Life is always what we make it. If we are agitated all the time, life will look like a storm. If we control our spirit and live in peace and calm, life will follow suit. If we wake up with a different attitude every day, each day will be according to how we see it. I slept for two hours last night, the excitement of too many things happening all at the same time has me thinking in all different directions. One thing is certain, life is definitely changing, for the better. The storm clouds arrived last night in the midst of my insomnia and I realized that I am in control of the wind; whether I bow down to it or stand firm in my resolve never giving up on my passions. It’s this resolve that keeps me standing and smiling when the wind dies down.

When you’re going through the storm and you get up each day with the same resolve to make the most out of every day even though you know in the back of your mind that you didn’t accomplish nearly as much as you thought you could. These are the moments that make or break a person. Yes the winds come with every storm, but it’s how we perceive the wind, the cause of the wind, the storm, and the direction the storm is moving that will either shake our foundation or will be the lightening rod that prods us onto our goal.

When the wind dies down

People come into our lives and we never know why they are a part of it until we really get to know them or something tragic happens and they are gone forever. Some people inspire us to do good by their good examples and some by their bad examples. Just look at the entertainment industry and you’ll be able to see every kind of bad example that is showing the world how not to live. We’ve each had people in our lives that have shown us how and how not to live. But when you get right down to it, it’s these people who teach us how to live when the wind dies down that matters the most.

When the wind dies down, do we settle down into complacency and just live life in limbo or are we enjoying the fruits of our labor? If we are living life in limbo and just waiting for the next wind to come along and move us somewhere, then we haven’t learned what we should have from the last wind. But if we are continuing to strive and make a difference in our life while enjoying those much beloved fruits than we are truly understanding the meaning of hard work. With each gust of wind we are reminded of why we do what we do. If that gust of wind moves us back and forth easily then we don’t have a firm foundation of our why.  If you truly love what you do, you won’t let wind gusts (obnoxious, controlling people) stand in your way of living your best life.

When the wind dies down



In listening to the memorial message of a good friend this last weekend. I’ve learned what the “Big Picture” is in my life. A big thank you goes to my friend Nina for sharing her words of wisdom about looking at the Big Picture in all that has occurred in her life. While I was listening to Nina’s loving words about her husband, I began to cry because I finally understood what the “Big Picture” meant for me. In the midst of the journey called life, it is focusing on the big picture that makes the seasons and changes in life all worth it.

It’s been 5 years since my husband and I made our way across our continent to settle in the most picturesque place we’ve been. It’s been 5 years since we left what we knew, what we loved, and what we missed to embark on a journey that has helped us grow farther than what we ever thought possible., Leaving family behind was one of the most difficult actions I’ve ever had to do. It was heart wrenching to know that my babies, even though they’re grown and on their own, would not be within driving distance away when either of us needed something. As a mother it was extremely difficult not to be a constant part of family’s life. As my children were spreading their wings and flying, I wan’t able to take part in it, but I knew they each had a firm foundation. And that foundation would help them to follow their dreams the way my husband and I had taught them.


Sometimes as we’re sitting back and reminiscing about how life changed so rapidly, we are overtaken by the fact that God’s hand was in this. We didn’t know why at the time, but we felt comfortable knowing that God was working it all out for us. He is part of the big picture for us. Yes, 8 months after moving here, my husband lost his job. Everyone from his family told us to move back home. So we could be taken care of physically. After some thought, my husband and I decided that God moved us out here for a reason and we were going to follow through with staying out here to find out why.

Was it difficult? In a word, YES!

But we knew that God was working something out for us, we may not have known it then but we sure do now.

How does all of this pertain to wellness?

By staying the course and putting God first in our life, our marriage became stronger, and we’ve been able to make peace with the past; accepting fault where we needed to and apologizing for things we did wrong. Accepting fault, apologizing for wrong doings, showing emotions when needed are all a sign of strength not weakness. Our wellness began to flourish when all of this was brought to the surface, instead of hiding inside of us. There is more to big picture thinking than meets the eye.

By staying the course we both come to realize our passions, which we would not have known in our status quo life before. It’s interesting that we were able to teach our children to follow their passions and dreams but weren’t able to follow our own because we let the words of other people talk us out of them. Here is the crux of our big picture. By living out your dreams, you are living with the talents that you’ve been given. If you let the words of the people around you  (family, friends, coworkers), destroy your God-given talents you’re giving them permission to be in charge of your life and that’s not living.

In the midst of the journey, we became who God wanted us to be and where God wanted us to be.

