Avocado Oil, My Skin’s Best Friend

Since I take Friday’s off, I thought I would write about my favorite things I use each week. As you know, I use mostly organic personal products and eat mostly organic foods. I try my best to steer away from products that have too many ingredients. I try to buy the black of my food without a label from the produce and bulk sections of the store. The first of my Friday Faves is Avocado Oil. It really is my skin’s best friend!

I use avocado oil in salad dressings and vinaigrettes. I use it as a topper on my soups. I put it on mashed cauliflower, and even carry it in a little eye dropper bottle in my purse so I can put it on my salads if I happen to be eating out. But the the best place I use avocado oil is in my daily facial routine.

I wash my face with it. I don’t need any moisturizer afterwards. You’re probably asking yourself, “Is she crazy?” Most people think I am but that’s another story for another day. Did you know that the oil in avocados is the most similar to the oils in our skin? This makes perfect sense to me that we should be washing our faces with this any stop buying all the different products that cost an arm and leg. I love how this oil absorbs into my skin in about 10 minutes instead of the other moisturizers I’ve used in the past which just sat on the surface of my skin.

I also love how I can use it to remove eye makeup without a burning sensation on my upper eyelid. It’s wonderful for a hair conditioner too, if you have extremely dry hair. I use it once a month as a follow up to my hair dye (organic too) as an extra precaution since any type of hair treatments and days of curling and straightening leave my hair dry.

If you’re going to try some avocado oil either in your meals or in place of your facial and hair care, make sure it’s organic and cold pressed. Any oils you use should be organic and cold pressed since heating them kills all the nutrients. Also make sure it’s 100% avocado oil. Some brands are mixing avocado oil with soybean oil which contaminates the whole thing.

Hats off to my skin’s best friend and probably yours!

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