Sometimes I find myself talking to my plants as if they will give me the answers I seek. One such occasion is taking care of one of my three avocado trees. It’s basically dying from a mold issue. I have searched the internet over, talked with horticulturists, applied expensive treatments and some homemade alkalizing treatments but still the leaves develop dry tips and fall off. Then it dawned on me, this illness is coming from within; it’s in the roots, the stem and the leaves. To make it even simpler to my sometimes simple mind; the dirt is dead, the pot is contaminated. So how can anything grow if its roots are sitting in dead soil in a container that is also infected. Oh the lessons we learn when we take the time to seek these answers.

Relating this to my own life and to the peeps in my life, we can’t keep adding all the best nutritional products, alternative health therapies, and health supplements if we are not eliminating those things that are poisoning us. We can’t inhale essential oils thinking our blood pressure is going to go down if we’re not exercising or eating potato chips every night. We can’t see our liver healing if we are continuously doing things that make it sick. Adding all these natural therapies that I talk about here and on my facebook page is great but if we’re not overhauling our health, we live in a state of limbo, dying on the inside while our bodies are beginning to show the signs.

Living in Total Health


Here’s some signs for you to watch out for.

Hair falling out? You may lack vitamin D. But adding vitamin D3 may not stop your hair from falling out if your diet is filled with artificial sweeteners, processed foods and diet pills.

Twitchy eyes? You may be lacking vitamin B12. By adding the B12 sublingual drops, your twitching may subside for the moment but what are you consuming that’s destroying the B12 in your diet a.k.a. processed foods (they rob the body of nutrients just so the body can “digest” them).

Skin rashes, hives, eczema, etc is mostly caused by an allergy of some kind. While you may have taken out the offending little and big assassins from your diet, have you checked what’s in your lotions, body washes, shampoos, makeup and even the ingredients in your clothing?

If you want your total health to be the picture of vibrant living, then every part of your life needs an overhaul. You have to dig deep into what you really want out of life. Do you want to be like my avocado tree, which is showing the signs of dying but it’s still growing? Or do you want to bypass and overcome disease vibrantly?

The choice has always been in your hands, don’t let anyone take those choices away from you.

Wishing you wellness for a new day!


Total Health



  1. Grace DeVenny.
    Hi 🙂
    I have gotten off FB. Due to my daughter.
    She is having her next baby in Aug. she wants to become very private about her life and such.
    So, me I have had a few bad days.
    I understand her.
    My life is not so important to cause her distress and I am too tempted to speak about my family.
    So, I have left it.
    I have really been happy in meeting so many wonderful brethren out there in FB land.
    all of us struggling in this age to be in the Kingdom.
    I am glad you have this Blog.
    take care, anticipate your views on getting healthy from the inside on so many levels.
    It is so true.

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