The Poisoning of a People.

What’s the first thing that you remember about going into department stores? How many times have you walked into a store or gone out with friends only to have the worst headache or dizzy spell you’ve ever had?  How do you feel when you walk down the detergent aisle at the grocery store? Hubby and I were at the library a couple of days ago when he came down with an instant sinus headache when a lady that walked by and had on so much perfume it sent him into a dizzy spell. If you wear fragrance or scent your homes with those nasty plug-ins, you are poisoning yourself, your family, and the people you happen to walk by! For thousands of people the mere task of shopping, or even going out for dinner is not as simple as it seems. People with chemical sensitivities are often the ones that feel the detrimental affects these poisons most people call fragrance.

The Scent of Poison

Only a fresh spring rain should smell like a refreshing spring rain. If your clothes come out of the washer and dryer smelling like a fresh spring rain, you’re poisoning yourself. This poisoning starts early in life. When we have babies we want them to smell fresh so we slather on the lotions filled with artificial fragrance. Then we change their diapers and pour on the baby powder, again filled with artificial fragrance. Let’s fast forward to when our children are teenagers. Their rooms smell like a locker room so we run to the store and buy fabric fragrances and plug-ins. We spray their entire room with chemicals so their room doesn’t smell anymore. Then in every empty outlet we plug in more chemicals to cover up the odors. Are you starting to understand that maybe your children’s allergies or stuffy noses are from all the chemicals they are ingesting every time they are in their rooms?

Here are some of the chemicals that make up the fragrances you might be using in your homes.

  • Phthalates: Endocrine disrupters that mimic your body’s natural hormones. Hormone disrupters cause reproductive and neurological damage.
  • Benzyl alcohol: This drops your blood pressure, upsets your respiratory system, causes nausea and vomiting. (Don’t you just love that Mountain Rain scent?)
  • Camphor: Wow this stuff is on the EPA Hazardous Waste List…but it’s still used in products with fragrance. Absorbed through “bodily tissues,” causes confusion, dizziness, nausea, muscle twitching, convulsions.
  • Dichlorobenzene: This is extremely toxic and is banned in the state of California. It depresses the central nervous system and is poisonous to the liver and kidney. (Interesting, don’t you think?)
  • Ethanol: It’s a carcinogen that comes from petroleum. Its toxic effects are seen on the skin, our respiratory, cardiovascular, developmental, endocrine, neurological, and gastrointestinal systems. (So how do you poison a people? Make them think it’s all right, they smell great. )
  • Formaldehyde: This is toxic when inhaled. It irritates our skin and eyes, and it’s poisonous when swallowed. (Let me see if I got this straight. We slather on lotion, we paint our nails, we spray ourselves, our clothing, and our homes with fragrance and perfume…and we wonder why we don’t feel well, or why our children have so many breathing problems.)

How do you poison a people? Hide. Promise. Hide.

Hide the poisons.

Promise the consumer everything

Hide the real ingredients (“fragrances” instead of phthalates)


Life is difficult as it is. We make it even more difficult when we do or say stupid things. So many times this year I’ve been reminded of my parents, especially with how a part of my life has turned out. I can still hear my father’s words when he expressed concern for me with a decision I made. He was concerned that my life would turn out to be one of control and hurt instead of love. I wish both my parents were here today, so I can tell them that my life has been filled with more love than I could have ever hoped for. I also wish they were here, so I could tell them that I now see why they were so concerned. My parents were right to be concerned. They were right on so many levels. 

They Were Right

Sometimes as parents we see things our children miss entirely, whether they are looking at the world through rose colored glasses or they just miss the boat entirely. My parents did that with me. They knew I was not able to see what they did those many years ago. It’s like when we’re teaching our children to cross the street. Our children hold our hands and we pull them back because we can see imminent danger and much more than they can at their young age. But when they’re older, grown, and on their own we can only voice our concern when it’s the right time to do so.

My parents were right on so many levels.

Here are some of the ways my parents were right on.

  • God’s way is simple. Man complicates it through disobedience.
  • You can tell a lot about a person’s character by watching how they treat people who have no power.
  • Eat from your own garden.
  • Share everything you have!
  • There’s always an alternative to modern medicine:
  •      Apricot Kernels
  •      Chelation Therapy
  •      Garlic
  •      Calcium
  •      Whiskey and honey
  • The right clothes show how much you respect yourself.
  • People who spend their lives lecturing the mistakes of others, never really look at themselves.
  • You don’t need a mirror to see who you really are.
  • If you can’t forgive and forget, then you can’t truly love.

