My Alkaline Food Plan

Our minds and bodies are in a constant state of transformation. We aren’t (or we shouldn’t be) the same as we were yesterday or last week. We are constantly growing in newness of life. Whether we take on a life challenge or we’re cleansing our bodies, our minds, and our life, we change a little bit each day. These next seven days are all focused on my Alkaline Food Plan

Today is Day 8 of my 50 cleanse. I’ve found that I needed to change a couple of things about these next seven days because well, I really don’t like the taste of grass.


Plus, I added a cup of lemon water (juice of 1/2 lemon) with 1 Tablespoon of raw, organic unrefined coconut oil to my morning regime to help with a smoother move in the morning.

6th – 12th day: Add two alkaline veggie juices to your day along with all the electrolyte water or Sole Water you want a day. Notice you are having veggie only juices. The only fruit that’s helpful at this point is lemons and limes. You can also heat up some water with the juice of one lemon in it first thing in the morning. This will also help when not fasting as it will alkalize your system.

The fruit I added to my juices are apple, to cut down on the sugar I only use the apple peels and the juices taste amazing. My favorite is carrot, kale, and apple peel. I also decided to add a scoop of organic plant-based protein (absolutely NO SOY or GRAINS!) Sunwarrior makes the Warrior Blend that has all the essential amino acids in it. The vanilla flavor goes well with the veggies.

In researching alkaline veggies and fruits for this post, I ran across several websites talking about the importance of eating an alkaline diet. But it was interesting to note just what they considered to be alkaline and what they did not. Sometimes I think this is to confuse us about alkalinity and what we should and should not be eating. For instance, one website listed oranges as non-acid building, but for me, they create a lot of painful acids and another website I looked at said to stay away from oranges because they are acid building. The same is true for tomatoes. Tomatoes are an acid veggie, which is why when I worked in the restaurant industry all cooked tomato sauces had a bit of baking soda added to them to cut down on the acid. With some trial and error, I’ve come up with a list of alkaline veggies and fruits to I am going to focus on for the rest of the cleanse.

Alkaline Food Plan

Enjoying good health can only come from the work we do to have good health. This alkaline food plan will help everyone just as this 50-day cleanse will. Just like when we take a car in for an oil change, the mechanics don’t put good, fresh oil on top on what’s already there. No, they drain the old oil from the car. This is what this cleanse is all about. It’s helping us clean out so the good, vibrantly fresh organic raw foods can nourish us.

Please join me and others who have joined in to make their lives healthier.


Benefits of Water Fasting

Many of my friends have asked me the age old question, “WHY? Why are you doing this water fasting thing?” My answer is always, “To give my digestive system a break and reset my body into a fat burning machine instead of a sugar burning machine.” They don’t get it as most people don’t understand why someone would put themselves through something this drastic. What they don’t understand is this I am a sugar addict, while I haven’t had any sugar for the last few days doesn’t mean I am cured of being a sugar addict. I will always be a sugar addict just like an alcoholic will always have problems with alcohol.

I needed to make this change and help my husband also make this change. He too is a carb addict. While he’s trying to do this with me as closely as possible he is having one alkaline veggie juice every night so he can take his medication. Someone asked me if I worried about becoming water logged and if I drink too much water. I’m not because I only drink 160 ounces of water a day. I’m also drinking 3 20-ounce mugs of organic chamomile tea with no sweetener which is part of my 160 ounces of water.  My taste buds have really come back and I’m helping the cells of my tongue regenerate without the bombardment of always needing something sweet.

One of the first things I’ve noticed after the second day of doing this water fast is my skin doesn’t itch anymore. Last night (third night), I noticed that I had a whole lot more energy and my mind is clearer. It also helps that I lost 8 pounds so far. I know most of it is water weight, but I’m also gaining muscle because I am continuing to do my workouts along with the water fasting.

I’ve found a slew of information on the benefits of water fasting; I’ve decided not to regurgitate all their material here but give you a set of links to research when you have the time. This way you can make your own informed decision about whether doing a 1-, 2-, 3-, 5-, or 7-day water fast is right for you and your situation.

