Weight Loss My Way

This is the true story of how the public library is helping me to lose weight and get in better shape. A little background about my situation. I have five screws holding my left foot together. I can’t run, can’t jump, and can’t do many things I did when I was younger. I also get bored easily whether I am working out or reading a book, for that matter. I don’t have access to a health club, but I have a good pair of walking shoes and a well worn library card.

Gig Harbor Pierce County Library

The library is almost two miles from my house. After dinner, my husband and I walk to the library every night,  stop for a potty break and walk back. Now this isn’t the only exercise I do that includes the library. Because like I said I bore easily, I began checking out exercise DVDs and doing the exercises. The great thing about this is that I only get to use each DVD for 3 weeks (the allotted time for the loan), and then I have to change it up and check out another DVD. So far my boredom with exercising is nonexistent and I have been able to work out with many of the new fitness trainers and some of the old ones. I usually alternate between the  easy workouts and more difficult ones.

I have been doing this for nine weeks, so far I went from a size 18 down to between a 14 and 12. I don’t know how many pounds I’ve lost because I don’t own a scale (that’s another story for another time). Changing up my workout every three weeks gives me an incentive to get as much out of the work out as I can.  Plus, it also tells me that if I am not fond of the workout I only have to do it for three weeks. It’s funny because when I started doing Bob Harper’s Totally Ripped Core workout, my muscles were screaming at me, and I thought I would never get through it. Not only did I get through the workout, but I liked it so much that I purchased it.

University Place Pierce County Library

There really is no excuse for not getting into shape. There are many low-cost and free ways to do it. Even if you get bored, like I do, there are ways around the boredom. Lace up your walking walking shoes, your public library might have the answers you are looking for.