It’s takes maturity to discern maturely. We can’t always be there for our children but we can teach them that with maturity comes discernment. In order to do this we must be the living examples of that maturity. I’m so thankful my parents voiced their concern so many years ago. I’m also thankful that I now see what they did.

They were right on so many levels. 



Throughout my studies into nutrition and healthy eating, I’ve learned that most of what we put into our mouths is now considered medicine. It’s becoming clear that more and more people are eating and drinking things that we would have considered a voodoo remedy by our ancestors. We’re not looking at food anymore to nourish our bodies. We’re looking at the chemical make up of the food and frankly that doesn’t entice too many people. When we look down at our plate of food and think, “Oh, I’m helping my digestive tract!” or “Wow, I’m washing the inflammation away!” We take away our enjoyment of food. I can’t think of a time when I asked my sons, “Have you eaten your medicine today?” No I asked them if they enjoyed their lunch or their dinner.

Yes, it’s good that we eat healthy and not eat processed, over-salted, over-sugared, and GMO foods. Yes we should make sure we are eating our food as close as possible to it’s natural state. But I think we’re missing the mark when we look at food just for their nutrient level. I really don’t care how many nutrients are in split peas. I hate their taste, and their texture. The same is true of kale. I can’t stand the taste of kale, so I have to doctor it up or hide it in other foods. Why do I eat kale? Because of it’s calcium content. But I really don’t like anything I make with it, even though everyone raves about my Kale Butter, and Kale chips. Now I’m not telling you all this so you’ll send me kale recipes I’m just proving a point.

Enjoy Your Food

We need to go back to looking at our food as food, not as medicine even though it is. We were much healthier when we sat down at the dinner table and ate a piece of chicken, with veggies from the garden, a salad, and some fruit instead of :

  • Amino Acids
  • Protein
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Immune Booster
  • Muscle Renewer
  • Antioxidants
  • Detoxifiers
  • Metabolism booster
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Heartburn Reliever
  • Colon Cleanser

Food is to be enjoyed!


It’s not too difficult to these days to pick up a food item that you are used to buying and see the lies that manufacturers are throwing at people in hopes they will continue buying their products. Food labels lie in hopes that more money will be made. It’s that simple. What’s behind all the lies? Greed, plain and simple.

Food Labels Lie

I’ve realized this year that in order to continue to buy food with labels on it, I must become an investigator and a researcher. It’s simply astounding at how many hoops and phone mazes a person has to go through until the truth is actually out about food ingredients. For instance, if you’ve read the ingredients on a food service can of Swiss Miss “Classics” you’ll see that ConAgra adds sucralose (Splenda) to make the product be lower in sugar. When did sucralose become classic? I called ConAgra to find out why this piece of information is not on the front of their product, but in the tiniest of letters at the end of their ingredient label. The first answer I got was because the company wanted to please consumers and make the sugar content lower. As I dug deeper, I found that sucralose is cheaper than sugar, and companies really don’t have to disclose this use of artificial sweeteners in products that also contain sugar on the front of the label. Interesting note here is that now the nutritional facts about their products are not available on the company’s website.

The same is true for Smucker’s Simply Fruit, one of the first things on the label is “fruit syrup.” When I asked the company what’s in the “fruit syrup,” I was told they didn’t have to divulge that information because it was a proprietary blend of fruits and other ingredients. So fruit syrup could be anything from high fructose corn syrup to sludge and consumers like you and I would just have to take the company’s word for it as being simple fruit.

Here’s another one. Lenny and Larry’s Muscle Brownie the front of the label touts 20 grams of protein, but when you look on the nutritional label you’re only getting 10 grams of protein because the little brownie is supposed to serve 2 people. It’s also loaded with soy isolate, sugar, corn syrup, corn flour, cornstarch, brown sugar, margarine, and a bunch of other nasty ingredients that are nowhere near good for your muscles.

Don’t think that just because you only buy organic food that you are buying quality products either, if it were that simple!! If it has a label on it, it just might have a lie in it. ASK! ASK! ASK!

Food labels lie, and they do it so companies make money. Once we stop blindly buying into the lies and become investigators and researchers is when we will not only become healthier but we will force the lies to stop. We may never be able to have our food properly labeled, but that doesn’t mean you have to just give up. You have to take a stand for your own health, no one else will do it for you.

Stop the lies from hurting you!

Take a stand!



I remember when I started talking with a therapist; twelve years ago is when I truly began to change the way I think and the way I act. Because of the job I had, I was not able to talk to my family or friends about the atrocities I witnessed nor could I fully process the information I was given at the time. Talking to a therapist helped me get things in perspective. I also learned much about myself. I became aware that as I was changing I felt I was no longer able to fit into the mold that everyone placed me in.