Let’s get this party started…Wait a minute, while I drink some water.



My Constant Companion


  1. All About Fasting: This place is great for all the different kinds of fasting not just for water fasting. You could choose whichever fast works for you.
  2. How Fasting Can Help You Live Longer: While Dr. Joe Mercola advocates intermittent fasting which is extremely beneficial. He goes into how it can help you live longer and live better.
  3. Reset Your Immune System: We can reset our immune system in only three days of water fasting and our brain grows. As we age our brain shrinks so brain growth is a good thing. Wonder if this has something to do with the clarity that I have now.
  4. Eat, Fast, and Live Longer: This is a documentary done by the BBC that is phenomenal about why we should make fasting part of our lifestyle.
  5. Rejuvenated Power of Fasting: Our bodies need a break and water fasting gives our bodies that break and a chance to heal and rebuild.
  6. Water Fasting for Health: This will go through everything you may experience while on a water fast and how to prepare and come off a water fast.
  7. Fasting is Worth Trying: Here another husband-wife team up to do a 5-day water fast and document their journey.

Water fasting is a change in mindset. While I’ve had much more time on my hands because I don’t have to pay attention to meal prep or clean up, I’m also not thinking about food like I used to either. I’m looking forward to week two of my 50-day cleanse and adding an alkaline veggie juice to my water regime. Because I’ve changed my mindset, my attachment to food is different. It’s not about filling an emotional need but filling my nutritional needs.

Take a chance, change your mindset and reset your life with water fasting.


This month of February came through like a whirlwind, at least it did for me. I can’t believe how fast time is moving and how fast things are changing. It’s February 28th already and I’m wondering where the last two months have gone. Time waits for no one, it marches on whether you participate in using it wisely or you squander the precious minutes you’ve been given. When you are in a mental rut time moves at a rapid pace but you just aren’t aware of the time lost or the opportunities you’ve missed.

On February 2nd I started the Himalayan Sole Therapy, and took my health to a whole new level without the drastic cost to my bank account that ASEA was costing me. Funny thing about the ASEA was that at the beginning of January I told a friend that I would never stop taking it. Boy, was I wrong. I also added Rocket Coffee to my diet which included a tablespoon of coconut oil in my coffee everyday. Something really interesting happened, I don’t like coffee without it now. Through all this my blood pressure normalized, I no longer have to deal with severely low blood pressure and my digestion improved so much that I’ve been able to lose weight.

Mental Rut

I also disassociated myself with anything that involved network marketing, from revamping my Facebook page to unsubscribing to numerous marketing newsletters and blogs. I knew that the only way to move forward was to stop hanging on to the very thing that was holding me back. While I’m on the verge of something that will propel my vision and my potential to the next level, I am getting back to my roots and doing what is important for me.

Life is not about winning, or about who dies with more money. Life is about using your talents to lift other people up, to build a bridge, to speak out, and to connect. When I stopped focusing on making money and remembered how much I love helping people reach their full potential, that’s when life began to change. February has taught me that I was in a rut, but I didn’t even know I was there. These last couple of weeks has helped me see what I was made for and what I love doing.

I look forward to a magnificent March with eagerness to start the next leg of my journey.

MANY ROADS TO WELLNESS: I Took the One Less Traveled By

While I was walking out of the doctor’s office, Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” kept running through my mind’s eye. When it comes to my own wellness, I have always taken the road less traveled by. I have always gone the alternative route to keep myself well, and as I walked out of the urgent care facility, where my husband had insisted I go because I couldn’t catch my breath, I felt like I had been scolded by the doctor who barely spent five minutes with me.

I got the diagnosis of bronchitis, the doctor wrote 2 prescriptions, told me that fruit flavored Life Savers are the best cough drops, and that health food store remedies aren’t worth anything because they can’t do what prescription medicine can. Then he began to insinuate that because I didn’t get a flu shot is why I’m sick now. He asked me why I didn’t come in at the first sight of a sore throat, I told him “I don’t normally run to the doctor for every little symptom in life,” that’s when he turned his back and worked on his computer. He wrote me two prescriptions, one for antibiotics and another for cough suppressant.

