No Coffee Energy Hacks

Every day a new study comes out touting the benefits of drinking coffee. It’s good for so many health ailments that the list is becoming staggering.


I’ve had my share of health issues this last year and well caffeine has not and will not help them to cure them.


Oh, don’t get me wrong I love the taste of coffee. Organic, black, nothing added to my cup of coffee every morning.

Coffee side effects

We’ve all seen the lists of health issues coffee and caffeine is good for. Here is a list where coffee is harmful.

  • Coffee makes digestive issues worse
  • Coffee makes ulcers grow
  • Coffee is an acid it eats away at the fluid in your joints
  • Coffee prevents you from digesting protein
  • Coffee causes acid reflux
  • Coffee prevents you from absorbing minerals
  • Coffee causes stress and tension
  • Coffee can also cause certain types of cancer

Why then is coffee being touted as the best thing for our health since the inception of vaccines? Well, you see it’s like this; blind people with untruths and make them believe it’s okay to imbibe on coffee makes everyone sicker. Sicker people spend more money on medications.

I have an autoimmune condition that is horribly painful. I just found out that I am the cause of my own pain because I drink coffee. Coffee eats away at the collagen in our skin. My health issue eats away at the collagen in my skin. So all this time, I have been contributing to my own disease when I’d have my two cups of coffee (because the doc said it’s good for me and couldn’t hurt). Well, it hurts and it hurts bad.

I started thinking about some other ways to gain energy without using coffee that will also help my health.

  • Himalayan Sole Water first thing in the morning. 1 teaspoon mixed in an 8-ounce glass of spring water. I’ve taken this for three years now.
  • 1 cup of green tea.
  • Exercise upon waking up.
  • Go for a walk in the middle of the day.
  • Get to sleep earlier (9 pm to 5 am)
  • Listen to high energy music (It makes me want to dance around the house and office)
  • Drink more water (water is the number one ways to gain energy)

These are just a few energy hacks I do every day. Please share your personal energy tips. We are all learning.

Wishing you wellness for a new day.



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