90 percent of the food I buy has no label the other 10 percent is scrutinized by my eagle eyes to make it across the threshold of my home. It’s that 10 percent that can really throw a wrench into our health plan, if I’m not careful. Manufacturers figured out a plan to poison people and make them believe they need it.

Do Not Eat These

Saccharin was the first artificial sweetener that my mom brought into our lives when I was a little girl, and when she and my older sister were on Weight Watchers. They sprinkled this poison on their grapefruit, their cereal, and even baked with it. I remember the family driving four hours so the two of them could find diet soda (Shasta) they bought many cases that trip. I never drank it and never ate it, until I was 12 and my mom thought I too would benefit from the artificial sweetener a.k.a. poison. I drank Tab but only as a treat. Looking back I feel like I was part of a test process without my consent.

Then came aspartame. It tasted just as bad. But then I was in my early 20’s. I wanted to fit in with my peers so we drank diet soda with aspartame. Poison masked as health. It didn’t take long for me to stop having this, since the first can of diet soda made with this poison gave me the worst headache. I knew then then on that aspartame was not good, but it wasn’t until I found out that the scientists who discovered it was trying to make insect and bug killer and accidentally tasted it, the rest is history.

The next poison on the scene was Splenda also known as sucralose. There is nothing splendid about this poison at all, but the scariest part is that it is in almost every packaged sweet drink mix aka regular (not-sugar-free) hot cocoa, protein powders, no sugar products including applesauce, no carb products, exercise waters, apple juice, chewing gum for kids, electrolyte water for babies, cheesecakes, Breyer’s regular ice cream, regular popcorn just to name a few. Staying away from Splenda is similar to staying away from Soybean products. You NEED to read EVERY label, even if you’ve purchased the product before, you still need to read the labels.

Companies are trying to work on what consumers want. Consumers want less sugar in their sweet treats, so manufacturers are combining artificial sweeteners with sugar to comply. The deception goes deep, because only on the fine print of the ingredient label will you find the word “sucralose.” It won’t be listed anywhere else on the label. So you think you’re feeding your family healthy food when in fact it’s only poison which is making your family sicker each time they eat it.

Add Sweetness

So I turned to stevia. I really like the stevia drops but when it comes to the crystalline form of stevia is where I really have a problem. For instance, the ingredient label for Stevia in the Raw brand lists dextrose as the first ingredient then stevia. I know that -ose is a form of sugar. Dextrose is the glucose made from corn. When I want stevia I want stevia not dextrose mixed with stevia. If you’re buying stevia choose cost does matter. Yes the Sweet Leaf liquid drops are a bit more expensive but it’s peace of mind to know that I’m high quality ingredients with nothing added to it.

My favorite alternative sweetener is Lo Han Fruit. It’s made by Renew Life. Sweet Lifeis one of the best products I’ve added to my diet because it doesn’t cause havoc with my blood sugar or my digestion. What’s nice about this product is I can sprinkle it in my coffee and bake with it as well. Yes, it costs a bit more but I’m only using 1/5 tsp for every teaspoon I would use of sugar. It’s 15 times sweeter than sugar and has no aftertaste.

So as I am in the beginning stages of eliminating and controlling the sugars in my life, stevia is here to stay but Lo Han Fruit takes center stage. Instead of buying into the brainwashing of food manufacturers, I buy products that are good for my family’s health, products that are sustainable, and products that pass my inspection. Don’t get caught up in the brainwashing. Food manufacturers are linked with companies that have one agenda, to make money anyway they can. So they will poison people while making them believe they need it!




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