In March of 2005 I had my right kidney removed because it was filled with scar tissue and ceased from doing it’s job. I was told to drink at least 96 ounces of water a day for the rest of my life. Tracking my water intake is a very serious issue for me. Since that time, I fluctuate between very little water to over 100 ounces a day of liquid. I think in the winter I drink less straight water and more hot herbal teas because drinking water makes me colder.

I start everyday out with a 20 ounce cup of hot lemon water. When I do drink my water it is from a 32 ounce water bottle and I try to have one in the morning and one with lunch. At night I will drink about 20 ounces of herbal tea with a dab of honey. Throughout these last nine years I’ve had many different ways of keeping track of my water intake. I’ve used hash tags and check marks on paper or excel spreadsheet. Both of which did not help. The one thing that did help was to use a calendar. Since I work out home, and don’t have a cell phone (I know I’m the only person on earth that doesn’t have a cell phone), I use my calendar and put on little squares. Each square represented 12 ounces. After I drink 12 ounces worth of water and herbal teas or my lemon water, I shade in a square.

Daily Water Intake

As I go through my day I finish coloring in the squares. As you can see there are nine in the photo above. That would make for 108 ounces of liquid a day.

Something to be aware of is that when I drink coffee I will drink more water. I try to match ounce-for-ounce water and coffee, because for each cup of coffee you drink the caffeine eats away a cup of fluid from your body. So if I drink an 16-ounce cup of coffee I will drink an extra 16-ounce cup of water. This also includes black tea.

Tracking my water intake this way works for me, but I’m sure there are other ways of doing it that are probably easier for you. Please leave me a comment and let me know what your favorites are.



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