There is a image floating around social media that says “your beliefs don’t make you a better person your behavior does.” This saying is totally misguided because it is our beliefs that become our behavior, whether that behavior is good or not.  Each and every one of us have beliefs about every aspect of life, and it is all of those beliefs that make us behave in a certain way. Some beliefs make us better versions of ourselves. Our beliefs should not be used to one-up or put down people.  What does this have to do with our health? Everything. Because what you believe you bring about. Your behavior reflects your beliefs.

My Beliefs

Everything in our lives is connected to who we are and what we say and do. Our beliefs are so connected to our behavior that we thoroughly need to keep a constant eye on what we believe to make sure that we are exhibiting that. If you have positive health beliefs then you’ll have positive health behaviors. You can’t have one without the other. You can’t go around believing that you’re in tip-top health if you’re behavior shows everyone that you’re a junk food junkie.  You can’t keep eating all the junk food and expect to lose weight and be healthy. 

A short glimpse into this is through a close personal friend. She reads everything she can get her hands on to read about health. She has cabinets full of health supplements and vitamins, yet she is still one of the sickest people I know. Why? Because all that knowledge she has, she refuses to put to use. Her health behavior is in direct correlation to her beliefs. When she thinks something is working, she is healthier. But when her belief in a supplement or treatment wanes, she becomes sicker because her belief leads her into faulty behaviors of the past.

I always have to ask myself, “Am I like this?” after spending time with her. And sometimes I am. I believe that exercise is a key component to everyone’s health, and it’s often the one thing that is left out of a health plan. Sometimes because of my own health issues, I don’t like to exercise and I will balk at even the mention of a walk, all the while knowing that if I just went for the walk I’d feel better.

I’m hoping  I’m not the only one who goes through her many beliefs and tries to figure out the references that hold up those beliefs. It’s not a new concept. It’s been around for years. Every belief we have, has references that hold it up just like a table.  Remove the references (legs) and the belief falls down, just like a table.

Change the references of your beliefs.

Change your beliefs.

Change your behavior. 



Welcome to July’s Joys of Health. Each day this month I will be touching on different health words that I think we’ve lost sight of, at least I have. When I looked up each word I began to get a different look at my own health and was able to take my health to the next level. So without further adieu I give you today’s health joy.


Antidote: it means a remedy something to counteract a poison or a toxin. While none of us are going out to ingest poison on purpose. We are each subject to the poisons and toxins in our daily life. The antidote for a lazy life is hard work. The antidote for obesity is following the right individual food plan and the right individual fitness plan. The antidote for boredom is action. The antidote for anger is forgiveness. The antidote for an unhealthy life  is a vibrant fulfilling life.

It’s simple, the antidote is usually the opposite, positive side of life. If your life is in chaos, the antidote would be peace. If your only looking at your life failures then a little success would be an antidote. Antidotes are the answers we are all looking for in life. Sometimes we don’t like the answers we’re given and continue to search for better answers and overlook what’s staring us right in the face. We sometimes spend years searching for what has been there all along.

Here’s a little scenario for my own life recently. I really don’t like making cold calls, but in my business it is a fact of life. I have been trying to avoid cold calling for quite some time now, and only use the internet, attend seminars, webinars, give lectures and even through email campaigns. So a couple of weeks ago, I decided I would ask some people who have made a lot more money than I have ever made in this business what they did. Their answers were all the same. They figured out a way to love cold calling. I wanted a different answer, a different antidote but I got the same answer from five different people.

The antidote to my lack of business pick up is making the calls. So last week I started making my 20 phone calls a day. Let’s just say business is finally picking up and I’m getting a whole lot better at thinking on my feet.

Another scenario about how antidotes work in our lives is when we are constantly praying and hoping for relief from a health issue and when one is presented to us, we poo poo the idea because it didn’t come from a doctor or it is totally new, even though the antidote is 100% nontoxic, which is totally not true of medications that come from the medical field. Just listen to the list of side effects on the medicine commercials you watch. I know for me, I would rather take a product that is 100% nontoxic than to have my life taken over by the side effects of medication.

To find the right antidote to your life issues, does take patience, fortitude to ask the right questions of the right people, and perseverance to use the antidote you receive in your life.

Just remember you may already know what the antidote is but are too afraid or too skeptical to try it.

Look beyond the now and see how the antidote can very possibly change your life.