Being Ready For What Comes Next

So it’s January and I’m again following the 50 Day Cleanse. I’m on day 16 of it. I’ve lost another 6 pounds. I’ve eliminated the calluses and dry skin from my feet and hands. I can smell and taste so much better. I’m no longer tied to taking digestive enzymes and probiotics to aid my digestion. My craving for sugar and even sweet fruits are all gone. Now I eat for the sake of nourishment instead of feeding a craving. I’m still making yummy foods and smoothies (Working on a raw food smoothie book right now). I also am finding out that my countenance or rather my control grows stronger by the day. If you’re following my progress on our Facebook group, then you know what I’m talking about. The plan gets easier when we work the plan. I am not so much concerned with making sure everyday I eat in a set window of time. I eat during a four or five-hour window, but it all depends on when I’m hungry enough for that window to begin. And I never eat after 6 pm. But what does it mean to be ready for what’s next?

Being ready for what comes next means different things to different people. To me it’s making peace to whatever may come my way. I have a favorite quote up on my office wall. It’s from a Swedish diplomat, economist, and author, Dag Hammarskjold.

For all that has been, thanks. For all that will be yes.

I love this quote because it resonates with what I’ve been thinking and praying about. Living in gratitude is more that just being thankful for all we’ve got and experiences we’ve had. It means being thankful for what comes next. Being ready for the next surprise, being open to the next adventure, accepting the next challenge, saying “YES” to something that would normally get a “NO!” These are ways of accepting what comes next. It could mean a job loss, it could mean learning through a new trial in life. To me this quote also means you’re not going to sit and let life pass you by. You’re going to get uncomfortable for a while. It’s in our uncomfortableness where we grow the most.

This 50 Day Cleanse has much to do with expanding our thinking, moving into a new mindset, and a new healthy lifestyle. Yes, it takes courage, control, change, overcoming, and vision. But through all this you will gain a better, healthier version of yourself.

Are you ready for what comes next?



Today was one of those days. I got up with the intention of writing but instead went on a little excursion with my hubby. Bought a couple of new books from Barnes & Nobles, went to my favorite organic grocery store, had some great soup for lunch (carrot pumpkin coconut soup), will try to recreate it for a future meal. We came home, put the groceries away, talked with a friend, made up some spice mixes, at a snack with my husband. All I basically wanted to do today was everything else but write. So I haven’t written anything, not my three sentences for the day, not a single page on my book, and even now as I’m writing this, I am reluctant to finish it.

It takes more than just discipline to follow through on a project, at least it does for me. I must be motivated to do it. Without the inner motivation I am in left field looking at all the pretty flowers while the world is running past me. My mind is everywhere today.

I guess I realized that I just needed a break and I took one. While I didn’t accomplish what I set out to, it was nice to take the time and just do something else. We all need to have that time to unwind from the world, our worklife, our serving life, and all the other items we put on our plates. Yes, I put so much on my plate probably because I have this innate feeling to help as many people as I can each day even at the cost of my own sanity.

So my three sentences are written for today, well a whole lot more than three. And I’ve written a blog post that is from my heart. Taking a break every now and then to collect my thoughts and unwind is a great way to start the week. What do you think?

Wishing you wellness for a new day.


Taking a Break

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Sometimes I find myself talking to my plants as if they will give me the answers I seek. One such occasion is taking care of one of my three avocado trees. It’s basically dying from a mold issue. I have searched the internet over, talked with horticulturists, applied expensive treatments and some homemade alkalizing treatments but still the leaves develop dry tips and fall off. Then it dawned on me, this illness is coming from within; it’s in the roots, the stem and the leaves. To make it even simpler to my sometimes simple mind; the dirt is dead, the pot is contaminated. So how can anything grow if its roots are sitting in dead soil in a container that is also infected. Oh the lessons we learn when we take the time to seek these answers.

Relating this to my own life and to the peeps in my life, we can’t keep adding all the best nutritional products, alternative health therapies, and health supplements if we are not eliminating those things that are poisoning us. We can’t inhale essential oils thinking our blood pressure is going to go down if we’re not exercising or eating potato chips every night. We can’t see our liver healing if we are continuously doing things that make it sick. Adding all these natural therapies that I talk about here and on my facebook page is great but if we’re not overhauling our health, we live in a state of limbo, dying on the inside while our bodies are beginning to show the signs.

Living in Total Health


Here’s some signs for you to watch out for.

Hair falling out? You may lack vitamin D. But adding vitamin D3 may not stop your hair from falling out if your diet is filled with artificial sweeteners, processed foods and diet pills.

Twitchy eyes? You may be lacking vitamin B12. By adding the B12 sublingual drops, your twitching may subside for the moment but what are you consuming that’s destroying the B12 in your diet a.k.a. processed foods (they rob the body of nutrients just so the body can “digest” them).

Skin rashes, hives, eczema, etc is mostly caused by an allergy of some kind. While you may have taken out the offending little and big assassins from your diet, have you checked what’s in your lotions, body washes, shampoos, makeup and even the ingredients in your clothing?

