The Good Stalk!

It’s been a mainstay in my refrigerator for over 30 years and I never knew just how good this good stalk was to our health until now. An enzyme in this stalk that’s mostly water is apigenin.

Apigenin starves cancer cells of its main food source…glucose. It also interferes with molecular signaling…slows down the need for certain chemicals in those cells. Read all about the technical aspect of this important food component here: Celery and Cancer Cells

My first thought when I read about this Apigenin was “Where can I get it?” Seems the lonely good stalk in your Bloody Mary is there for a reason. Celery is present in many dishes and recipes I create, I’ve also been putting it in the veggie smoothies I make daily. I never really got into the practice of researching every vegetable that goes into my kitchen…that is until my husband got sick.

Since then, I have tweaked our veggie smoothies to incorporate the necessary nutrients helping all his health issues collectively and individually. Kale used to be a mainstay of our mornings. But I have recently learned that if you have thyroid issues you should stay away from Kale, spinach, and leafy greens except for lettuce. Kale is also a great catalyst in clotting issues. While it’s packed with nutrients it’s also packed with possible health deterrents.

Since I started making these veggie smoothies, kale was the first ingredient. Little did I know it would contribute to my husband’s health deteriorating? But we live and learn and move on.

So what did I use as a substitute? Wheat Grass which both cleanses and builds our blood. Clean blood is less sticky and less sticky blood is less likely to clot along the veins. Cleaner blood moves freer within our veins and lowers blood pressure.

This new food info prompted me to remake our breakfast smoothie. Celery is the good stalk and we can really use some good in our lives.

Clean Blood Smoothie

Clean Blood Smoothie

Clean Blood Smoothie


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