Hacking Our Thoughts for Change

Nothing will ever change unless we hack our thoughts first. How many times have you heard these phrases whether they come out of your mouth or someone close to you?


“Every now and then”

“Here and there”

“I only do this once in a while.”

“A little bit won’t hurt.”

“Who’s it going to hurt?”

“I don’t do this all the time!”

“I can handle it!”

Every time we say things like this they all add up and we’re left with less money and ever expanding waistline. If we say we only buy more lives on an in-game purchase  every now and then, those now and then words add up. How many games do we play on our devices? Now add up how many times we buy lives for each game. We’d be surprised at how much these little games can suck us dry.


Now let’s apply this to eating. We’re trying to lose weight, we know what we’re supposed to eat that will help us with the journey. But then we’re at work and it’s time for a break, we go down to the cafeteria or out for a snack and we pick up a bar of chocolate vowing all the while that “a little bit won’t hurt.” Guess what? It does hurt, and it doesn’t just hurt for a little while because after we eat that chocolate we’re irritable, we’re tired and we’re even more hungry than before the break.

So how do we hack our thoughts?

We change what we focus on. How does this work? Yesterday, I had to go and pick some x-ray images from the clinic. Since it was such a sunny day, I decided to walk. I knew that I would have to pass by one of my favorite coffee places that also has some of my favorite chocolates. Normally, when I walk to the clinic I always treat myself. Yesterday was different, I focused on something else. I decided to give my spouse a call while I walked there so I could focus on the conversation and not about the coffee house and their chocolates. It worked I didn’t stop and I didn’t miss either the coffee or the chocolates.


We always need to have a plan and then a backup plan that fits our personalities, the goal we are trying to achieve, and our lifestyle. I choose to walk to places that are within 3 miles of my home. This helps me because I hate to workout and I need exercise.

Three thought hacks to get you started:

  1. Change your routine, when it’s break time tell yourself “It hurts me, I am somebody” every time you look at something you know you shouldn’t eat.
  2. Before you get up in the morning say out loud “God, how can I please you today?” This is a big thought changer.
  3. When you feel yourself inching towards spending money on something you don’t need (more game lives, candy bars, books, etc), ask three questions:

         “Will I die tomorrow if I don’t have it today? A year from now will I still want it? Will it make my life more fulfilling?

These are loaded questions and will help you define your needs from your wants.

Change only comes when we hack our thoughts and bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. (2 Corinthians 10:5 NKJ)

Wishing you Wellness for a New Day!




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