If you want your total health to be the picture of vibrant living, then every part of your life needs an overhaul. You have to dig deep into what you really want out of life. Do you want to be like my avocado tree, which is showing the signs of dying but it’s still growing? Or do you want to bypass and overcome disease vibrantly?

The choice has always been in your hands, don’t let anyone take those choices away from you.

Wishing you wellness for a new day!


Total Health


Two things happen simultaneously when we experience internal conflicts. First we are thinking we want this and this and this in our lives, then the other half of ourselves joins in with little questions “What cost will all “this” have on our lives?” “What’s the trade off?”  This is where the internal conflict becomes apparent and what we’re left with is a life where we’re driving with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake.

Waiting for a gift from the sea


These internal conflicts we have with ourselves can manifest themselves into job issues, family issues, social issues and health issues. We’ve all seen people deliberate “Should I move? Shouldn’t I move?” “Should I take this job? Shouldn’t I take this job?” We all have internal conflicts from time to time, where do they come from? Is it our way of trying to justify what we’re doing? Internal conflicts vary from person to person and can take on a whole different look by what a person is going through.

As always I use myself as the test subject. My internal conflict goes something like this. While I love what I do, I’m always thinking that I’m not doing a good enough job, even though I do my best no matter what I’m doing. There is always something in the back of my mind that says I’m not doing enough. Then my boss will say something and make it sound like I really don’t know what I’m doing and I begin to doubt what I’ve done all along. Second guessing myself seems to be where I live when my boss does this to me. Another part of my internal conflict is that my health not where I’d would like it to be.  In the nine months since I began working, I’ve gained 18 pounds. I have a constant eye twitch. I have a liver illness. I have constant pain in my upper right shoulder and across the back of my neck. And I’m stressed 85% of the time.

Yes, my job has afforded my husband and I to move into a beautiful home, with beautiful furniture, every electronic gadget you can think of, debt paid down and take great little getaways (can’t take a full vacations, blogpost for another time). And here is my conflict: I should be transforming myself into what God wants me to be not what my job requires me to be. No wonder my eye keeps twitching and I can’t seem to lose weight, nor have the energy to work out (only with the new health routine am I able to lose some weight).

So where does this internal conflict end? And how does it change my focus on what I want in my life? Where do I begin to change and let go of all that stress that is making me a ticking time bomb?

These are the questions I need to answer as only I can. Once I’m able to answer these questions I know the internal conflicts will fade away.

Each of us have the realization of answering similar questions, getting deep down inside and searching for answers where they exist. Don’t let your internal conflicts hold you back from what your life could be.

Wishing you wellness for a new day.


Resolving Inner Conflict




Okay for the last two weeks, I’ve been following the 3-8-3 intermittent fasting plan. I basically have a 6-hour window for eating. In these six hours, I make sure I have healthy foods and healthy drinks. I don’t go overboard, I’m not juicing, I’m not nutriblasting. I am grain free, sugar free, and picking fruits wisely. What does that mean? It’s the little tweaks  that help make this a doable eating plan. While my example speaks volumes for others around me, I’ve noticed that it also speaks volumes for me.

Picking fruit wisely.

While I used to eat a banana every day, I’ve cut back on bananas and only have them once every couple of days. I’ve added more berries to my diet; I’m getting the sweetness I love without all the calories. Plus, I’ve noticed that the berries give me pure energy while the banana gives me a sugar rush like a piece of candy used to.

Healthy Drinks

I’ve added several healthy drinks to my life. One is  coconut chia water. It’s really simple and uber easy to make. It’s easy to change up the flavor of this Coconut Chia Water just by changing the fresh fruit juice (my fave is still the lemon). I have this everyday around 3 pm. It’s a better pick-me-up than coffee ever was.

Chia Seeds & Dandelion Root

Chia Seeds & Dandelion Root

I’ve also been drinking at least three cups of dandelion root tea every day, it’s bitter but with a couple of drops of pure liquid stevia it’s palatable, and I can have it while I’m fasting. Dandelion Root is awesome for liver cleansing and healing.

These are the little tweaks I’ve made this week. The idea of intermittent fasting for me means that when I do eat or drink anything it’s healthy for my body. Only having a 6 hour window, doesn’t mean that I graze from noon to 6 on whatever I want. Since I am eating only two meals a day and have stopped snacking (I’m just not hungry anymore), those meals are filled with nutrients that are cleansing my liver, and helping me lose weight. This is what I do on the intermittent fasting plan, it will look different for each of you, as it should. If you can’t personalize a plan then it’s not going to last. But with the little tweaks I am making, this one should last the rest of my life.

Wishing you wellness for a new day!



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Last week I shared the idea of moving breakfast to lunch and only eating two meals a day. Normally the first week of starting something that goes against the society norm is difficult to say the least. I’ve heard it all from, “You’re skipping the most important meal of the day!” to ” You know if something sounds so farfetched, it’s because it is!” But after doing my due diligence in changing the way I eat and somewhat changing what I eat, I’ve found many doctors, health practitioners,  and naturopaths are all agreeing that using intermittent fasting as one of the best things we can do for our health.

