Okay for the last two weeks, I’ve been following the 3-8-3 intermittent fasting plan. I basically have a 6-hour window for eating. In these six hours, I make sure I have healthy foods and healthy drinks. I don’t go overboard, I’m not juicing, I’m not nutriblasting. I am grain free, sugar free, and picking fruits wisely. What does that mean? It’s the little tweaks  that help make this a doable eating plan. While my example speaks volumes for others around me, I’ve noticed that it also speaks volumes for me.

Picking fruit wisely.

While I used to eat a banana every day, I’ve cut back on bananas and only have them once every couple of days. I’ve added more berries to my diet; I’m getting the sweetness I love without all the calories. Plus, I’ve noticed that the berries give me pure energy while the banana gives me a sugar rush like a piece of candy used to.

Healthy Drinks

I’ve added several healthy drinks to my life. One is  coconut chia water. It’s really simple and uber easy to make. It’s easy to change up the flavor of this Coconut Chia Water just by changing the fresh fruit juice (my fave is still the lemon). I have this everyday around 3 pm. It’s a better pick-me-up than coffee ever was.

Chia Seeds & Dandelion Root

Chia Seeds & Dandelion Root

I’ve also been drinking at least three cups of dandelion root tea every day, it’s bitter but with a couple of drops of pure liquid stevia it’s palatable, and I can have it while I’m fasting. Dandelion Root is awesome for liver cleansing and healing.

These are the little tweaks I’ve made this week. The idea of intermittent fasting for me means that when I do eat or drink anything it’s healthy for my body. Only having a 6 hour window, doesn’t mean that I graze from noon to 6 on whatever I want. Since I am eating only two meals a day and have stopped snacking (I’m just not hungry anymore), those meals are filled with nutrients that are cleansing my liver, and helping me lose weight. This is what I do on the intermittent fasting plan, it will look different for each of you, as it should. If you can’t personalize a plan then it’s not going to last. But with the little tweaks I am making, this one should last the rest of my life.

Wishing you wellness for a new day!



Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

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Dandelion Improves Liver Function

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