Spring is here at last, at on the calendar. It’s a time of year when the daffodils, tulips and daisies are beginning to bloom and life is again awakening to a new dawn. With that awakening comes a longing desire to clean out that which we have been so comfortable with during these long winter months. So it is apropos that I also have a new beginning added to my life.

Spring Is

Cleaning can be and is a type of therapy. It gives us a sense of accomplishment when we see how many bags of clothing and stuff we’ve dropped off at the thrift store. It gives us a lighter feeling to know that we won’t have to continue to clean things we really don’t want anymore. As I was cleaning and decluttering my own closets, I realized how much time I spent organizing and reorganizing things I really had no need for nor did I like them anymore. Some of those things I had to ask myself that all important question when I purchased them, “What was I thinking?”

And that has become my pivotal moment. “What was I thinking?” I packed bag after bag of stuff from another life even if that life was only six months ago. I’m no longer cleaning other people’s homes. I’m not tutoring anymore, and I’m not running three businesses and making myself crazy in the process. What was I thinking when I would accept clothes from friends that I know are not my style, nor color? What was I thinking when I had signed up for the many different network marketing newsletters that filled my inbox with a plethora of emails that no sane person could read in a week’s worth of time?

We waste so much time with clutter in our homes, on social media, with emails, and with nonsense that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. I have an unopened box in my storage closet that I still don’t know what’s inside of it. It’s up on a shelf that I can’t reach, and I haven’t touched it in six years. When I finally get the chance to open it, I will probably take the contents to a thrift store because whatever it is, I haven’t missed it. How many of us have these boxes? Or better yet, how many of us have shelves in our garages or basement that we continue to store things on but we never use, and we say things like: “One day, I’ll need this!” “When I lose enough weight, I’ll fit into this!” and my favorite “They don’t make things like this anymore!”

One of my favorite sayings to myself, “You can’t have a new beginning if you keep rehashing the old things in your life!” I can’t move forward if I’m constantly looking behind me and I’m sure many of you can’t either. I can’t have the confidence I need to move forward if I keep tying myself down with stuff that adds no value to my life. Letting go of the old stuff that holds us down has a liberating feeling. It frees us and opens us up to the possibilities that life has something better in store for us.

Spring is the new beginning of the year and also for a new beginning of a new chapter in my life.

Make spring that new beginning in your life.



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