December 28: If I didn’t shoot for the moon (18 pounds) I wouldn’t be down 13 pounds.


Aiming high this month in my weight loss challenge has really made me aware of the accomplishments I’ve made this month. Usually I aim low like only losing about 5 pounds a month, then reality sets in and I only lose 2. This month was different. This was the first month that I not only aimed high, but I also worked my butt off (I left some of my butt on the treadmill, on the trail, and on my living room floor).


I’ve also learned a lot about my exercise style. I like to do floor exercises (aka: Yoga, Pilates, Callanetics) while I watch PBS documentaries or nature shows early in the morning. How interesting it is to learn while I work out. Plus, I retain so much of the information. I don’t like working out with a lot of people around me. So I hit our fitness studio (in my apartment complex) in the early morning hours. I am alone with my thoughts and with my steps.

I’ve also learned a lot about my food choices, while eating eggs for breakfast was great for the first couple of weeks, it gets old fast. So I took it up a notch and included some protein wheat grass smoothies;  high protein crepes/tortillas; high protein, no sugar muffins; and even leftovers from my dinner the night before. I still love soups for lunch, now I just make them higher in protein by adding legumes, or poultry. Dinner is really my fun time, because now I can experiment with different meals trying to find ways to compensate for grains by using different vegetables and grasses. Like wild rice or quinoa both of which are not a grain at all. Wild rice is a grass and quinoa is a seed.

Within this month I’ve learned  that my example speaks volumes. Because now my husband is also following the same diet and maybe next month he’ll also be working out.




Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said it correctly: “Fundamental preparation is always effective. Work on those parts of your game that are fundamentally weak.”

I am fundamentally weak when my hunger hits and I will tear into anything that is A.) sweet, B.) chocolaty, or C.) salty & crunchy. Sweet and chocolate has always been my snack of choice. But recently I’ve been more prepared for when the Snack Attacks hit me so I am grabbing a handful of almonds or a piece of fruit.


The idea to combat the snack attacks is to eat every 3 hours. Working at home is difficult to say the least because I am always alone with all the food in my fridge and pantry. Here are some steps I’ve learned in being prepared for weight loss success

  1. Don’t buy processed snack food =  If it isn’t in the house you won’t eat it.
  2. Replace the processed snack food with nuts: My favorites are raw, unsalted almonds. But I also have raw unsalted walnuts, sun flower seeds, and pumpkin seeds in my freezer.
  3. Make up a batch of almond butter stuffed celery, or cottage cheese stuffed celery (if you can have dairy.)
  4. Keep a supply of sugar free dried fruit like dates or figs on hand for when your sweet tooth takes over. Yes, it is carbs but you are also getting some much needed fiber. Just one is all you’ll need.
  5. If you are a baker, like I am, replace 1/2 cup of the flour with whey protein, skip the sugar and use half the amount of thawed, unsweetened apple juice concentrate.

Being prepared is half the battle in winning at weight loss. The more prepared you are throughout the process the better you’ll feel because you won’t be reaching for anything and everything.


So it has come to my attention that I will probably not be meeting my 18-pound weight loss challenge this month.

Lessons Leaned

What I have gained is knowing that while I did not meet the challenge, I’ve lost 10 pounds and dropped two dress sizes. I’ve found that I still love working out out with weights, and would rather lift than run any day.  I’ve also realized that while bread doesn’t call my name, I would rather just eat some of my flat-bread made from whole grain spelt flour, salt, and water, omitting the oil.  I will forever be tied to sugar in the form of fruit. Apples are my favorite but berries are a close second. So when I am tempted by eating an entire tray of cookies, I can opt for the fruit and my sugar cravings are satisfied. I’ve also learned that I can control my chocolate cravings by drinking my favorite tea: Guayaki’s Mate Chocolatte.

This challenge has taught me that I needed to make these changes for myself, not for a special occasion, a holiday, or for anyone else. I need to do this for me. It’s my choices everyday that make me who I am.

7 Days left in the challenge: Losing 4 more pounds.


I was watching the movie Seven Days in Utopia that talked about the sacred journey in golf. I used to love to play golf when I lived with my aunt. But really it’s all about life too. There are several places in the movie where I stopped it to take notes on it, as I often do. This one stuck out in my mind.

Seven Days in Utopia

All golf shots start with a blank canvas. We paint the shot with our eyes first so our bodies can reproduce it accurately.” (Robert Duvall’s character, Johnny Crawford).