Many paths lead to the same goal.

Since many doctors, naturopaths, and health practitioners are expounding the benefits of intermittent fasting, they also have their own way of interpreting what intermittent fasting should look like. I chose the path of Dr. Joe Mercola. He suggests the 3-8-3 principle. Which boils down to this:

  • Don’t eat 3 hours before going to bed.
  • Sleep 8 hours.
  • Eat your first meal 3 hours later than you do now.

So for the last eight days I’ve been following this path.

Upon waking I have a cup of hot lemon water (clean water, juice of one lemon, 2 drops Thieves oil, 7 drops pure stevia),

Then I do my workout (we’ll talk about that in an upcoming post).

After my workout and before 12 PM (I started out waiting till my stomach growled which was about 10:30 AM then just kept prolonging it), I drink about 64 ounces of water and take my vitamins ands supplements.

When noon comes around I have my largest meal which includes a garden salad, cheese, some good protein, a piece of fruit, some grain free bread, and some chia seed pumpkin pudding. I top it all off with a cup of coffee with some of my homemade coconut milk creamer.  It’s a filling lunch and I’m not hungry till dinner time which is around 5 PM.

Dinner includes another salad, topped with seeds and nuts, quinoa or amaranth, and a bowl of whatever soup I make for the week. Then I am done until the next day.

Last Saturday we even went out for lunch and I had my same kinds of foods plus I had a scoop of peanut butter ice cream. That was the only meal I had that day.

Oh, that’s right we haven’t talked about the weight loss. I started this on New Year’s day. Today is January 8th and in 8 days I lost 9 pounds and dropped a dress size.

Am I hungry?


Am I stressed about food?


Are my cravings gone?

Yes, all of them. For me this is huge because I just realized that I haven’t had any chocolate in 8 days nor did I crave it.

Do I have energy?

I have so much energy now that I can’t sit still. I have the kind of energy I had as a kid.

I feel amazing. The bloating is gone. It’s amazing to get on the scale every day and see the numbers going down by the day. Before when I tried to lose weight, I would lose 3 pounds gain one back, lose another 3 pounds gain one back. During the entire 8 days, my weight has steadily gone down. What’s really amazing about this is I started feeling better the second day of doing this. It’s like I can feel the pounds drop off my body.

More Perks

I’m not tied to my next meal and not worried about needing to write down everything I eat or count my calories. I’m not sluggish in the mornings. I haven’t had any sleepiness after my meals. I sleep for 8 hours a night. For the last eight days I haven’t had any heart burn either. I’m not obsessed with food anymore.

I feel like a normal person now. Only my normal is totally opposite of the mainstream health regimes.

Is this something I’m staying with? By all means a resounding “Yes” and now my husband is onboard as well. It’s so much easier when we’re both doing the same thing.

If you’ve tried everything else and it didn’t work, trying the 3-8-3 principle might just save your life. I know it has for me.

Wishing you Wellness For a New Day!


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It’s simple really we are what we repeatedly think and do. Have you ever noticed that when you start thinking about something you see more of that something in your life. For instance, I began thinking about BMW’s (my car of choice). Then I began noticing them more and more. Every turn of the corner I made there was a BMW. Our mind is more powerful than we think sometimes. Just ask anyone who has gone through a horrendous illness or trauma and is able to talk about how they got through it. They used their mind. One of my favorite quotes is by Viktor Frankl, a Holocaust survivor and doctor,

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

We live in uncertain times, it’s a fact that we all must come to realize. Our government is not run by people who have our best interest at heart. Everything runs on $$$, those with the most make the rules Even though these rule makers think they are doing what’s right in their own eyes, they have lost sight of what right is. We can’t change what’s being done in the houses of our lawmakers. We can’t change the situation. If we keep talking about how bad it is, then all we’ll see is the bad. We can challenge to change ourselves, just like Viktor Frankl did to survive the Nazi death camps of the Holocaust.

So we might not have the best life situation, and we don’t see any way out of it. We can change our thinking, which will change the way we see life. This instance is called the “AHA moment” by many people professing to know what’s right. I am here to tell you it’s not a moment, you don’t get that spark of “I got it” for just a moment. Real change doesn’t come from a moment in life, it comes from what we repeatedly do every moment of every day of our lives.

Those things we repeatedly do, those are called habits.


Our habits make us who we are and changing them is at times one of the greatest challenges we face. The end result is the difference between life and death. We can’t keep doing the same things and expecting different outcomes. So how do we change a habit? It depends on the habit, it depends on the person, it depends on the health of the person, it depends on the emotional health of the person. Some people can succeed at breaking a habit “cold turkey” style, some need to take it step-by-step. The idea here is to find what works for you. How do we cultivate a new habit? Slow and steady wins the race? We can’t go from the couch to a marathon in a day. We need to work up to it. We can’t lose 100 in a week. It’s what we do repeatedly every day that will make the pounds say goodbye for good.


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