Personal Bible Study


Whenever I sit down to do a personal bible study I am always struck with the obstacle of what should I study. So a couple of months ago I decided to start writing out each book of the bible. Now, I know what you’re gonna say, “Why?” Well, for me I seem to remember more when I write it out. Even when I type out the scriptures.

Now, I know this is a big undertaking but hear me out. My goal is to write out at least two chapters a day. Some days I get two chapters done, some days I just keep going and write out four or five, and some days I don’t get anything done (I just read over what I wrote the day before.)


Bolt and key

God’s Word locks up the night and the key that unlocks the day!



I use my One Note and my eSword on my laptop. When I come to an area that I want to have more clarification in I do a word study or I’ll read what the different commentaries have to say about it.

This Bible writing plan started in August. So far I am up to Leviticus 16 and I have had several areas that I have gone off on a complete study all on my own. Like, what is the significance of the priest dipping his hand in the oil and only rubbing the oil on the right thumb, of the right hand, and on the big toe of the right foot, and on the right ear? (Lev 14: 14, 17 and in multiple areas of Exodus. Another area that sent me onto a new study was in Exodus 25:6 …spices for the anointing oil. The most recent was in Lev 15 where it talks about a woman’s time of impurity and a man who discharges why are they only unclean until evening.

I usually do my bible writing first thing in the morning or before going to sleep at night. For me, God’s Word is the bolt that locks the door at night and the key that unlocks the day.

Wishing you wellness for a new day.


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