trillion cells all trying to communicate with each other. ASEA  increases the efficiency of those communication signals between the cells that are involved in damage detection, cell repair, and cell replacement (

I will never go back to the insanity of putting something foreign into my body, in hopes of gaining health!