My Road to Wellness

I filled the one for the cough suppressant but only took it for a day because I needed to get some sleep, and I was coughing my throat raw. For the antibiotic, I’ve used grapefruit seed extract, oil of oregano, whole garlic, and the Himalayan Sole Therapy (which I wrote about just two weeks ago.) I spent $122 on an office visit for the doctor to insult my lifestyle, and for writing prescriptions. According to my husband I need to stop being pigheaded and stubborn when it comes to my health in seeing a doctor, but I think I just need to keep doing what I have been doing and even go back to making my own herbal remedies for times like these. Although it was nice to see my blood pressure had gone down to 133/82 not bad for someone who was panicking because she couldn’t breathe.

In the past I’ve made my own tinctures of lobelia,  burdock, chamomile, echinacea, peppermint, lavender, and dandelion just to name a few. I’ve used my own cough remedies (Onion and Honey Juice), my own sore throat remedies (Cayenne Ginger Gargle) to help my children heal from illnesses like strep throat and dry coughs. I’m thinking about all the herbs, apple cider vinegar, and rum I could have bought with that $122.

Yes I took the road less traveled by but this is my road to wellness. It’s paved with homemade tinctures and remedies, poultices, and herbal baths. It’s filled with hope, love, peace, joy, and research. If your road to wellness is the one less traveled by, then please leave a comment.


I’ve been using coconut oil for years, even before it’s become as nutritionally accepted as the best oil to use. I turned to coconut oil eight years ago because I’m allergic to dairy. Since then my journey with coconut oil has taken me on a path of real health and helped me to see that this highly saturated fat is one of the most important building blocks in my arsenal of alternative health therapies.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil used to get a bad rap because it is a saturated fat which was said to raise cholesterol, blood pressure and can cause heart disease. Heart disease, something I’m all too familiar with. My father, my mother, two uncles, and an aunt died from it. All because they bought the claims that saturated fat caused their heart problems, so they ate margarine and anything else that was artificial.

I used to use only Promise margarine in the tub. Then one day, one of my sons forgot to put it back in the refrigerator after he used it on a piece of toast. In the morning, while the margarine sat at room temp overnight, it became as solid as a rock. You couldn’t get a knife into it. When we turned the container over it fell out of the plastic tub like a solid piece of plastic. That was the last time I used margarine because my inquisitive mind kept thinking that if margarine turns solid at room temp, which in our house was 68 degrees, then imagine how much harder it became at 98.6 degrees.

I tried refrigerating extra virgin olive oil. I used it on toast but it wasn’t the same. So I headed off to the health food store and researched other oils. That’s when coconut oil entered my life and changed it forever. I tried coconut oil on my toast (when I could still eat bread) first, and I loved how it tasted so good and light. Coconut oil also became the only oil I used in cooking.

Then I started using coconut oil for my skin and my hair. I use a tablespoon to wash my face every morning, no need to use soap, or makeup remover, or even any other moisturizer. I also use it on my hair as a deep conditioner. Since I dye my hair, (I know it’s not good for me, but I’m just not ready to stop yet), I deep condition my hair and scalp every 6 weeks. I also use coconut oil for oil pulling.

Today my journey with coconut oil took on another turn. I added it to some Vietnamese coffee, which I love, and it tasted like a cappuccino. It’s a great way to get coconut oil without having to resort to heating it up in the microwave (I’ll talk about how dangerous microwaves are in a future post).

I’ve heard all the stories of coconut oil helping with diabetes and blood sugar issues, fights aging, reverses dementia, balances cholesterol, aids in healthy thyroid and adrenal function, unclogs arteries, and aids in weight loss. I didn’t start my journey with coconut oil because I wanted to address a health issue but these are definitely some perks that have made this a life long choice.

Below are some articles and videos that you might find informative.