“God first, Family second, Career third” ~Mary Kay Ash


Negative Mind

Every time I see one of my dreams coming true, I see myself moving farther and farther away from that negative, drama-filled person I was many years ago. It takes much stamina to fulfill your dreams. People will always be clamoring around you at how dumb your ideas may be, or how inadequate you are to have that dream. Well, I’m here to say “Stop listening them and move in the directions of your dreams!” Just like the photo above, you can’t have a negative mind and live a positive life. Negative Nobodys  will come and go but you have choice to listen to them and continue with your status quo life, or you can push their words out of your head and listen to your inner voice telling you, “I CAN DO THIS!” Dreams are made of this!

Sometimes when we stop listening to their negative words that keep playing in our personal MP3 files in our brain, our whole life is changed because we aren’t tied to them anymore. I’m not saying this is easy; it’s far from it. It’s one of the most difficult things to do especially when it’s your family saying these negative words. If you don’t speak up then you have to put up. If someone in your life is causing you to have a negative outlook in your life, and you don’t do anything to make it stop then you are giving that person permission to dump on you whenever the feeling hits them. Negative Nobody’s  don’t see themselves as negative because no one has ever had the strength to go against the grain and tell them that their negativity is causing a problem. It takes a lot of continuous strength to stand up to the Negative Nobody’s in our lives, but I guarantee when you do, you are one step closer to making your dream come true.

Dreams can’t live in a negative atmosphere. So many people have had their dreams torn down, or taken away from them that when they try to be positive about a dream only the negative parts of life flow to them. Once you get over the negative stop revisiting it. It doesn’t do anyone a bit of good to rehash something over and over again. Let it go, find something positive to focus on. Get a big calendar and every day for one week find something positive about each day. Write it down on the calendar day. “Today is August 23, 2013, I worked out for an hour, I only ate 4 cookies today, I met three new people today.”

After the week is up, go back and look at all the ways your life is positive. Then for the next week, on that same calendar write down something positive about yourself (this is extremely helpful if you have a negative view of yourself.) “August 23, 2013, today when I looked in the mirror I said “I love you, gorgeous! Look at your beautiful long red hair” Trust me your life will change and day-by-day you will transform your negative world into a spring of positivity. People will tell you “Wow, you’ve changed! What’s different about you?” You can respond with “I let go of the trash in my life!” Granted you may get the feeling like you don’t fit into your old group of friends or your family but that’s okay because then you have the chance to lead them to better place or maybe it’s time to spread your wings and fly.

Don’t let the Negative Nobodys steal your dreams or crush your spirit!


I don’t know how many times I’m driving down the road only to find the person in front of me or next to me letting their dog either sit on their lap and look out the driver side window, or better yet, have it’s paws on the steering wheel. The other day while out doing my errands on foot, I was almost hit because the driver was paying more attention to her driving dog than she was to her own driving. So I begin to wonder how much do these people really value their pets. How much is your doggy in the window worth towards your own wellness and peace of mind?

We’ve all had pets that become part of the family. Our one family dog growing up, Snuffy, thought she was human. She understood the basic sit, lay down, and beg. But Snuffy also understood Paper, Car (when my father said it), Ride(when my father said it), Porch, and treat. She was never taken to obedience school, my parents and grandparents taught her themselves. She was my protector when I was a baby. My mom used to put me in my buggy to sleep outside when my mom was doing the laundry, and hanging out the clothes. Snuffy used to sleep next to my buggy and if someone tried coming near the buggy who was not family she would growl and go into protection mode.

What is this driver paying attention to?

What is this driver paying attention to?

When Snuffy would go in the car for a ride she always sat in the passengers side, with her nose out the window. She never tried to climb into my Dad’s lap. She had the whole window to herself. If mom was in the car, Snuffy would go to the back seat and just sit and wait for the window to be rolled down for her. She was such a part of our family and she added joy to our lives, just as I’m sure that the pets that ride on their owners laps are to them.

As a part of the family, when she died at the age of 14 we all cried so much that I never thought I would ever feel normal again. Snuffy ran away to die, we didn’t watch and it was a blessing because she was sickly, and watching her die would have been too much for my 9-year old mind. I wonder if these drivers who let their dogs drive with them ever consider the consequences of their actions.

Consequences are the result of every action we take. We have laws that prevent horrendous consequences, like texting while driving, (3000 people died in 2011 from distracted driving). There needs to be a law on the books that says pets should not be on the drivers lap while driving. This is just as distracting as writing a text, even more so because with a text you can control the phone, but you never know what’s going to set your dog off to barking, or maybe slipping off your lap and landing on the gas pedal. And there you are paying attention to what your dog is doing and you don’t realize you just hit a woman who was walking with her child because you didn’t see it.

The other part of this scenario is that most of the people I’ve seen that let their dogs ride on their laps are senior citizens. It’s a known fact that as we age our reaction time is slower. While driving with a dog on your lap may seem like a loving thing to do for your pet, it’s really not. You are putting your life, you pet’s life, and someone else’s life in danger. Think about your wellness and your pet’s wellness.

Keep your pet off your lap.

How much is your doggy in the window?