I can already feel your questions, “What could these two totally different subjects have in common?” Fast food and narcissism can both kill you from your insides out. Why blog about it? Because the more people know what narcissism can do the better equipped people will be when trying to save their own lives.

We all know that fast food isn’t good for us. Eating fast food is like playing Russian Roulette, you never know when it’s going fire. Fast food damages our bodies from the inside out because it steals the calcium our hearts need to function, it robs our nerves, skin, hair, and nails of the B vitamins they need to help us live a synergistic life. Fast food looks really mouth watering on the outside but the inside is dead and nutritionally defunct!

Narcissism fast food

Narcissists are the same way. Their sugar-coating makes them look appealing on the outside, but when you peel back all the layers these people are dead inside. Narcissistic behaviors will deplete your emotions, your creativity, your peace, and your sanity. Narcissists never acknowledge their own emotions and will not acknowledge yours. These people are a wolves in sheep’s clothing. Narcissists control you just like fast food does; you become addicted to it.

Fast food leaves you wanting more because of the chemical mechanisms within the food that stimulate your body to crave more of the bad food. This is kind of what happens when you are in a relationship with a narcissist. You want to be in his or her presence but you don’t know why. When you have a conversation with  narcissists it’s always one-sided as they never let you get a word in, and they will never listen to your contribution. Narcissists are great pretenders and are often mistaken for people who have your best interest at heart. But the truth is narcissists have a hardened heart and cannot feel your pain because they are void of empathetic feelings. This same is true of fast food, it’s fake food. Fast food has no nutritional value.

We kill our bodies one bite at a time with every bite of fast food. We also kill our souls, one drop at a time with every narcissistic interaction.

Stop playing Russian Roulette with the food you eat and the people with whom you associate.

Your wellness depends on it.

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Martinez-Lewi, L. (2008). Freeing yourself from the narcissist in your life. New York, NY: Penguin Group


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