The Good Morning Man

Each day as I disembark from my bus ride to work there is a man who stands on the pavement with his crooked body, white hair, walking cane, Seattle Mariners baseball cap and his smile greeting everyone with a “Good Morning.” I see him every morning and every morning with a smile on his face, he greets everyone with “Good Morning, Isn’t it wonderful to be alive?!”

I have no clue where this man comes from but the regulars on the bus say he’s been doing this for a couple of years. Rain or shine, he is at his post wishing all of us a Good Morning. Today, I met him on my little walk to my office as he was late to his post, said he usually gets there at 7:15am. He said he was late because he was listening to the sound of the birds. He wished me his normal “Good Morning, Isn’t it wonderful to be alive?!” and not only did I smile and wish him one back. But my whole day started out so much better.

Good Morning

How many times have we gotten up in the morning just to trudge through our day, just as nothing special? Many of us are not morning people, we wake up grumpy and barely put two words together until we have our first cup of a legalized drug (coffee). We need a drug to wake us up and appreciate the fact that we get to greet yet another day. We didn’t die in the middle of the night. But instead of wishing people a good morning, we put the covers back over our heads and want to spend just 5 more minutes in bed.

Just this simple act of saying “Good Morning” to complete strangers makes this man’s day better. Who knows maybe he endured a health issue, maybe he’s a walking miracle. His endorphins are exploding just by smiling and the rush he gets when people smile back at him. Just because we aren’t morning people doesn’t mean we can’t offer a “Good Morning” to our children, our pets, our spouses and even our plants. How about saying a “Good Morning, God. Thanks for keeping me verticle!” “Good Morning husband of mine (fill in the blank), It’s great to wake up next to you!” “Good Morning (children’s name), Today is going to be a great day!” “Good Morning my pet!” There’s no better way than to start your day with your endorphins exploding, it means you’re happy.

The Good Morning Man has really shown me that no matter our circumstances, you can make a difference in someone else’s life just by uttering two words “Good Morning!”

Good Morning World, Isn’t it great to be alive!?!


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