This month of February came through like a whirlwind, at least it did for me. I can’t believe how fast time is moving and how fast things are changing. It’s February 28th already and I’m wondering where the last two months have gone. Time waits for no one, it marches on whether you participate in using it wisely or you squander the precious minutes you’ve been given. When you are in a mental rut time moves at a rapid pace but you just aren’t aware of the time lost or the opportunities you’ve missed.

On February 2nd I started the Himalayan Sole Therapy, and took my health to a whole new level without the drastic cost to my bank account that ASEA was costing me. Funny thing about the ASEA was that at the beginning of January I told a friend that I would never stop taking it. Boy, was I wrong. I also added Rocket Coffee to my diet which included a tablespoon of coconut oil in my coffee everyday. Something really interesting happened, I don’t like coffee without it now. Through all this my blood pressure normalized, I no longer have to deal with severely low blood pressure and my digestion improved so much that I’ve been able to lose weight.

Mental Rut

I also disassociated myself with anything that involved network marketing, from revamping my Facebook page to unsubscribing to numerous marketing newsletters and blogs. I knew that the only way to move forward was to stop hanging on to the very thing that was holding me back. While I’m on the verge of something that will propel my vision and my potential to the next level, I am getting back to my roots and doing what is important for me.

Life is not about winning, or about who dies with more money. Life is about using your talents to lift other people up, to build a bridge, to speak out, and to connect. When I stopped focusing on making money and remembered how much I love helping people reach their full potential, that’s when life began to change. February has taught me that I was in a rut, but I didn’t even know I was there. These last couple of weeks has helped me see what I was made for and what I love doing.

I look forward to a magnificent March with eagerness to start the next leg of my journey.


One thought on “THE MENTAL RUT

  1. That is so Fantastic Laura! You have been and still are my inspiration! My neighbor and I are splitting the cost of the salt to do the sole therapy too 🙂 Now I need to give you Rocket Coffee a try 😀 Keep up the Good Work! Keep Smiling 😀

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