Change is good, it’s what we’re supposed to be doing so we grow in knowledge, in grace, and in understanding. The problem with change is that the more you do it the more people around you resist your change. The people in your life don’t want you to change; they want you to stay in that neat little box so they can control you. But that’s not how life works. We all need to change, not just a specific “chosen” few. Just because we don’t fit into someone else’s neat little box and conform to their idea of how we should be the rest of our lives doesn’t mean we are not worthy of changing.

I’ve spent many years being the person  my parents raised me to be, then I tried being the wife I thought my husband wanted me to be. In doing this I put my own wants, desires, and dreams on the back burner and never looked at them again. I acted the way people around me wanted me to act. I spoke in ways that people around me thought I should speak. But this year a profound change in my occurred.  I found my voice. The little changes that were stirred up inside of me from that first encounter with a wonderful therapist, began changing me from the inside out. I am no longer that shy person to put in a box and hide in a closet. I’m no longer that person who ignores injustice, even when it’s in her own family.

I don’t fit into people’s little box anymore. As a matter of fact I’ve grown so far beyond any box that sometimes I just don’t fit in, period. But life’s not about fitting in, it’s about changing. Life’s about caring for others enough to encourage and accept change in them. Many people in my own family don’t like who I’ve become (they can’t control me anymore), so they just go on to judge me and say “That’s not the real, Laura!” Well they don’t know who the real Laura is, because they haven’t taken the time to sit down and talk to me. If you want to get to know the new real Laura, call me, talk to me, because this Laura is in a constant state of change.

Change is good. The more you change the less you fit in, and the less you fit in the more you change. Don’t let the stagnancy of this world hold you down. Just continue the journey of changing to be the best version of you you can be.

Life’s not about fitting in, life is about being who God wants you to be.


During the month of December while many people will be talking about the different holidays they are celebrating, I thought it would be a good time to talk about some of the things I’ve learned this year.


I was doing so well before Thanksgiving not eating gluten or sugar and I was feeling great. Then came the holiday and I made a two kinds of stuffing; a rice stuffing made with walnuts and cranberries and the bread stuffing with apples just like my mom used to make. I had to have some of it, because it tasted just like my mom’s, then I had some pumpkin pie, and a turkey made out of cookies. Huge mistake, I’ve never felt this horrible in a long time. Nope gluten is definitely not my friend. What was interesting is that my normal issues with gluten weren’t the problem (hives) instead my abdomen began distended and was rock hard. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I’ve never experienced anything like this before in my whole life, nor do I want to ever again.

Gluten Enemy of our health

Gluten is the enemy of many people but they don’t want to acknowledge it because many people don’t want their lifestyle to change they’ll just  medication after medication which is easier than changing their lifestyle. There are many websites and books that delve into gluten sensitivities, gluten allergies, and gluten intolerances. Just by googling gluten you will get 28 million results. No wonder the latest number of American people who have gluten disorders is upwards of 18 million and rising. In an article by Dr. Mark Hyman, in the Huffington Post from 2010, he stated, “99 percent of people who have a problem with eating gluten don’t even know it. They ascribe their ill health or symptoms to something else – not gluten sensitivity, which is 100 percent curable.” This is not surprising because we live in a pill popping society, where everyone looks for a pill to help them overcome the latest health issue, instead of changing their lifestyle.

Dr. Hyman also notes, in that same article,  that the New England Journal of Medicine lists 55 diseases that are caused just by eating gluten. They are:

  • osteoporosis
  • irritable bowel disease
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • anemia
  • cancer
  • fatigue
  • canker sores
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • lupus
  • multiple sclerosis
  • all other autoimmune diseases
  • neurological diseases:
  •      anxiety
  •      depression
  •       schizophrenia
  •       dementia
  •      migraines
  •       epilepsy
  •       neuropathy
  •      autism link

Gluten is also associated with many skin disorders such as psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema, as well as vitiligo, hives. Other gluten related conditions include thyroid disease and diabetes.

I can attest to the fact that I have been more anxious while I ate the gluten and my fibro decided to flare up like never before. I don’t know about the other issues but I’m thinking that if this is how I’ve been with only having gluten for a couple of days, I can’t imagine how many other problems I would experience if I continued.

Just think for a moment, if all we had to do was stop eating the offending foods, i. e. gluten, we could cure our own bodies without taking any medication. It’s that simple.

I don’t want to be in pain anymore nor do I want to have the hives at all hours of the day therefore, I’m going back to no gluten and sugar once again. I know it will take some time to undo the damage that I did. I want to live life, instead of simply existing.

Gluten is not my friend.

And by the looks of things it may not be yours either.