I took this to heart because even though I am not training to play golf, but I am training to live a new way of life. A life that is free of unwanted pounds, a life full of prosperity, a life full of abundance. I started asking myself, “What am I painting on my blank canvas each day?” I replaced “golf shots” with “fulfilled dreams” and changed the quote to resemble my life. “All fulfilled dreams start with a blank canvas. I paint the dream with my eyes first so my body can reproduce it accurately”


It’s all about visualization from the big picture down to the minute detail, just like weight lifters visualize themselves lifting the weight before they do it, I can use the same technique to help me lose weight. Like visualizing the twinkle in my eye when I am walking around in my new body, or the confidence I’ll have when I can say no to food and say yes to myself. When I visualize all the different scenarios in my life, I will then be able to control my reaction to what might happen before it does, and change the outcome.

Today is the 18th day of my 18-pound weight loss challenge. So far I’ve lost 10 pounds. I’ve also gained a whole new perspective on how to use visualization to help me reach my goal for this month.


Day 13: Half-way point hit!

There is nothing better than knowing that I hit the half-way point a day earlier than I wanted to. It also astonished me that I lost weight while being in extreme pain and knowing that my back, and my hip was inflamed. That being said when I climbed on the scale on Saturday morning I thought for sure it was going to tell me that I had gained a couple of pounds but it didn’t. I lost even more weight. So if you are in pain but can still move, then move because that movement will help your body get rid of the inflammation that is causing your pain in the first place. It bothers me so much when people tell me that I should stop exercising when I am in physical pain. Many tell me that they would rather sit, and wait for the pain to go away then to work through the pain. Well sitting around is what causes people to have pain in the first place, because muscles atrophy and joints lose their mobility. Sitting for hours on end can shorten a persons life by 2 years. So you better believe that if I’m sitting down, a part of me is moving. Like if I sit and crochet, or sit on an exercise bike and watch the news.

Day 14: Another Pound Lost

It’s so nice to get on the scale and see the numbers gradually go down. Yesterday was one of those days that I had to weigh myself 3 times all in disbelief. I could not believe that I could lose 10 pounds in 14 days. I have never been able to do this before, but then I don’t think I’ve been this determined either.

Goal ahead

I have my goals in hand, in mind and now on my tongue. And every morning I say my goals out loud so they become what I think about more than the negative things in my life. I did a lot of purging yesterday: old files, desk drawers, magazines. I feel like I just want it all gone. There’s no reason to hold on to pounds I don’t want and things I don’t want. I then spent the rest of the day with my wonderful, loving husband.

Day 15: Morning Routine

Morning routine getting easier and easier. Stretch, ice, Pilates, stretch, ice. Then sometime this afternoon the exercise bike will feel my presence. I always like to break up my workouts; it gives me something to look forward to. Yes I know I am not normal. I love the feeling of working out. I am never tired after a workout anymore, my blood pressure doesn’t plummet anymore after I workout, my muscles aren’t fatigued anymore after I workout. They don’t even hurt the next day.

Why? It’s all because of ASEA. And I’m thankful for this amazing product, because without it I know what I would face after a workout. Without ASEA in my life, my workouts always ended up with my blood pressure plummeting so low that I would have cold shakes that would only be fixed if I took a nap. There’s no need for a nap when my cells are getting what they need.


Day 12

Today’s weigh in was not what I was expecting. I actually lost a pound. So my total so far is 7 pounds lost. Today has been riddled with tragedy, stress, and prayers. But through it all I have to stay true to the obligation I have to my goals. I can’t let what happens in the world sway me from doing what I know is right. I must me even more convicted to the truth and live by example.

Yes sciatic pain is my constant companion but I still worked out, I still did 250 crunches, and stretched every 30 minutes. It will take some time for my sciatic pain to go away, but it won’t stop me. Working through the pain also helps me get through the stress of the tragedy in Connecticut. Because as I walk I pray for all the victims.

Sad world

We live in a sad world, that is going to get even worse, before it ever gets better. I must keep on keeping on. I must attend to my goals, and live according to the WORD. I can’t fix the world, but I can fix myself with diligence, patience, and love.



DAYS 9, 10, 11 have all been filled with PAIN, PAIN, and more PAIN. My sciatica nerve decided that all this change was not in the cards for it, and decided to rear its ugly head. If you’ve ever experienced that pain you know what I’m talking about. It feels like when I stand up I am crocked. Been spraying it with my ASEA spray, taking herbal muscle relaxants, used my TENS unit, and my RIFE machine, all while singing Ice, Ice Baby.

sciatica nerve pain

A body trying to heal itself does not focus on letting go of pounds, so these days, while I haven’t lost weight, I still haven’t gained any either.

Throughout all the pain, I have been doing some exercises to ease the pain from my sciatica nerve. I’ve continued working out with my stability ball, walking, and even doing a little Pilates. Even though I made the commitment to get healthy and my body is not responding in the way I thought it would, doesn’t mean I should quit. It just means that I need to tailor the plan to my body.

Listening to my body is the only way to make it do something its not wanting to do. I am in control of how my body moves, what goes into my mouth, and how I can control the pain. If I just let the pain control my life, I would have no life at all.