Today was one of those days. I got up with the intention of writing but instead went on a little excursion with my hubby. Bought a couple of new books from Barnes & Nobles, went to my favorite organic grocery store, had some great soup for lunch (carrot pumpkin coconut soup), will try to recreate it for a future meal. We came home, put the groceries away, talked with a friend, made up some spice mixes, at a snack with my husband. All I basically wanted to do today was everything else but write. So I haven’t written anything, not my three sentences for the day, not a single page on my book, and even now as I’m writing this, I am reluctant to finish it.

It takes more than just discipline to follow through on a project, at least it does for me. I must be motivated to do it. Without the inner motivation I am in left field looking at all the pretty flowers while the world is running past me. My mind is everywhere today.

I guess I realized that I just needed a break and I took one. While I didn’t accomplish what I set out to, it was nice to take the time and just do something else. We all need to have that time to unwind from the world, our worklife, our serving life, and all the other items we put on our plates. Yes, I put so much on my plate probably because I have this innate feeling to help as many people as I can each day even at the cost of my own sanity.

So my three sentences are written for today, well a whole lot more than three. And I’ve written a blog post that is from my heart. Taking a break every now and then to collect my thoughts and unwind is a great way to start the week. What do you think?

Wishing you wellness for a new day.


Taking a Break

Relax! You’ll Be More Productive

Preventing Burnout



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